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  1. It's a well known Sync3 glitch that can happen occasionally on any vehicle. There were some updates that were supposed to resolve this last year. I certainly haven't had it happen since. The handbook tells you how to perform soft and factory reset to reset screen.
  2. Unless you've got adaptive cruise it uses cameras behind windscreen that require accurate calibration and not radar. System can't be turned off ,you can only lower the the sensitivity to minimum. Lots of other posts on here.
  3. Doesn't make sense the key should manually open drivers door regardless of battery state. Have you tried lubricating it in case its sticking through lack of use. Also if car was double locked then you wont open via internal handles.
  4. Am afraid that's just a standard response they send out for almost anything to do with Sync3 ( I've had it at least twice over the past year) and therefore meaningless.
  5. Interestingly though my vehicle was an early MK4 built Nov 2018 and although it doesn't have adaptive cruise it definitely has the radar sensor behind the grill so Ford must have made changes to spec at some point in 2019. I also have turned sensitivity to low.
  6. Be careful what you wish for! Had no trouble with mine, sometimes wish it could be turned off completely.
  7. Doubt it as its not a proper tracker and you can turn off the location sharing in Sync3 settings
  8. If you mean inside the car then the answer is no it doesn't have one
  9. This was so common on the MK3 that for a long time Ford were replacing them for free.
  10. There's no setting like this on the MK4
  11. Had no problems with mine in fact they are one of the best things on the car. Maybe those with probs should go back to dealer to have the calibration checked.
  12. 30 years ago maybe when cars had a first service car at that mileage.Not nowadays though
  13. I think I'd be right in saying the Eco or Sport modes modify the ECU map and have no direct bearing on cylinder deactivation
  14. Seems to be common problem also on Focus MK4 . Particularly on doors least used. On mine I managed to free up rears by spraying ptfe lube into hole on door edge but did not work with front passenger door protector that only half comes out. Haven't been back to dealer yet ,cant be bothered
  15. F8 is latest version .you should be able to download this from the Ford website for your vehicle.