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  1. As I said previously if its accoustic it's marked on the screen usually with either A or Accoustic. If it's a standard screen it will marked with N
  2. If its accoustic it there will be an indication on the screen probably the letter A or the word acoustic. My car was Nov2018 but hasn't got one even though it was listed in the Vignale specs
  3. Yes they are not correct. The section behind the mirror should be fitted first so the curved piece that is sticking out on yours is tucked in behind the rubber seal .It allows the mirror fold tight against the door. Then the deflector should be bent outwards slightly along its length to allow the other end and the top to be fitted into the rubber. The dealer has not followed the instructions which is why you can see that curved piece sticking out and removing the mirror may actually have made it more difficult.
  4. You're correct there is a bend but it should sit inside the rubber seal if fitted correctly. I remember I had 2 goes at it before I got it right but its not that difficult.
  5. Mirrors look OK from your pictures but the dealers are idiots if they took them off. If you follow the Climair instructions properly there's no need to take off the Mirrors.
  6. If you go back to the Ford download site and scroll down to the troubleshooting section there's a link with instructions to download just the log file
  7. Modem connectivity uses gprs via inbuilt sim (not wifi) to send and receive data with Ford. I'm sure its still connected as that's,the default but still worth checking in settings menu.
  8. In the car Sync3 are all the connectivity settings still set to on ?
  9. Auto high beam is a built in function of adaptive LED headlights not an extra option.
  10. Uses gprs via the in built modem SIM card to communicate. My guard mode doesn't show either even though I have latest app software and all its settings and modem settings are correct. Just a thought but does anyone have it working ok with Android devices ?
  11. I've got the latest app version that's supposed to include guard mode but don't see it when app is opened.
  12. Mandatory carrying and use of warning triangles and reflective jackets in many European countries is one of the few of their rules that actually make sense and should have been adopted in the UK years ago.
  13. Doesn't this also require a Sync3 software update for it to work?
  14. If you sit in the car and start it then get out with the key you should see the same warning.
  15. You should see a dashboard alert that keys are not detected in vehicle.
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