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  1. Consensus seems to be it's now working although theres been no confirmation from Ford but they never admitted publicly it didn't work either. However as you'll only know when an update is made available for you ,you could be waiting a long time to find out.
  2. Isnt that because the features in the convenience pack are standard on the ST and Vignale ?
  3. You havnt said but I assume that you have the send data features turned on in connectivity settings on sync3
  4. Superb drive very stable and comfortable . Colour is Ruby Red metallic.
  5. There is a version 3.4 for 2020 vehicles so you may get offered it for your car.There is a running debate at present as to whether of not updates via wifi is working now as it never worked in Europe . If it does work for you the sync3 screen will tell you. Your probably better off checking for updates periodically on the ford website.
  6. I changed back to petrol after 15 years of Diesels to give it a try and have to say the engine I've got is amazing 1.5L 182ps Ecoboost. Very flexible unit with tons of low end torque. Fuel consumption not too bad at around 40mpg and cheap servicing with 2year intervals. Dont think I'd go back to an oil burner now.
  7. The live traffic is independent of the wifi hotspot that you have to pay for(works via gprs data using inbuilt sim card in modem) .But you have to set it up in app and modem by syncing them to each other and turning it on. As I said it's in the handbook .Yes you do have to register with Vodafone to get wifi hotspot if you want it (dont bother) but the Sync3 modem will still connect to wifi eg your own at home for updates etc . App works independent of Vodafone. Maybe you opened "hotspot" in app to get diverted to Vodafone.When app is set up correctly you should see "live update" under subscriptions.In the app under "support" there are links to videos to show you the set up.
  8. In settings open automatic system updates and you should see current software version. open that and you will see software version build number maps version and other info. One thought though ,is the modem enabled? You can do this either from the Ford pass app or in the Sync3 settings under connectivity. It tells you how to do this in the handbook.If it's not you wont see live traffic.
  9. I would imagine so what software version and build number have you got on yours mines currently on V3.3 build 19052
  10. Under connectivity settings in Sync3 it should give option of live traffic on or off. You should then see roadworks ,hold ups etc. Is that what you are looking at ?
  11. They're on my car and work fine with no sign of fragility. Also had Mk3 for several years with them. One of best ideas to come (presumably ) from Ford now the focus has gone off cup holder design
  12. I'm surprised Ford haven't sorted this out yet as when the MK4 was launched 2 respected industry reviewers extensively tested the car and only thing they really found fault with was the charger pad that kept disconnecting. That's why I didnt have this option. I just use a very slim pad plugged into adjacent usb socket with short lead.
  13. They wont flush it . They just bleed out and replace fluid ,but only about 75% of it gets replaced.
  14. Never heard that one. As far as I remember there were always elements from the beginning and before that in the 1960's you could buy a large self adhesive clear panel with an element in it that you wired in yourself .Got mine in Halfords.