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  1. Electric windows stuck!

    Last week in the cold I couldn't unwind either of the front windows as they were frozen, that was to be expected. Yesterday I still couldn't get the driver window down, the passenger one is fine, but the driver's side goes just a fraction and seems to be stuck. It's not frozen over or anything like that. Anyone experienced this?
  2. Lots of little white scratches!

    I didn't take it through a car wash. I got it washed by hand. I only noticed the marks when it was washed because it was dirty before. Would polish not work at all? I see Halfords do touch ups, anyone used them before, or know how much they charge?
  3. Just got my panther black zetec washed at the weekend and noticed lots of little white scratches on the driver's side wheel arch going towards the door. No idea how they got there, definitely haven't hit anything. Anyone any tips how to get rid of them? Will normal polish work, or t cut? Would black t cut match the panther black?
  4. Ipod voice control

    Can you use the voice control to search for artists on the ipod? My ipod has loads of artists on it and it is a !Removed! nuisance having to manually scroll down to R or S, takes ages!
  5. Interior lights

    I was wondering if anyone has changed the interior lights? I don't mean the footwell lights, I mean the main lights on the ceiling of the car. Seeing as all the other lights are red I wonder what others think of having the main interior lights red too? Or would this look rubbish? Also would it be easy to do, what type of bulb would be needed and where to get them etc? Thanks
  6. Footwell lighting

    Has anyone changed the footwell lighting in the new fiesta to a red bulb? The lighting above the pedals is white but would look better if it was red, is it possible to change the bulb? Has anyone done this, are the results good? And where do you get the bulbs from? Thanks
  7. Bluetooth problem

    It probably is
  8. Bluetooth problem

    When my car connects with my iphone it automatically plays whatever playlist it is on even if i dont select it on the dashboard controls. So i could be listening to the radio in the car but my iphone in my pocket will be playing a playlist and so it is running down my battery loads. I dont want to turn off the bluetooth compatibility because i want to be able to answer calls - any body any ideas? Thanks
  9. I have had my Fiesta Zetec for about a month now and i love it, but i have a couple of queries. I have the USB connection and when i plug my ipod in there is no menu for podcasts, this means if i want to listen to Football Weekly i have to use the aux cable and manually use the ipod. Which is ok but i'd rather have the stereo controls. The other question i have is about the interior lights. Is it possible to have the main light come on when you open the door and off when you close the door like in all other cars? As far as i can see the light has 3 switches, off, on and one in the middle. When i have the switch in the middle the light is on regardless of whether the door is open or not. If anyone has anything to say on these that would be great. Thanks