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  1. Music Streaming

    I have successfully bonded my new HTC One S with Ford Audio over bluetooth, however on playing music on my phone I have no idea how to stream it in the car, it does not seem to be happening automatically? Any guide would be great thanks
  2. Bluetooth Connectivity Htc One S

    I dont have the USB connection in the car to update myself. So if I have any issues with the HTC One S I will have to go to Ford for the updated software. I bet it will cost. However the phone isn't listed yet in the compatabillity list.
  3. Bluetooth Connectivity Htc One S

    Thanks Nath, did you enter the 4 digits generated by the ford bluetooth or did you have to first enter 0000 to bond?
  4. Just bought a HTC One S. It is not yet in the Ford compatabillity list. Has anyone successfully connected a HTC One S yet please?
  5. Front Wheels Squeaking

    Hd exactly the same problem, was advised by someone in here to do a controlled emergency stop at say about 30 mph, said it was probably the breaks binding. Tried it have not had a squeak since!
  6. Bluetooth Mobile Music

    I have a HTC Wildfire mobile phone which bonds with my ford bluetooth fine. Can somebody explain how to stream music via bluetooth please step by step? Thanks
  7. Bluetooth Conectivity With Android 2.1

    Thanks Ken thats a relief as I am picking up a HTC Wildfire today. So no connection issues with PIN code etc?
  8. Bluetooth Conectivity With Android 2.1

    Thanks for the replies, looks like i am heading for the lower end of the Android market a HTC Wildfire or Sony Ericsson xperia x10 mini. Anyone connected either of these to Ford Bluetooth?
  9. i am aware that pumaspeed and monetune do a performance package for the 1.6 zetec s but i was wondering can this package be fitted to a 1.25 like mine. if so what sort of bhp gains can i expect?
  10. Can anyone recommend an android phone that is compaible with ford bluetooth? sony ericsson seems to have problems from research on the web as does HTC. The ford compatibillity web page doesn't list many newer phones such as the sony ericsson xperia x10 mini, which is what i am thinking of. Thanks
  11. Ice & Car = Bad

    I started exactly the same thread, after finding my Fiesta was unstable in snow and ice, and I was completely shot down by the replies lol :D
  12. Fiesta Handling

    Harsh or what? I only asked! Oh and by the way I am not a boy racer and I did not write my first car off, it was done for me by my son. Thanks for all the positive replies
  13. Fiesta Handling

    Thanks for the reply - what tyre pressures do you use?
  14. Windscreen Washer Failure

    Had 2 mark 7's and blown the washer fuse on both lol. As soon as the pump freezes up and you try to use it the fuse blows my local dealer says they have replaced litteraly 100's since the mark 7 was launched.
  15. Fiesta Handling

    I love my Fiesta Zetec 1.25, however have severe reservations over its stabillity. Is it me or when the car hits a tarmac ridge in the road or a hole it the steering wandars quite eratically, and feels quite unstable. I thought it was just the one car but I have just aquired a new one after a write off on black ice, and I feel this is the same! Both seem to want to pull slightly to the right also. Finally absolutely crap in the snow and ice! Anybody relate to this?