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  1. My vignale has sunglasses holder with no pano roof . Thought it was a standard feature.
  2. But the software for the Pre collision assist may be stored on an associated module only accessible via the OBD port by a dealer . The settings are changeable via steering wheel controls not the Sync3 screen ?
  3. Seems to me that as there have only been a few people reporting problems with the pre collision assist feature that maybe the algorithm software for this may need checking/updating on your vehicle. I've had my MK4 for 10 months now and have had no problems with this. The only times it has operated have been genuine incidents. Still makes you jump though.
  4. That's the one I used. There are others but I couldn't get a piggyback on them.
  5. If battery is low in fob you just place key in slot provided possibly under a blanking plug on steering column In your car where you would normally put a key . As fob is passive you can still start car .Its all in the owners handbook.
  6. Probably because the edge of the mirror folds in almost touching the glass. The Climair ones that Ford sell as an accessory ( you can get them elsewhere) are curved in at that point to stop mirror touching.
  7. I hope you asked them for compensation. They have given me and some others here a letter authorising a free service when due.
  8. I use Android. Just go into Settings/Apps/FordPass/Force stop Similar on Apple
  9. I pointed this out a long time ago about the Ford pass app. If you use it make sure you force it to stop afterwards otherwise it can work in the background with the car Sync3.
  10. I had a creaking noise from front suspension on both sides at only 2k miles. Turned out to be both front droplinks that were making the noise when driving very slow less than 10mph or when pulling up and manoeuvring.Both replaced and ok now. Took 4 weeks to get them from Germany though !
  11. You must be talking about a different car from the one I have then . It's very stable over bumps and dips.The Mk3 I had and the mondeo before it both with multilink regularly stepped out over poor road surfaces.
  12. As someone who has a Vignale I have say the suspension is very comfortable and sure footed on the roads here in the Yorkshire Dale's. However if it's any consolation to others I do remember at launch last year a lot of the reviews when comparing the 2 suspension set ups commented that most people probably wouldn't noticed the difference as the Multilink only comes into its own when driven really hard. Maybe that's why Ford have changed to the less complex and expensive twist beam on some models.
  13. Vehicle will probably have gone into sleep mode that disables key remote and other functions to conserve battery.I would call out an auto locksmith they'll open it in seconds.
  14. This was an issue that was resolved by previous Sync3 updates. Make sure you are on latest build version available. Check out at