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  1. I've had something similar over several weeks since going back into work after lockdown. What makes my one odd is that is has only happened when my car has been sat at the office for the day and I am ready to leave. At home on the drive over weekends and not being used it is fine but at the office occasionally I have had nothing, had to manually open the door, nothing on screens inside, open the bonnet and connect a jump starter to the battery. As soon as the jump starter is connected I get either the hazards flash or a horn beep and it starts up like nothing was wrong. Leave it overnight on the drive at home and no problems starting in the morning. I suspect I have a bad connection somewhere either on the battery or an earth point but open to any other suggestions. I am on holiday for 2 weeks now so will see if it starts up normally when I get home.
  2. I currently have an issue with my mk3 2011 focus. All through lockdown I used it on odd occasions to go to the shops maybe once or twice a week without issue. It had a brand new bosch battery just over 2 years ago so I don't think my issue is the battery. Since going back to work I have no issues starting up in the morning and driving to work. It happens occasionally when I finish work and come to unlock the car and get nothing. No remote unlock or keyless entry and after opening the car manually nothing on the display. Luckily work have a jump starter battery pack so after connecting the pack I sometimes get the horn beep or just indicators flash. It starts up no problem then and is fine again the next morning after driving home. I suspect a bad earth or battery terminal connection as it only happens when left at the office during the day. At weekend sat at home it is fine sometimes not used from Friday evening coming home until Monday morning going to work.
  3. Supposed to be 55 litres which is just over 12 gallons but I've only ever got about 48 litres into my mk3 when filling up. I would assume that when the fuel low light comes on there is more left than it says.
  4. I can't find the original thread that prompted me to have the updates done but this thread was about pcm updates.
  5. When I got my 2011 mk3 1.6 titanium ti-vct a few years ago mine started showing rough idling and stalling at lights. I found a thread on here about the pcm software update so had all the modules updated at my local Ford dealer. Never had a problem since then and idle is always steady. I will try to find the thread and link it.
  6. Regarding the driving in England, I have noticed since lockdown was eased that a lot of people seem to have forgotten how to drive safely and be courteous. I like to drive a bit fast myself but some drivers just don't seem to be paying attention to the other drivers on the road.
  7. This was the company I got mine from
  8. The issue occurs in the electronic module built into the steering rack but unfortunately it isn't replaceable. A refurbished rack is definitely possible. I bought mine direct from a power steering company and had it delivered in a crate to my local garage who had already given me a price to fit it. The old rack had to be sent back as a part exchange to get that price.
  9. If you have no power steering at all then I would guess you need a new steering rack. They usually start playing up intermittently when starting the car and it takes a stop and start or 2 to get it going again. It has already been looked at and you have had a new battery and alternator fitted which rules out the power to the rack. There are 2 electrical connectors to the rack which I would assume have been checked. There are several threads on here with electric power steering failures. I had the intermittent problem for around a year before my rack gave up completely and stayed non functional. With 18 inch alloys it was only drivable at a crawl. Your choices are limited but a new rack from Ford is around £1200 plus fitting, there are some third party racks available for around half the price or go for a refurbished rack. I got a refurbished rack with 2 year warranty for £400 plus £200 to have it fitted at my local garage. I've never had the problem since.
  10. ColW

    Mk3 focus USB

    I'm pretty sure they are fitted in all models. Mine has 2, one in front of the gear stick and one at the back of the arm rest for rear seat passengers.
  11. ColW

    Mk3 focus USB

    I think so but depending on the radio fitted you may be able to add a second one. Mine is an early mk3 bt/voice Sony system with the single usb in the glove box. Sync models have an extra mini usb port on the sync module itself that can be wired to an additional socket.
  12. You don't mention in your original post but I assume you have tried turning up the volume when Bluetooth is on. I know the volume of Bluetooth/aux is different from the radio volume for when you take calls in car. If this was turned down to minimum then you would experience these symptoms.
  13. One thing to add is if you can push to a 2017/18 model you should get the sync 3 radio system which is much better than the older sync 1 and 2 ranges. You can fit a sync 3 radio into an older car but this can involve some wiring changes. Details are all in the stickied thread at the top.
  14. There are a few common problems with the mk3. There is a stickied thread at the top for boot leaks although I haven't experienced it on my mk3. The door rubbers have a habit of coming unstuck at the bottom of the doors but these can easily be cleaned and re fitted at the bottom. There is a thread showing how to cut the tension wire within it if it is coming off around the side of the door. Electric power steering rack failure is not as common but an expensive fix if it does fail. The whole rack has to be replaced if the module in the rack fails. I had this fault on my early mk3 (2011) and had a refurbished rack fitted with a 2 year warranty. New racks from Ford cost around £1300 plus fitting. Quite a few people have had issues with the auto levelling headlights if you get one with these fitted. All that said I do still really like my mk3 and will be sad to let it go when I come to replace it. I can't comment on the 1.5 ecoboost engine as mine is a 1.6 ti-vct but when I come to replace my current mk3 it is the engine I would look at next unless I am in a position to get one of the newer mild hybrid/electric models due out this year.
  15. I don't know where that 80p listing came from, I had to get some food yesterday from Costco Trafford park and it was 99.9p per litre for unleaded 106.9 for diesel. Not complaining though as it is still a lot cheaper than it has been for years.