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  1. yes agreed, bold tyres on the back axle on frosty roads and in snow causes oversteer. In the uk, going around round-a-bouts puts the most force on the nearside rear tyre that should be the best tyre.
  2. If you had all the wheels off the car and had to put them back on the car in any order, which tyre is the most important?
  3. injector cleaner to half a tank of petrol, spark plug clean, and hill climb thrashing worked! The results were: Fast idle: CO 0.16% HC 49 ppm Lambda 1.018 Natural idle CO 0.1% I Now have a 12 Month MOT. Never replaced the CAT
  4. I've just found out MOT history with website Cazana, a log entry reads below: NO oil, NO, water and engine management light on, oh dear! MAY 2016 > Engine oil level did not register on dipstick, 2.5Ltrs added to reach minimum > Coolant level did not show in expansion tank, 2Ltrs water added Engine MIL light on
  5. Thanks for the info above I'll read it all. I've just wire brushed and regapped the sparkplugs to 1.00mm, they were loads more than 1.00mm. I am going to try adding injector cleaner to half a tank of fuel; Then I'll go for a 100 mile run, flooring the car uphill with some weight in the back. I have a emissions only MOT retest next week with the mentioned additive, I'll make sure the cat is hot when it is done.
  6. Hello, My ford focus MK1 02 year failed MOT on emissions, what do you think is the reason why? The results are: Fast idle test CO% = 0.79 : limit = 0.2 fail HC ppm = 154 : limit = 200 fail Lambda = 1.036 limit = 1.030 fail Natural Idle test Limit CO % = 0.3 fail On the Emissions test result sheet it sates 2005MY Ford focus Engine type 16V. I thought I had a 1998 Zetec engine with slightly allowed more pollution. Gary
  7. I had full breakdown cover with relay to my choice of destination in case of a car problem with hastings direct insurance. The problem was the emergency phone number and policy details were in my phone and not written down on paper as backup. When I hiked up mountain Ben Nevis my rucksack got full of water and my phone broke, above 700 meters the weather is very wet and cold, absolutely soaked through. Should of put my phone in a sandwich bag and inside my lunch box. So a lot of the journey I did not have a working phone if i needed one.
  8. I'll try and rebuild the brake calipers next week when the weather is sunny. I bought a new pair of brake caliper pistons. I try and follow this tutorial off youtube. larry grayson's generation game, haha. I still don't think it is a good idea to push mucky brake fluid back up circuit through the abs system. My car does not have ABS.
  9. Brake problem I bought a 2002 MK1 ford focus 10 months ago for £500 with 12 months MOT. I drove the car from Lands End to John o’ groats and back again, starting and ending in Stratford-upon-avon. The only problem I had was with the glove box light that stayed on all night and nearly gave me a flat battery, so in anger I pulled the switch and bulb out. My fault, I left the glove box open. Towards the end of my journey, one of the front brake pads had worn right down more than the others because the brake disc was abrasive on the outer edge. I bought and fitted a new set of brake discs and pads for £45, and new brake slide pins for £20. After fitting the new brakes and bedding them in 100 miles, I noticed that the brakes are binding on a little bit, I was stopped on a gentle incline, I was expecting the car to roll backwards with handbrake off in neutral and it did not because of the brakes. The problem is getting worse, I drove the car about 10 miles without braking and both front wheels are getting very hot symmetrically, back wheels are cold as normal. As the front wheels heat up, the front brakes bind on more and more. It was only possible to drive in up to 3rd gear because so much brake drag. It the problem the brake callipers? Or the master cylinder is blocked up with debris from when I pushed the calliper pistons back in? It looks difficult to change the master cylinder. I tried driving with the brake header tank cap removed, did not fix problem. I think I will try an easy bleed,and blow air and fluid through the brake master cylinder to unblock it and change the brake fluid.