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  1. Hi Dezwez Thanks for the welcome
  2. Good evening all Im new to this forum my car is a focus mk3 2016 My car came with non drl headlights and my question is can I upgrade to drl headlights? or are there wiring issues Has anyone attempted this? if so I would really appreciate your feedback If the truths known I don't want to buy drl headlights only for the drl part not to work thanks in advance Larry
  3. Thanks to everyone for your input and insight
  4. Good evening everyone I'm looking into upgrading my standard headlights on my 1.0 ecoboost Titanium At the moment I have the standard non projector headlight units with side light bulb and high beam I've been looking at these https://eurowagens.com/headlight-left-black-led-drl-ford-focus-14-17-1/ as a replacement but my question is will they just plug and play The back of the headlights look exactly the same as what I have now - but am not sure if the DRL strip will work Can anyone shed any light on this ( pardon the pun ) Thanks in advance Larry