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  1. Absolutely not, I love Werther’s 👴🏼 😉
  2. Definitely better than plastic wood! Have you had to throw the travel sweets and driving gloves away now as well?
  3. Thanks, this one is almost 3 years old but still feels solid and tight and I’m hoping it stays that way for many years to come. Good luck with the test drive and I hope this turns out to be the one for you
  4. I bought a 2015 Zetec S (in deep impact blue) about 3 weeks ago and while that’s not long enough to comment on long term reliability so far so good. We’ve put almost a 1000 miles on it so far through commuting and driving it for the sheer hell of it. It’s the 1.0 Ecoboost 125 model and while it’ll never win many traffic light gran prixs it’s fast enough for me, even with 4 people in it accelerates well on the motorway. Up to now it’s probably the most comfortable driving position I’ve managed to achieve in a car although I spent 20 years driving various Land Rovers so that’s probabl
  5. Hi mate from another newbie, seems to be quite a few of us in and around the Telford area
  6. Three days in with the Focus and the honeymoon is over... I’ll be contacting the dealer tomorrow but in the meantime can anyone offer any advice on a dodgy CD player? The issue is it’s taken a CD in but it won’t play or eject (I know CD’s are old hat but I was just checking everything worked) so basically it hasn’t recognised that there’s a disc in there. Its a 2015 MY with the sync system with the small non-touch screen.
  7. Modders


    I seem to have posted the same photo three times...
  8. Modders


    2015 Focus Zetec S
  9. Well here she is, picked up a few hours ago and already has new mats and space saver spare and all the bits instead of that horrible gel. 2015 Focus Zetec S
  10. For me personally rubber mats are far more practical, I think carpet mats arguably look smarter but for sheer practicality I prefer rubber mats. They are definitely better for dealing with mud and rain etc and cleaning them is easy. I’ve bought a full set of genuine Ford rubber mats for our (new to us) Focus that we pick up in a few hours time. I’ll be taking them with me to throw straight in the car before we drive off
  11. Evening all Monday coming will see me collecting my new (to me) 2015 Focus Zetec S 125 Ecoboost after 20 years of driving various diesel engined Land Rovers, a VW T5 and even a Vauxhall Zafira (but don’t hold that against me 😉). My last Ford was a 1.8 Escort Si in Amparo Blue and before that various other Escorts and Fiestas (Mk 2, 3 and 4). Hoping to pick up some ideas and tips and join in where I can along the way, cheers.
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