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  1. It's called a convenience check at 1 year. They don't change anything just check over vehicle. Advantage is you get the breakdown cover extended by having this done.
  2. Good grief, I think everyones getting carried away here. If car is new then oil will probably be exactly as it left the factory. Dealer wouldn't touch it unless it was very high/low same as coolant. Most likely scenario is it could be slightly high or the OP is misreading the dipstick or a combination of both. When I first had my MK4 I found it hard to read the oil level until someone on here pointed out that you check which hole in the stick the level is up to and not what's on the stick.
  3. Maybe it has been overfilled, but you should only read the level by the holes in the dipstick as the every time you put the stick in the engine it picks up oil from the dipstick tube and can easily fool you.
  4. Even If you have F9 it would show up to date as theres no official release yet. If Sync3 says you have F10 then If the vehicle has recently been built it may have been preloaded with F10 at the factory its just not on the download website in Europe yet.
  5. No socket switches off after a while whether car locked or not. You need to charge via +ve battery terminal and eth point on n/s inner wing
  6. Think it's V11 card just search web loads of sellers around £40
  7. No it's,a mandatory lighting regulation.
  8. As I said though much easier and better if you use proper plastic pry bars ,very cheap, rather than your fingers than the guy in the video.
  9. No need to remove any panels but using proper plastic pry bars makes job easier. Fix cam to screen left side of mirror then using pry bar push cable under headlining to A pillar. Prise up edge of A pillar capping and it's possible to run/pull cable down behind capping to left side plastic panel where hood release is located. Then lift edge of this panel away from door seal and cable can be pulled along behind this panel and under glovebox. Passenger fusebox is below glovebox and is accessed by pulling plastic panel away in footwell to reveal fuses. Best fuse to use is 3 ignition switched live. You'll need a micro2 piggyback for this an earth point can found under fusebox retaing screws. Hope that helps
  10. Turns itself off at random also other features can reset eg. speed limiter tolerance. It's an old problem with MK4 never been resolved to my knowledge.
  11. Assuming the latch is not worn out or faulty try dropping it from about 12in. On some models this the Ford recommended method of shutting
  12. 33 Front 30 Rear same as my Vignale
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