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  1. St 2 has been ordered to replace the stline - only £30 a month more don’t think I will see it until after Xmas
  2. What I wasn’t aware of is that most car insurance policies have a new car part of them , so if ur car is written off in the first year it does the same as gap and you don’t need to claim on that
  3. Always tempted but my insurance will only replace it for the same model
  4. Just been confirmed by insurance that the car is a cat b write off so hopefully be in a new one soon
  5. Is Auxillis an accident management company ? Are you using them instead of Hastings direct ?
  6. Just had the letter to say it’s a write off - bit relived to be honest
  7. Ford think it will be a write off so it’s currently being picked up and on it’s way to them I believe - they did say may as well go straight to the scrap yard lol
  8. Yeah - the front air bags didn’t go off so dash is ok - I have just email fords accident repair centre he pics for some advice
  9. Am I mad to think they will repair it ? I don’t think the frame of it is bent or anything
  10. Yes I have gap insurance so all covered if they write it off
  11. No nothing I did crack my head on a road sign on the other side of the road so I have a cut from that lol
  12. No not a roundabout just a odd junction - other car went through a give way hit the side and rolled me over
  13. I’m with Hastings direct too - how has it been fairly quick ? Im hoping this will get sorted quick
  14. Lucky it’s opposite a petrol station and they have it on cctv - it was a kind of slow roll but I’m surprised it went over to be honest. The other guy has a broken front bumper and that’s it . Just when if them things walked away with not even a scratch
  15. Other car didn’t stop at a give way junction, hit me pretty much in the middle , rolled over once and landed on the wheels. The only panel that is straight is the boot and one alloy lol
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