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  1. Car is now ready for the star party. This is what I do to make it dark; Hold main courtesy light button on until it single flashes which switches them off Black tape over indicators on wing mirrors and the rear number plate light Open boot (it's an estate) and remove both rear light inspection panels with a small screwdriver. Disconnect lighting plug on both sides where it plugs into the lighting assembly Switch off boot courtesy light with new rocker switches I have put in on each side Open side flaps in boot and remove insulation. Then disconnect the 4 way in-line plug/socket pairs on both sides that I have put in to disconnect the rear outer light cluster. Putting these plug/socket sets in was the biggest job of all. Reach in and disconnect the headlamp connectors on both front headlights- a bit fiddly but easier with clean socket plug. That takes about 5 mins in all which is quite acceptable. Just have to remember not to miss reconnecting anything before I drive off at the end of the event! Orb Inspector
  2. Just tried this and unfortunately the doors unlock when the battery is disconnected. They probably unlock when you disconnect the battery if you have previously double-locked the car but you can't test this as it won't double lock with the boot open. I had hoped your suggestion would work- I didn't think I actually needed to keep the bonnet ajar as the bonnet is cable operated and the electrics play no part in the bonnet operation (apart from open/closed detection). Any other suggestions? OrbInspector
  3. Good thinking through the issues. Much appreciated.
  4. Good suggestions at last. Not sure I can lock the doors with the battery disconnected as only a key hole on the drivers door and no way I can see to mechanically lock the other doors. Indeed what do they do in showrooms. Will do a search on Forscan- thanks.
  5. Now Now were getting somewhere- good idea with the magnets
  6. It's a weekend astronomy event with telescopes and I want to store stuff in the car such as eyepieces and star maps and the lights coming on will be a big issue to those whose eyes are dark adapted- advanced amateur astronomers can get quite irate with things like that! I will arrive well before dark and don't think your suggestion is radical enough....
  7. The exterior lights stay on the whole time the car is unlocked so that isn't a solution I'm afraid. Does anyone thick I could take it to Ford's and get them to do a customisation of the lock/unlock behaviour so that the exterior lights only come on when you double lock the car and at no other time? Is this something Ford or any other company could do?? Orbinspector
  8. No water was coming through those grommets as I was able to feel underneath them when it was raining and the metal surrounding them was dry. It seems the issue is water entering the weld line somewhere under the roof rails and running to the back of the car. The sealant sandwiched between the two panels is no longer sealing properly. Am taking the car back to the dealer tomorrow to have the roof rails removed and the weld resealed.
  9. Yes its a bit more complicated than that as I use the car to store equipment otherwise its all out in the open and getting covered in dew on a clear night. M
  10. Just to add my findings on a 2012 Mk3 Estate which I bought recently and seemed to have a fresh leak at the rear with the tyre well filling up with water. Car recently bought and in very good condition for the age but with rear carpet wet and the tyre well 1" deep in water. The water however looked very clean and there were no rust lines or rust spots so it looked like a recent start to the condition. I pulled a load of rear panels off in the boot and let it rain. Investigation showed that when it rained water ran in a fine dribble down the inside of each of the vertical steel members on either side of the rear hatch. This water collected on an edge and dripped onto the inside floor where the little storage panels are on either side, then ran into the spare tyre well. The water was running down from somewhere well above the lights so I used silicone and sealed the rear of both plates that the door dampers attach to the body with- thinking water was leaking through the screw holes. This however made no difference. Further disassembly, involving removing the rubber seal that the hatch seals against, was carried out to be able to look into the gap between the metal body and the soft panelling around the hatch hinges. It was dry around the hinges but either side of these hinges in line with the roof rails there is a line where two body panels meet and there is a line of sealant filling the seal gap between these two meeting panels. The sealant looked old and crazed and on the inside of the body level with this weld the water was dripping down. I am sure this is the cause of the leak on each side and I think originally this line of sealant was painted over but in preparing the car for sale the seal line may have been jetwashed stripping off the paint and exposing the porous/cracked seal and allowing the leak to start. I have run Captain Tolley's Creeping Crack Cure over the seal to fix the leak (I hope) and I am now waiting for the next band of rain to test it. If this doesn't work then I need to strip back some more and investigate further- I won't give up! Orbinspector
  11. This is an informal meet not a public event and only 3 or 4 cars there. There seem to be a lot of lights that come on and off but many are not individually fused. The interior lights are not a problem as they can be disabled by holding the on/off button down. Lights all seem to be controlled by the BCM module which has two 50A fuses to it. Wonder if I could put two 50A switches in line with the BCM supply? Thanks OrbInspector
  12. Thanks Tasape, Thats a possibility but mask would have to be for headlights,rear cluster on body and rear cluster on estate door. Much easier if I could just pull a fuse. Orbinspector
  13. Hi, I am going to an astronomy event next weekend where lights are restricted at night. I want to use my Mk3 estate (2012 petrol 1.6) to store my telescope but am worried because every time you open and close the car the lights flash or stay on. Is there a fuse I can pull to stop the exterior and interior lights coming on but which will still allow me to lock and unlock the vehicle? Orbinspector