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  1. hello folks, Can't help weighing in... the 2007 to 2015 Mazda 2 is indeed on the same platform as the mk7 Fiesta. Petrol versions of the Mazda used their own 1.3 engine with Mazda gearbox, but the diesels used both engine and gearbox straight out of the mk7 Fiesta (gear ratios inc the final drives are the same). The current Mazda 2 is on a Mazda platform as others have said - it's effectively a smaller 3 as far as i know. It's evident that it's no longer the same platform as the mk8 Fiesta uses - the wheelbase, track widths, fuel tank size etc are all different and the cars share no parts at all. The Mazda is also 100-odd kg lighter than the mk8 Fiesta (going by tested weights not claims). Ok maybe that's enough from pedantry corner...πŸ€“ Last month I changed my mk7 Fiesta for a mk8, but came quite close to choosing a Mazda 2. This is probably little help to you as I never test drove a 2... though I did sit in one and the driving position was very good (I'm 6' 2"). If you're buying new i think the 115hp has been dropped everywhere, tbh. What stopped me going for the 2 was a handful of things... you can't get them with a factory spare wheel (though could prob source one on eBay to be fair); you can't have the heated front screen and one or 2 other Fiesta features on the 2; & reading over road tests which have cabin noise figures, suggested the 2 is likely to be noisier, esp on motorways. For all that I still suspect the 2 is underrated in its class. Last thought if you can bear it - your last post mentions value for money. The new Clio looks really good value to me - wondered if you'd considered it?
  2. Hi Michael and all, This may not help...but do you know if your car has a Ford or Peugeot engine management module? Wondering if the electronics aren't compatible... had a Fiesta mk6.5 1.6tdci some years back and took it to my local Peugeot dealer for some reason (can't recall, but probably frustration with Ford dealer over minor engine trouble...). They acknowledged that of course the engines are largely the same mechanically, but said they couldn't help as the electronics and calibration etc are by Ford. Apologies if that's a red herring...
  3. Hello all, Am not certain but some mk7s do seem to be prone to breaking springs. My 2011 econetic has had both rear springs break in the last few years, likely for similar reasons as others' above. Lizzy I'm sorry i can't recall what I was charged for replacement but Β£200 sounds quite steep as I think the part is barely Β£100... maybe see if you could source the part on eBay from a Ford dealer to save a bit, then ask your garage to fit it?
  4. Hi Tony, In a word - yes πŸ™‚ that is normal - my 2011 Fiesta does the same. Think they're on a 10min (ish) timer from what I've observed.
  5. Yes πŸ˜€...well, if in future I can afford an EV... just not sure I want to start practising already haha, but as Roger says better that than a flat battery I guess... I have this week's issue and also had a wry smile at that storyπŸ™‚ I didn't think you could use jump leads on a hybrid but clearly that's not (always) true... that's another story though. Gary - I will try asking though am aware Toyota dealers do rather better than Ford dealers or car supermarkets in most satisfaction surveysπŸ˜‰ As you suggested before I'll have to allow for buying a new battery if it comes to that. I wonder if the original equipment batteries are still Varta... will definitely check under bonnet of any prospective purchase. Thanks again folks 😊
  6. Hope so πŸ™‚ The Haynes manual points out that leaked coolant often leaves a stain (can be like a whitish crystalline deposit) which might help find the leak (if that's the problem). But as I say I'm hoping someone more mechanical pops up to help too!
  7. Hi again, No problem πŸ™‚ & you'd need someone more mechanical than me to answer that properly but I imagine it depends if there's a coolant leak & if so, where from - eg changing a split hose or tightening a connection wouldn't be too tricky i guess.
  8. Hello all, As isetta says, my understanding is that the 1.6 diesel (and earlier 1.4) was the fruit of a Ford / Peugeot-Citroen joint venture. But I just looked up the bore / stroke for the Ford 1.5tdci and the Peugeot-Citroen 1.5 BlueHDi, and they're different - so it looks to me as though Ford's 1.5 is their own engine, likely developed from the 1.6 but now without Peugeot connection. As others have said it is likely to be a combination of usage patterns and the way the DPF works. Seems to me the key thing is to do a mix of journeys - short journeys in the diesels are fine provided that you longer, out of town or motorway trips regularly. A diesel isn't suitable if that's not your driving pattern (I don't mean to patronise... and aware that's been said before, but as Roger's comment suggests maybe some buyers aren't made aware of this). Regen issues aside I'm curious about how you guys have found the mk8 tdci for refinement and mpg... & yes one would think the software could be tweaked to help the regeneration issue but whether Ford would.... a project I volunteer with had a 2007 VW Crafter van & I remember taking it for a service some years back, and that it was possible for the dealer to tweak the DPF software so that the regen pattern was more suitable for mainly urban use.
  9. Hello folks, Think it would be worth monitoring the coolant level - you could make a pencil mark on the expansion tank to do this - though it may not be anything major to worry about. That said, Connor I'm a bit curious as to what engine you have? I ask because the 1.6tdci has a (I think...) fairly common fault where the thermostat housing leaks and the coolant level obviously drops. My previous (2006) mk6 and current (2011) 1.6 diesels have both had this fault. If yours isn't the 1.6 diesel you may have less of a concern...!
  10. Thanks for all your thoughts and perspective guys. Looks like a solar trickle charger isn't an option but that I might have to consider a mains battery charger. Is a tricky one because I would feel pretty daft having bought a newer car and finding it needed regular charging, which none of my previous ones have... Thanks for your tact Gary πŸ™‚ I'm not the most experienced car buyer - if I go ahead this'll be my 4th - but am aware it sounds a touch naive to expect an honest answer. But am still tempted to try the question and see what response I get... I do a mix of journeys including some medium length and longer ones, but there will be periods of several days where car is unused. Whether that will be enough who knows... But: have Ford dealers been willing to replace batteries under warranty? & have new batteries fixed the problem?
  11. Hi Stephen, You're welcome 😊 Wondering how you're finding the ride on your mk8 and if you've had any battery problems yet.... but maybe that's another thread πŸ˜‰
  12. Thanks Roger. Still a bit unsure what to make of this as I live in a 2nd floor flat and even if I owned a battery charger it would be all but impossible to use it. I'm hoping to view a used mk8 tdci in coming days & am aware it's been in stock for some months, what with lockdown and all. (Many used cars must be in similar situation... would be interesting to hear from dealers if Fiestas or Focuses have needed more tlc to stop their batteries draining over past weeks). So am also hoping the dealer will tell me honestly how much battery charging it's needed while they've had it in stock....πŸ€”
  13. Hello folks, Thanks Gary πŸ™‚ yes that's what I meant. Is a bit disheartening to hear this as am considering buying a used mk8 so was kinda hoping this was an early cars' problem that's since been ironed out - but perhaps not by the sounds of it. My 2011 mk7 has been left over 10 days unused at times with no problems. I may be clutching at straws but wonder if the diesels' batteries might be any stronger than the petrols', as their starters have to work that bit harder...?
  14. Hi again Stephen, As Dave said above, Etis can tell you what the correct factory tyre size was. To my knowledge the sizes I listed previously are the factory ones. Kwik fit and other tyre fitter sites don't always have the correct info and previous owners could of course have tweaked the sizes when new tyres were fitted... to stick rigorously to the bleedin' obvious πŸ˜‰ I've no idea why the price difference between 45 and 50 profile tyres - wonder if there are any tyre techs on here who could shed some light?
  15. I think Ford dealers can fit parking sensors for about Β£300 (!) - maybe talk to your local dealer? Am guessing there must be cheaper ways to do it though...