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  1. Helloooo I purchased a 1.6tdci Zetec S in April this year. It had 13,000 miles on the clock and I was anxious about all of the above things you mentioned. My DPF seems to regenerate a lot, every now and again it feels like my car misfires. Maybe every 300miles? I'm still adapting to driving it having had Type R's most of my life. I rarely go above 2,500 rpm, don't see a point in revving it because nothing much happens lol (although it is quite pokey for a 1.6!). If you pull up and your engine fan is spinning full pelt, don't be alarmed it's just the DPF doing what it's supposed to do
  2. Great looking zetec S there mate! Looks lovely in red with the 18's. Glad to hear you got the leak sorted as well.
  3. It's comforting to hear others experience the same thing. It's just annoying when you spend £10,000 on a car with 12,000 miles on it for the sole purpose of a smooth and reliable driving experience. The symptoms you explained are EXACTLY the same as mine. I drove my partner's 2007 MK2 earlier, it has 145,000 miles on the clock and doesn't make even the slightest of noises. I was dropping the clutch and treating it like shxt but it was deafly silent in gears 1, 2 and 3 haha! Luckily for me, my commute doesn't involve any town driving whatsoever really. Although the odd bit I have to d
  4. Really appreciate all that info mate. After further thought I'm going to spend the money on cosmetic enhancements and a new fuel filter! I've just come from a newish Type R so I'm never going to get close to the performance so there isn't much point and it's not what I bought the car for. Black wheels, window tints and wind deflectors will do for now. Thanks everyone for your advice, really helps 🙂
  5. You're a good man, Tom! Thanks very much for this, I'll get under my car when I'm home from work :-)
  6. Hello everyone! Has anyone got any play in their rear bumper? Mine has recently had the bumper off by the dealer to seal the air vents, but now if i push on the lower rear quarter of the bumper it moves a bit, about 2cm backwards and forwards. Can someone with a zetec s please go and give theirs a wobble to see it does the same? I've tried tightening the bolts up in the wheel arch but still has some movement. I really don't want it to fall off at high speeds Appreciate your assistance as always! Sam
  7. Hmmm that's a shame! Your battery voltage might not be high enough for the Stop/Start system to work. After all it was flat and recharged not to long ago. You can check the battery voltage by accessing the secret menu. Press and hold the OK button on the left side of the steering wheel, turn ignition on (not the engine) and keep hold of the OK button for 5 seconds. You can access a "secret maintenance menu" where you can check a few things including the battery voltage. For example, my battery voltage is reading over 12v, if yours is lower then that might be the issue
  8. I'm literally a short email away from booking my car in with Celtic Tuning for a permanent remap. Posts from yourself on numerous threads are making me think I should go with a Spider! I live an hour away from Celtic Tuning and the £250.00 they're quoting me is very attractive. They are a good firm and have done a few of my previous cars. I love the idea of the Spider though, removable, controllable via an app on my phone etc, i'm very techy and it sounds awesome with a similar if not exact power increase. You ain't half thrown a spanner in the works! Mines a 2013 with 13000 mil
  9. Good afternoon all, As the title suggests, I'm experiencing some noises whilst changing gear. I own a 2013 1.6TDCI Zetec S with 13,000 miles on the clock. When I put the clutch in and change gear, I can physically hear the gears changing, it's not a loud or violent noise, just a bit clicky. Now, I appreciate this might be completely normal. I've never owned a Ford before, only German/Japanese cars, this noise doesn't bother me too much but just find it a bit weird. The noise that does bother me is a slight knocking noise when releasing the clutch between gears 1-3. Doesn't
  10. I've also heard bad reviews, but couldnt miss the opportunity to own a 12k miles car in the spec I wanted. Thanks for the heads up and advice about the screws, I'll get myself a tool at the pound shop! I've just spoken to Vospers, rear vents have been replaced (I do hope they've siliconed them lol) and they've ordered a new interior light. Will be ready to collect on Friday. Great service. Only negative is I've been doing 100miles a day in a god damn EcoSport and it's really not my cup of tea - especially when it's windy on the a38 haha!
  11. Thats good to know. Yes it goes orange still. Switch appears to be working fine. It can't be down to my key programming either. I wonder if it's anything to do with my key programming? I'll try and manually unlock and open the door to see if that makes a difference.
  12. These look great! I wonder how they would look against my white paintwork??
  13. Yes it has the button on the roof that disables the interior light when the doors are open and I have definitely not activated it. I've recently popped the housing off and unplugged, checked the connector etc and all seems fine. It's so weird! All my sidelights come on when I open the door and the registration plate light, I assume this is supposed to happen?
  14. Hi Tom, There are no buttons on the rear interior light. Just a dome - I've got a zetec s, not a flashy titanium i've obviously got the very bare bones haha! I'll have a look on the IC to see if there is a setting... I've booked it into main dealer on Monday to sort out the water ingress in boot (rear vents) after your recommendation in the other thread, so they're going to take a look at the interior light as well :-) - not confident they will sort out either of them mind abut their service has been phenomenal so far EDIT: Just been out and checked the IC screen settings menu,
  15. Sooo, just spent 45 minutes getting the tail lights off, the screws holding in the lights were incredibly tight! I've mauled them a bit with pliers but at least I got them off. I was bout to take the rear bumper off and realised I need a 5mm socket wrench to get the bolts off. My cheap set go up in increments of 2mm haha!! So I cleaned behind the tail lights and just put them back on, failure - it's started raining now. Anyway,I just called Vospers where I purchased the car (just three days ago) and explained the situation. I have a platinum guarantee but doesn't say it covers water ingr
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