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  1. I was having trouble a while back with misfires and running rough in traffic. I think the figure in forscan is the total misfires over the life of the car so if you only have 1062 then you have nothing to worry about. Mine had around 21000 showing in forscan from memory but mine was increasing at the time.
  2. If you don't have the wiring loom you can still add third party sensors but they don't display on the screen. You would just get the beeps from the built in speaker of the unit when reversing.
  3. ColW

    Pcm Update

    My understanding of software updates on cars is that when they release the software they have only tested it on so many cars for a period of time. As more cars are sold and the various components in the cars wear in lots of different conditions show up where the software could work better or fix issues that didn't appear during fords testing. Modem engines are much more complex than they used to be with lots more electronic components so they can't test for every possibility.
  4. Yes I had the issue when I got my mk3 petrol. I got a new battery from the dealer when I got my car which helped keep the steering rack going for about 6 months but eventually it died completely about a year ago. I got quoted around £1200 plus fitting from ford but bought a refurbished rack with a 3 year guarantee for £400 and paid my local garage to fit it. £600 total returning my faulty rack. I would expect it to cost £1400-1500 from ford now. I found that stopping and starting the car usually resolved it while it was failing.
  5. I had to replace the washer motor on my old 2005 focus and with the new motor although it was the right fit in the space on the bottle and connectors it sprayed to the wrong washers. I had to slightly reroute the pipes to get them to reach the opposite sides of the pump but all worked fine after that.
  6. Not sure which radio you have in that but on the Sony dab unit in a 2011 titanium it is just go into bluetooth menu from phone option, select device and delete.
  7. I have landsail tyres fitted on my 18s from my local tyre fitter They are a budget tyre at £75 each but I've not had any problems with them. Not noisier than previous tyres, wear OK and grip is fine in wet conditions too.
  8. I had an issue on my petrol 2011 1.6 ti-vct with rough idling and misfires that got to the point of stalling when I pulled up at lights sometimes. This was fixed by the pcm update that raises tickover slightly although I don't know whether the same applies to diesels. If it has never had any updates done it might be worth a go. There is a thread on here about it.
  9. This link I posted on the other thread still has the zip file I used to update mine.
  10. This thread has the link for the update ford produced with instructions on how to install. As far as I know that is the only update available for pre SYNC units.
  11. I use Sygic navigation on my android phone and that has an option to send the audio as an incoming phone call. There is Delay option so you can tweak the audio to play as soon as the radio switches to the phone call. Sygic is a paid for app but it comes with a lifetime registration.
  12. If it has the electric power steering rack then you can fit cheaper / refurbished racks. I got a refurb rack for £400 with a 3 year guarantee and paid my local garage £200 to fit it. The company I bought it from asked for my registration and the rack was supplied ready to fit. It may be worth checking the battery first though. A low battery can cause problems with the steering racks and the recent cold weather could have flattened the battery. There are several threads on here with people whose steering racks have had issues or failed completely.
  13. Glad to see you got this working. I have a 2011 focus with the same Sony radio unit but I decided to stay with it as I missed out on a few good sync3 deals. If I decide to keep the car much longer I may go ahead with the upgrade. Did you sort out a switch for the door locking? I had considered an American fascia as they had sync before the door lock button move.
  14. Hi Jypat, yes just ring your local main ford dealer and tell them you want the Pcm update installed. I asked for the pcm and any other modules updated at the same time. It takes less than an hour charged at the standard hourly rate but I think I got lucky and was only charged half an hour labour.
  15. There are cheaper alternatives, just not from ford themselves. My local garage offered a third party steering rack fitted for around £800 but I went with a refurbished rack that came with a 2 year warranty costing just under £600 fitted.