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  1. Front end starting to go back together today , junks the bonnet lock and replaced with a custom hidden one to allow for debadged grill & test fit the wheels
  2. The bumper is original focus rs bumper , well most of it , I had to cut and graft it to the top half of the original bumper so it would marry up to the tailgate and use all the proper mounting points. I had to chop the sides and add an extra 6-8 inches , and the arches were fabricated out of steel to match the rs bumper .
  3. I have a 2008 Focus 1.6 tdci estate, I have an electrical issue that I’m hoping some of you guys & girls might of encountered before. It’s not a pressing issue at the moment as the car is off the road for a while . So when you turn the key to start the car you have to wait approx 3-5 secs before turning the key otherwise you get nothing, then once started it takes a further 10 seconds then the dash comes alive and cycles and all electricals come on . Literally when you first start the car nothing works , no windows , radio dash lights etc etc then it all comes alive. It’s the same every time never got any worse so far although since I’ve owned it it’s never been on the road yet. Checked fuses & code read but nothing . I found a little mouse nest inside the fuse box and fixed a few wires the little bigger had feasted on , thinking I’d solved it but no lol. I’m leaning towards the bcm but electrics are not my forte really . I hear the focuses have issue with electrics so can someone point in the right direction ?
  4. Rear bumper built up today , parking sensors fitted and focus rs exhaust modified and fitted. The rear bumper was a hell off a lot of work & one of the hardest parts of the build so far but was worth all the agro now it’s all going back together
  5. Paint finally on , now I have to start putting it back together 😪
  6. The focus rs rear bumper came complete with the sensors , I just need to wire up a module to control them , be silly not to use them if they are there. And I’m anal for ford oem , like I’m fitting a ford Bluetooth stereo system etc . I don’t do aftermarket stuff . We literally have everything for fords .we probably have one of the biggest stashes of Sierra & cosworth spares we broke them for 20 years and stored it in containers lol , anything interesting , factory toys we have lol
  7. Do you no what I’ve not even thought that far ahead, I’ve got to wire up all the reverse sensors in the rear bumper as the car never had them and I’m adding them so I’ll probably do something with the bumper lights because as you said they are spare really as the standard bumper didn’t have any lenses in as far as I can remember
  8. All jammed in fresh frozen white . Was toying with the idea of the ultimate green but I was not brave enough in the end . Everyone loves white lol
  9. Hopefully will be ready for ford fair and get it in the ford owners club area , I’d like to see people’s reactions . I no it’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea , but it’s different and I like cars that are different and no one else has got anywhere 👍🏻
  10. Me and my business partner are prodomantly a ford shop and we are into the wagons , back in the day 25 years ago we used to build the escort combi van rs turbos and things that are different from the rest. This is why I decided to build this , it’s goin to be a tdci and my Dailey runner to the shop for a bit of advertising etc . But I just wanted to no if it’s been done as I’d love to say it’s a one off . It’s been 8 months in the making and it’s getting close. Lots of boxes of new parts ready to be fitted once painted.
  11. Cutting the rear bumper up to make fit was the most painful bit for me , paying £500 for it then literally cutting it to pieces to weld it all back together . The car is currently ready to paint , it was all jammed yesterday and it’s goin to be frozen white . I’ve got a new set of coilovers goin on it , new brakes , focus rs twin exhaust to go on . I’m hoping to get it together in the next few weeks as I’d love to show it of at a ford car show
  12. That is photo shopped , but yeh that’s what sort of thing I’m going for
  13. Already in hand, I own my own vehicle body shop 😉
  14. Anyone ever seen or heard of a mk 2.5 focus estate ever been turned into an rs replica . Just wondering if it’s been done before as I can’t find any examples/pics or info on the inter web ?
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