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  1. Thanks guys, I did notice one of the brackets had rusted off the exhaust when I was under there changing the rear engine mount. It does seem much louder than this but it could easily just be getting amplified. I will report back. Cheers.
  2. Hi everyone, Sorry if this is a repeat post but I can't seem to find anyone with quite the same problem as this. I've developed a quite loud "knock" or "clunk" when taking off or accelerating abruptly in 1st, 2nd and even 3rd at times. I just replaced the rear engine mount and this didn't solve the problem. I can feel it almost directly under my feet in the footwell when it happens. It doesn't happen if I drive very carefully and accelerate very slowly, nor does it happen when going over bumps or any other time other than fast acceleration. I can pump the gas pedal and make it clunk nearly on command once I've released the clutch nearly all the way. It doesn't do it in neutral either as I tried to watch the engine in neutral and as a friend drove it and i walked alongside the car. It doesn't vibrate much other than rough idle a bit either. If anyone has any ideas I'm running out of them! Thanks in advance.