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  1. Well mine is behind the carpet in the foot well as per the handbook
  2. Its below the glovebox. You pull back the carpet and its underneath.
  3. As already stated wifi update doesn't work in UK or Europe. You need to turn off wifi update in Sync3 to stop messages.
  4. That's what I would have thought so back to my suggestion. I would try and upload a log file to Ford and see if it prompts an update.
  5. Ah ( I did wonder about that) so maybe that's why your screen shows different info from all of ours with nav maybe some else out there without nav will confirm.
  6. Well unless you have done an update the Ford database will be assuming it's got what should have been loaded in the Factory . Doubtful whether or not the dealer would have done anything. . Why would they ?. My suggestion may not solve anything but it will upload a log of the system status to the Ford database for it to confirm what you have is correct. So you can take it from there. It wont make any changes to the Sync so it can't do any harm to try.I'm sure you have Sync3 as you have a floating display . On my car and others I have seen as others on here have said it shows Sync3 plus version and build number. Out of interest when you scroll down what map version does it say vehicle has ?
  7. I'm sure your screen should look like the others you've seen here as does mine. As Ford website will be checking against build information it currently holds I would be inclined to force it to recheck by doing following. If you go back to update website and scroll down to Troubleshooting page it shows you how to download a log file which you can then update from your car and upload to Ford website. Then see what it says when you recheck. If you do this it can take some time before this upload registers fully with Ford.
  8. Your screen as others are saying doesn't seem to look right at all. Have you put your VIN into to Ford update site yet as was suggested earlier to see what it says ?
  9. It can sometimes take a while before upload starts or maybe more likely you didnt download all 3 folders/files successfully and /or unzip onto USB ok.
  10. Think they're 17mm without the cap 19mm with
  11. On the Mk4 the battery monitor will vary charge voltage from the alternator according to engine load to reduce emissions. I have found on my car that on acceleration the voltage will drop down to around 12v and on deceleration can rise up to 15v. At steady speeds voltage depends on battery condition/capacity so again can be anything from just over 12v to just under 15v. With the Ford pass app I found on 2 Android devices that unless the app is forced to stop after being used it will continue to run in the background so is therefore probably still connecting to the car periodically.
  12. I was always sceptical until I saw Ed China do this on a Honda S2000 in wheeler dealers. Amazing results
  13. Well I used the Autoglym kit on a car I have in southern Spain that sits in the sun all day that failed the ITV (MOT) because of the opaque light lenses and over a year later they are still ok. Just make sure you follow the instructions to the letter and dont be alarmed as the lights will look a lot worse before they are better ,in fact almost as good as new.
  14. Tip If you use the Ford Pass app. Make sure you force stop in settings on phone afterwards otherwise it will keep checking car. It's more rubbish software from Ford.
  15. I think you've just got a car with an unresolved fault. Go back to the dealer and make a fuss.