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  1. Smythson

    Possible to autolock car on exit?

    Looking for this too - mine automatically relocks if I open it but don't get in for about a minute. Hoping there'd be a reverse option to automatically lock it after leaving...
  2. Smythson


    Got a Mk 3.5 1.0 St line which is factory 10mm lowered. Came with R18's shod 235/40 no mention of rack limiters from dealer when I asked if it was a standard upgrade. There's still a fair bit of clearance too.
  3. Smythson

    Stainless steel exhaust

    Check out powerflow exhausts - ss exhausts and outlets all over.
  4. Smythson

    MK1 Focus Key/Remote central locking issue

    I used to have one of these and as I recall there's a small black box with Siemens on it located in the drivers footwell somewhere. If you unplug it and leave it a few minutes then do the re program key sequence then the central locking will come back.