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  1. Only for older vehicles with Sync3 version 3.0
  2. maybe he moved ? Doesn't the V5 normally say why it was reissued
  3. It can take several days after uploading the log file for it to be registered. When I had this problem once I just kept going on the website and telling the server I had completed the update. Eventually it worked.
  4. Have you tried asking a windscreen fitters there eg Carglass. Autoglass here sometimes carry these trims as they can break when being removed.
  5. A good autolocksmith should be able to rebuild new locks to match your original keys. I've had it done in the past. Also the ignition lock is tricky to remove and requires the right tools and knowledge.
  6. I shouldn't worry ,given Ford's track record you wont get updates very often.
  7. Nor for my MY19 vehicle looks like I'm stuck on F7 forever
  8. Ah I had MK3 estates obviously not the same as they were fixed.
  9. Just the way it's designed MK3 was the same
  10. I think the letter is stamped on the exhaust face of the head itself so you won't see it without removing the manifold. However as they were relatively rare and possibly on the last run of vehicles you probably haven't got one anyway.
  11. After initial period usually warranty the live traffic subscription etc has to be paid for. You can see the expiration date in the Pass app under subscriptions
  12. If you mean the live traffic data ,Sync3 accesses this via its own on board SIM.
  13. You may be correct about 103e Popular/Anglia etc as I believe there may have been an accessory available for mounting the spare wheel on the outside under a solid cover. You may not get far with reg number as its no longer on the current DVLA database so may have been deleted from all records.You could try contacting DVLA but I see that that side of their customer service is closed at present due to Covid19.
  14. That coolant doesn't have to be changed its there for life as long as the 50/50 concentration is maintained.