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  1. There is a way to do it I'm not sure if you resolved this now I'm aware the thread is really old. If you did fix it, how did you do it? I've had something plugged into my OBD for a couple weeks (insurance miles tracker, MK8 ST-Line based in Bham isn't great for a 23 year old!) but I'm not sure if my start stop isn't working because of that or because I've done 20 odd miles in the past 4 weeks. Mine has the same message yours has. I did the reset procedure but still had no luck with it.
  2. I don't see why not. I will wait to see if anyone else has had a similar issue to mine (water dripping from seals when I open the door) to see if it's worth going through under the warranty. Surely they can't put it down as "wear and tear" on a 2 year old car
  3. Strange to be happening on an 18 plate. My seals aren't like that, no visible damage it seems like the water filling on the skirt just goes into the seal somehow? Although I think that's probably not supposed to happen 😝 I'm not sure how yours could have worn like that
  4. Hopefully this makes more sense with pictures. I'm wondering if it's just a build up of water sitting on the skirts that causes it. The seals are pinned in correctly as you can see but you can see where it leaks from. As for the window the drivers side closes marginally slower than the passenger side so might try some silicone spray
  5. Hm, the car is under warranty till next February so I may have to get it looked at. Seems strange to me that the motor could be at fault in the windows but I doubt it on a 67 plate. Hoping the water dripping out the door seal and the windows going up slowly aren't related in any way though I can see how they would be
  6. Anyone had this? Opened my driver side door and water dripped onto the driveway. Found that the water had come from the door seal and had came out of the small hole at the bottom. It's not leaked into the car so the seals are doing their job but not sure if this is supposed to happen? Coincidentally the same side window is pretty slow when closing and I'm hoping these aren't related at all.
  7. I picked up the car yesterday updated it today I believe. I went on a 50 minute journey and the whole way it said Updating. I got back in my car after being out of it for a couple hours and the Nav button had changed and sync is now 3.0. I play songs through Bluetooth and not every album cover comes up. Does Gracenote get updated OTA or is there nothing I can do about it?
  8. Any noticeable differences and would i be able to update? I'm picking up an ST Line 140 on Wednesday with the bottom pic
  9. Can someone explain the Sync 3 differences I've noticed? On some models the Nav button is an arrow, on other's its a 4 sided star almost? I'm assuming one of these is an older version of sync but I'm not sure which one it would be.
  10. While I'm on this, can someone explain the Sync 3 differences I've noticed? On some models the Nav button is an arrow, on other's its a 4 sided star almost? I'm assuming one of these is an older version of sync.
  11. Every time I ask something on this forum I always get an answer and it always ends up being a discussion amongst others 😂 thanks for your help guys
  12. I've seen this on a few MK8s and always assumed it was the radar for adaptive cruise control but majority I've seen online only have the speed limiter. I noticed in the ST this rectangle block isn't there so I'm just interested in what it is.
  13. Ahh! I must have misunderstood. I thought they all came with Cruise Control as standard.
  14. I can only afford a used MK8 and I'm doing plenty of research before buying one. When looking at some, I've seen different types of cruise control buttons. I'm aware Adaptive cruise control has a button on the left which sets the distance between the car in front. But is anyone able to explain the difference between these? What does the top right button do? I've tried looking at manuals online but these online manuals just aren't as good as the paper ones!
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