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  1. Assuming its the same as normal MK4 . Passenger fuse box. Fuse 3 ignition switched live. Use micro2 piggyback
  2. I would imagine for you that could be a very difficult task as there are a raft of sensors and cameras used to activate the adaptive lighting that have to be in place and programmed in. Then of course there is cost of light units .Unless you got lucky with some from a breakers you would have to go to Ford. I seem to recall someone here once saying they were about £800 a pair.
  3. Probably just some missing or updated files. Won't be F10 as apart from the fact it hasn't been released by Ford the download will be around 27 GB
  4. Could be something inside door vibrating there were a number of issues on the Focus4 with some of the door modules causing noise because of poor fixings.Take it back
  5. Post a screenshot of what you have on USB stick so we can see it. It's possible something has been altered or corrupted during transfer that's what happened to me.
  6. It's probably a debatable point as although maintaining the Sync3 software is Fords responsibility they are quite clear that updating the Maps software is the customers responsibility.
  7. Only from Cyanlabs. There's another thread all about it
  8. Valid for 2 years from registration then renew through pass app. I find you need to have audible alert on for speed cameras otherwise you wont hear anything. System is hidden because its illegal in much of Europe to have speed camera warnings eg France and I also think Germany.
  9. Success at last after 4th attempt. I reformatted the USB again. Re downloaded the DAB and install files and copied them to the USB stick.I did notice before reformatting that the the extension to the Autoinstall file had been added twice during transfer to the stick, ie it read Autoinstall.lst.lst so who knows if this was the problem. Anyway it installed in the car this time and I now have the logos. Colin I had the same issue when downloading the Autoinstall.lst ie it added a 1 which I deleted although I noticed in my PC download list a much older file with the same name so this was my
  10. Pretty much the way Autoglym wipes work except they do it in about 2 or 3 minutes
  11. Thanks I'll give some of those ideas a try if I still can't get it to work.
  12. Have unticked that box so now PC downloads the GZ extension. Am now deleting everything and going back to square 1 to see if anything changes. I'm not going to lose any sleep over this as I havnt had logos since the 3.3 software update. Why the he'll can't Ford sort it out so that everything is available as it should be.
  13. Well you were right there for some reason .GZ was missed off the end. I added that manually but apart from indexing the USB the files do not ulpload in the car. I have also tried using another USBstick. Incidently when i go back to the link in this thread and download the DAB files ,every time .GZ is missed off the end of the filename.
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