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  1. Had a gen 7 Celica like that, never had a leak but it never showed above minimum, every time i tryed to get it to max it just spat it back out.
  2. Or it could be the tail light, had the same problem on mine but after Tom's top tip of putting vaseline around the bolts holding it in no more leaks.
  3. Well had her back for almost a month now, water level has not moved, temp is good so fingers crossed all good, on a down note had to have the drive shaft oil seals replaced as they was leaking gearbox oil, on removal inner seal was thinner than the new one so looks like a mod on fords part
  4. Well got her back Friday 27/07/2018, recall done on the cooling system, software updated, new head and as i was kept waiting for so long all new belts as well, all FOC, they even delivered her back to me so i did not need to go get her, so far very pleased, we let you know how things go.
  5. This has been on the ecoboom site for a few days now, pressure plate is prone to cracking, which in some cases can lead to an engine fire, get it booked in for its recall asap.
  6. Very true, but as there as people out there being asked by Ford to pay for new engines i thought it best to add one more name to the list.
  7. "There’s the ‘ecoboom’ community of Facebook with plenty of horror stories." Thanks for the tip Pebblehead, have now joined the ecoboom web campaign
  8. looks like i took mine in at the right time, only downside so far is it took Ford six weeks to supply the new head.
  9. If you have an Ecoboost ring your Ford garage, they are subject to a recall for the cooling system, my 2011 is in now for cooling system and a new head as mine cracked, all being paid for by Ford
  10. Great idea Tom, but not what you would call safe.😉
  11. Well i got the call yesterday, head will be in stock next Monday, so should get the car back next weekend
  12. Quick up date, still waiting for the head to come in, just as well i have a second car i can use.
  13. Dont Know if this will help, but my Mk1 did this when i had her, dont know what it is called but there is a black pipe at the back of the engine which after time goes hard and breaks, i think its some sort of vaccum pipe, changed mine and she run fine afterwards.
  14. Dont hate me guys, but i dont have a dream car, but i am lucky enough to own my dream motorbike, she's a 1980 Ducati 900 Mike Hailwood replica, bought her new and when i pop off she's going in to the ground with me.
  15. Well guys, car has been in the shop for just over a day, when leaving the house yesterday morning, i saw a few drops of oil on the road where i park it so rang the garage to ask them to check it over for an oil leak, as i am not the only who parks outside my house,(which is something that really p's me off) turns out its got a cracked head, but is covered by the recall so thats a plus, just waiting now for them to get a new one in stock for me, stay tuned to see how it all goes.