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  1. I picked up the car yesterday updated it today I believe. I went on a 50 minute journey and the whole way it said Updating. I got back in my car after being out of it for a couple hours and the Nav button had changed and sync is now 3.0. I play songs through Bluetooth and not every album cover comes up. Does Gracenote get updated OTA or is there nothing I can do about it?
  2. Any noticeable differences and would i be able to update? I'm picking up an ST Line 140 on Wednesday with the bottom pic
  3. Can someone explain the Sync 3 differences I've noticed? On some models the Nav button is an arrow, on other's its a 4 sided star almost? I'm assuming one of these is an older version of sync but I'm not sure which one it would be.
  4. While I'm on this, can someone explain the Sync 3 differences I've noticed? On some models the Nav button is an arrow, on other's its a 4 sided star almost? I'm assuming one of these is an older version of sync.
  5. Every time I ask something on this forum I always get an answer and it always ends up being a discussion amongst others 😂 thanks for your help guys
  6. I've seen this on a few MK8s and always assumed it was the radar for adaptive cruise control but majority I've seen online only have the speed limiter. I noticed in the ST this rectangle block isn't there so I'm just interested in what it is.
  7. Ahh! I must have misunderstood. I thought they all came with Cruise Control as standard.
  8. I can only afford a used MK8 and I'm doing plenty of research before buying one. When looking at some, I've seen different types of cruise control buttons. I'm aware Adaptive cruise control has a button on the left which sets the distance between the car in front. But is anyone able to explain the difference between these? What does the top right button do? I've tried looking at manuals online but these online manuals just aren't as good as the paper ones!
  9. Yeah I'm actually a fan of the MK8 Fiesta 8" screen especially coming from a MK7.5 😉 i probably won't do that unofficial update but I was just curious what kind of functionality you get with AA on the instrument cluster
  10. Not sure if i was clear enough sorry! I mean in the trip computer part in between the speedo and rev counter. That link says AA will also show on there which I didnt think would be possible. I'm fully aware it works on the regular centre console!
  11. Yeah i think just sticking with 3.0 may be the way to go. What are the differences? In that link it mentions about Android Auto being able to show on the dash cluster which I didn't think would be possible and I've not seen that mentioned anywhere. It also mentions Map updates although I thought that would still apply in 3.0
  12. Wow it seems very strange that Ford don't update it themselves especially if the hardware can cope with it. Not sure if I'll be giving that a go especially if you have to do something completely separate just to get radio logos!
  13. Haha that makes sense! The ones that I look at all seem to have the larger display but I was never 100% sure if it was 6.5 inch or 8 inch because I haven't gone to see one in person yet. I thought one of them was some sort of myth as I'd only ever seen two sizes and still online I can only ever see two sizes. But that's great at least I'll definitely have 8 inches then 👍🏻 I've also noticed the newer 2020 models have an updated UI compared to 2018/19 where the font and colours of the buttons on the screen are refined and different. Is this something that can be done on a 2018 model via software update? (First pic is newer model)
  14. I'm looking at getting an ST-Line X 140ps at some point. I've heard online from reviews and videos that the infotainment screen comes in 3 sizes, 4", 6.5" and 8". When looking at pictures and shopping around, I only see 2 sizes. I think its fairly obvious that the smallest one is 4", but is the larger one I'm seeing 6.5" or 8"? Do one of these not exist or am I missing something here?