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  1. Will a compression test tell me exactly what the issue is?
  2. So on our way to London we were driving along around 20 mph on the clogged motorway, I looked in my mirror and there was a fair bit of smoke, this was 100 miles into our journey. I looked again a little later and there was none. I'm guessing either rings or stem oil seals, if it's the latter then I would probably get them done as it won't be mega expensive. If it's the rings I will just keep topping it up until it gets so bad that I have to scrap it. Disappointed as the car is mint and only covered 99.5k anybody got a rough guide price to get the valve stem oil seals done?
  3. small update ordered a new dipstick from ford just incase some numpty has put the wrong one in- turns out they are identical so that was £11 quid wasted. dropped the oil out today, just over 3 litres came out and it was jet black, considering it was changed 500 miles ago I was surprised at how bad it looked. pulled out the plugs (from left to right) and the 1st 2 were soaked in oil,the next 2 were a little oily,had no choice but to try and clean them up and re-use them for the time being. new oil put in (4.3 litres) and a new filter and I can now see the oil on the dipstick. will keep an eye on it for the next few weeks. still confused as to why black oil deposits were coming from the exhaust. there is no oil smell in the exhaust fumes. I'm guessing its an internal problem maybe valve stem seals or piston rings but they usually leave a blue tint in the exhaust smoke which there is no sign of.
  4. yes mate, I have taken the dip-stick out (when engine is stone cold) wiped it and re-inserted it to pull it out again and still it showed nothing, I did this several times. I then let her run for a short while and did the same steps once warm. both times showed nothing on the dip-stick
  5. but 3 litres should still show on the dip-stick should it not?
  6. small update..... checked it just now after the car has stood for 30 hours and still the dip stick was bone dry so I shot down Halfords in a rage and bought a 5l tub of oil and dumped 3L straight in it..............still nothing on the dipstick but now I have oil coming from exhaust when revving it so I'm guessing I have now over-filled it. the saga continues............
  7. hi guys I have a 2006 3 door focus 2.0 duratech petrol with 99k on the clock,i bought it in jan this year and have covered around 500 miles in it since then. I was going to leeds yesterday so on Friday I checked all the levels and to my horror the dip-stick was bone dry. I re-dipped around 6 times twisting the stick around etc but still nothing so I started her up and let her tick over for 5 mins. as soon as I switched her off I re-dipped and still nothing-not even any residue so I shot down to Halfords in my impresa and bought a litre of Castrol 5w30 fully synthetic,i shoved the whole lot in and re-dipped...........nothing at all. I started her up and let her run for 10 mins then re-dipped.............nothing again,slightly worried by now. I took the car to my mate @ a.t.s on Saturday morning to get it on the ramp to check for leaks and its bone dry, oil filter is dry,sump is dry,dip-stick tube is still attached etc etc. he had the same oil there so we started to pour some in and after 3/4 litre it was showing just under max on the stick so off I went to leeds (110 miles each way) problem free. I checked the oil this morning and to my surprise its bone dry again. the car runs suberb,no rattling/knocking/smoke/leaks etc in my ownership I have done around 500 miles short trips only with 1 long trip to Stafford (100 miles round trip) the car had an oil and filter change the day I bought it and I dipped it on the guys driveway and it was fine. surely it cannot use that much oil? really baffled with this now. any ideas please share them with me thanks in advance
  8. hi guys newbie from the midlands, I have a 2006 focus 2.0 petrol which I have a strange problem with,i will post my problem in the relevant section