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  1. Ford logo came up first time but then later reverted to Vignale. I have no station logos no calm screen as others have and more worrying there is break up during voice prompts for voice commands. Others have also i believe experienced this .
  2. I've noticed the same voice break up with 20136 also no Dab logos and no calm screen and of course no F9 map update offered yet and I was probably one of first to get the sync3.4 download and upload the xml. I was actually on the Ford website when it went from up to date to being offered 3.4 at about 0700 on Friday
  3. If it fails for some reason it probably wouldn't install so you would be left on previous version. Although sync3 update only takes around 20 min to install i would run engine as depending on battery condition sync3 could shut down before then.
  4. Some reasons already given earlier but could be because by now there's probably tens of thousands of owners in Europe all wanting it at the same time .
  5. So after downloading your link and extracting to USB theres just the 2 folders "syncMyRide" and "autoinstall.lst" is this correct ?
  6. Ha ha I'd never noticed that before
  7. How many others have got the General tab in settings greyed out. That can't be right ?
  8. I thought they could all be formatted either way but if you put it in a PC and open formatting you'll see the options ie Fat or exFat
  9. OK thats good well as the others say its definitely exfat I assume you have also tried a different USB stick?
  10. If its not a stupid question what vehicle are you trying to update as your profile shows you have a 2013 status?
  11. Its out there on the server but by now every owner in Europe could be trying to download it at the same time , so we're probably back to just waiting or maybe trying during the night
  12. You must have been lucky. I downloaded 3.4 at 0800 and uploaded xml file but no map update yet. Just saying software up to date
  13. Use USB much safer its ver 3.4 20136 takes about 15-20 mins to upload to car in 2 stages . Leave USB in car after first stage as it hasn't finished uploading
  14. Just checked Ford download for 2nd time today and there's a 883MB sync3 update with maps to follow so looks like it finally been released for us Focus 4 owners at least.
  15. So are they telling you that the dealer has to update sync3 to ver 3.4 or for something else and that they have to load F9 ( not normally dealers responsibility) and that you wont be able to do it yourself via Fords download site.?