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  1. I have noticed my car now and again makes a knocking noise coming from engine. It’s a 15 reg eco boost and had quite a lot of work done on it this year it has a full service history and up to date mot. I have no lights on dashboard to suggest anything is wrong but it’s starting to panic me now I can’t afford to put it in garage as still in debt for having the catalytic convertor done recently 😞
  2. Mine always sounds like it’s hitting the poxy speed bump it’s a funny noise mine makes had it looked at and nobody can find anything wrong with it!
  3. So it’s not something to worry about?
  4. Anyone else had problems with their start stop only working intermittently?
  5. My engine light has gone out but my stop start doesn’t work or is intermittent
  6. Definitely keep an eye on coolant levels when I first found out about all the problems with ecoboosts I checked mine and low and behold it was way below the minimum level!!! Topped it over and made sure I kept an eye on it then a few weeks later it had dropped to really low again!! Booked it into ford for a free engine check and the cap to my coolant tank hadn’t got a seal on it so they charged me £75 for a new one something that had probably never been there in the first place 😡 since then my coolant has dropped thankfully
  7. My 15reg fiesta (59,000 miles on clock) had the engine management light come on few months back rac man said it was the catalytic converter so booked it into a garage and they couldn’t find anything wrong with the car, car has been fine and had a service few weeks back all ok then today my engine management light has come back on car drives ok it’s not making any noises etc. Garage can’t look at it until a few weeks time and unfortunately I need the car every day but my worry is I’ll break down 😞 anyone else had similar problems??
  8. I wouldn’t have a clue which alloys I have lol
  9. OMG I swear this is me writing this as I have the exact same thing with my 15reg 1.0 ltr ecoboost!!! I’ve had the car a year and right from the start it would come up check tyre pressure every two weeks or so it drives me absolutely insane!!! I’ve had the garage check it and one tyre had a leaky valve or something which was replaced but wasn’t the cause of it and here I am a year on still pumping tyres up every two weeks
  10. I get about 43-44mpg out of mine, when I first got it a year ago it was really low I’m guessing the owner before me had been doing short journeys but she’s racked up 48,000 miles in 3 years lol I’ve done 8,000 miles in the last year. Mine is a 15reg 1.0 ecoboost. I really regret getting an ecoboost given all their problems and check the coolant regularly and have had to have a new seal on the tank at £75 as it was missing meaning I was losing coolant
  11. I have to do mine every 2/3 weeks as it comes up with check tyre pressure been the same since I got the car a year ago. The should all be 33 but will drop to about 27/28 within 2 weeks
  12. My dad had the same in his fiesta and was a bulb wasn’t tightened properly
  13. It stayed on but has now gone off but my steering doesn’t feel right
  14. Had a light come on this morning and manual says it’s a malfunction anyone else had this???? It’s the stability control indicator
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