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  1. Greetings. My 2009 2.2 tdci Mondeo has gone into limp mode, no power, no turbo... nothing. Had an error telling me my DIAFPS had failed, changed that but then the error message just read "DPF Value Not Found" before cutting out a day later, notably only when going round a bend or uphill though. I'm concerned this is a full DPF failure, but a mechanic friend of mine suggested the fuel filter might be causing the issue and the error message is a confused result. I'd like to test all the cheap options before submitting the car for a DPF clean/replacement... I'd welcome any ideas. Thanks James
  2. RRTT

    DIAFPS sensor

    I shall give that a go.
  3. RRTT

    DIAFPS sensor

    Thanks Damian, I've had a rummage through Google and the first point of call seems to be to locate the sensor, remove it and check it's contacts. Unfortunately I can't find a photo showing which sensor this Is, it's not the same as the MAF is it? My Haynes doesn't cover the 2.2 engine either, which is handy. 😕
  4. Greetings. Got an error message telling me my DIAFPS sensor value is too low on my 2009 Mondeo Titanium X Sport 2.2 Where is this part and how do I fix it please? Many thanks.