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  1. Sealiedog


    A while ago it seemed that some later Edges had 230 instead of 210 PS, but nobody seemed to be sure. Mine showed as 230 on ETIS. I've just got the aircon pulley recall letter and that says 230 too. I think I'll have to get it tested now. 🤔
  2. I ordered those ones, but the h7s had loose fans and were very noisy. I sent those back and got the ones recommended by Hamster, which are 4 sided and can be put in without removing the headlight from the car. The h15s are very good. The beams on both are well controlled and are a massive improvement.
  3. It hasn't happened since. Odd.
  4. I nearly bought a Kodiak before I bought my Edge. Nice car, but the Edge is nicer to drive. It'll be at the top of my list next time though. The Edge will be too expensive for me.
  5. It was! But only a tiny bit. I was vaguely aware of this feature, but I didn't think about it when I was putting the bulbs in. I'm happy again now, thanks for the tip.
  6. Don't think so, but I'll check it out.
  7. Probably 14 or 15C . Not cold. Heated screen not on.
  8. So I've put the LED bulbs in. I sent the H7s back because they were loose and noisy, and replaced them with the ones Hamster used. All good, except the nearside spotlight comes on when the dipped beam is on. I've changed the bulbs back to the originals on that side, and it's still the same. Any ideas anyone?
  9. A few times recently the drivers heated seat has been on full when I start the car. Passenger side doesn't come on, and its not been all that cold. Any ideas anyone? 2018 Titanium.
  10. Not with engine running no, but dont have to get that close. I guess its normal then, its just that I cant hear the fans in the H15 that worried me a bit. I've not had LED before. Thanks.
  11. I've just done the LED upgrade with the Ebay bulbs as detailed on another thread here. All good, but I can hear the fans on the H7 bulbs, quite loud. Is that normal? I can't hear the H15 ones.
  12. Thanks Eddie, I'll take the plunge then. Its not exactly going to break the bank anyway.😁
  13. I'm wondering how you guys who put Led bulbs from Ebay in are getting on with them? I was about to buy some, but thought I'd ask in case any problems have shown up. I have asked on an older thread, but I don't think anyone's noticed it.
  14. I bought a metal cash box from Ebay so I can keep all my keys in it, only a tenner. Other key is in metal filing cabinet.