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  1. In my mk3.5 petrol when i get in the car before I press the start button I hear a feint click every 15 to 20 seconds and the needles flick down slightly. I assume it is some electronics preparing for you to start the car but I have no idea what or why. I never noticed this on my last mk3 petrol though.
  2. The 1.0 ecoboosts were always 3 cylinder. It's the 1.5 litre engine that changed from 4 to 3 when the mk4 was introduced.
  3. I have a 3 year old focus 1.5 182 with the older 4 cylinder engine and I love it. Lots of power and smooth acceleration all the way up. I got it up to 47mpg on a 300 mile motorway trip but generally get around 35mpg on my daily commute. I also drive my wife's 3 year old 1.0 ecosport which is still nice to drive but doesn't have as much power behind it. That gets a bit higher around 37 to 39mpg on local driving if you don't floor it. The 1.0 is slower to accelerate at higher speeds but it does get there when you need it. I can't comment on the mhev though as I haven't had chance to dr
  4. Just to add to this. My mk3.5 1.5 182 manual with 10k on the clock has just had a nice run today up to Newcastle and back 145 miles each way. Filled up before leaving this morning and was just hitting 47mpg on arrival. Dropped to 45mpg on the way back as I was hitting 80-85mph but still got over a third of the tank left. I normally get around 35mpg on my daily commute.
  5. Mine has started working again now the weather has warmed up a bit. Still doesn't work on the cold mornings but it works most of the time during the day/evening. I'm on a 2018 mk3.5.
  6. I have a 2018 mk3.5 with start stop and it only shows limited information still. It also only connects with Bluetooth when in the car. I think the deciding factor is whether your car has a built in modem module and connects to ford servers. As far as I was aware they were only fitted in mk4 cars.
  7. There's no way back to 3.0 unless ford can do it themselves because of the repartitioning. You can go back to 3.3 with cyanlabs but I don't think you will want to when you get 3.4 working. 3.4 is so much faster and smoother and the 20282 version has been very stable with most bugs fixed. There is an even newer version on the ford servers now that people have been testing if you want to have a read on the cyanlabs community forum.
  8. Hi, No the tpms part is behind the valve on the wheel. I have had a few tyres changed on mine. There have been reports of some tyre places damaging the tpms part while changing the tyre but I've not had a problem at my local tyre fitters.
  9. I had to check that wasn't my old car then as mine did the same. Mine was a 1.6 ti-vct titanium but had nearly the same sections missing. I lived with it and found leaving the quick clear on until it turns off automatically gradually cleared most of the missing sections. Blower on max windscreen did the rest as I was driving away.
  10. I know the rear screen demister also operates the heated mirrors and I think the temperature guage is also in the mirror housing. It could be a faulty temperature guage or connection issue on the wiring causing your problem.
  11. I used cyanlabs to update my 2018 sync 3.0 to 3.3 with f9 maps and then to 3.4. Ford weren't offering any updates to mine from 3.0 so I bit the bullet and went for it. It creates a USB stick the same as Ford do using official Ford files. The only thing to watch out for is on 2020 models if upgrading from 3.2 or below that requires a reformat it has had some units bricking with a black screen. It does warn 2020 owners if the update you choose has a risk involved. If you are worried though the Ford website should eventually offer you the f9 maps.
  12. If you register as an independent operator, I think the option I chose was software developer or something along those lines and then search for the vehicle vin or if you set etis to uk you should be able to search by registration plate.
  13. Hi, As an 18 plate it would have very little history as it will only be due it's first mot this year. You could register on etis and lookup if it had any history of software checks/updates but the only other thing you should have is the service book with the dealer stamps when it was serviced. I bought an 18 plate in November and I found mine had a new clutch fitted but otherwise everything is good on mine. I just want to get any software updates installed when I can get it booked in while it is still under manufacturers warranty.
  14. That's good you are getting the software updates done. You should notice the difference immediately, mine was much more responsive after the update and the tickover was higher than before. I can't help on the clutch I'm afraid, my clutch was fine for the 3 years I had the car. I only replaced it because I wanted something newer and wanted to part exchange it before I needed to do the timing belt and start getting new tyres.
  15. I'm not sure about the logos but after updating to 3.4 with f9 maps I didn't have many dab stations available and the ones I could receive didn't have great coverage while driving. After a day or two I had more stations available and the local ones I use all have logos now.
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