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  1. Hi hamster, wasn't sure if you were referring to me or one of the others but as it was sent after my message I have sent you my vin number is 2FMTK5A30JBB01645, not how that will help but you seem to know your stuff.

    If it wasn't me then just ignore

    Thanks ken

    1. Hamster


      Hi Ken

      Thanks. I can look into PTS and see the update state of your Sync 3. Might not help but sometimes its good to know.

  2. Thanks I will try that. I will following your instructions anything that might avoid a visit to the dealers is worth trying
  3. Hi It appears everyone is getting a slightly different experience when trying to upgrade their SYNC 3 mapping system - I dont think I would ever want to trust my life with Fords autonomous cars if my experience with the Edge is anything to go by - mapping issues, wipers not working, headlight messages, etc . I have tried everything including making numerous attempts to download which is very wearing and expensive. The one thing I did notice this time round was when downloading a new version from the Ford site the file number never changes whereas in the past I seem to remember it did although that probably makes no difference. I also compared it with previous versions I have kept that were successfully installed and there is a huge difference with the number of files but they may be a red herring. My upgrade does clearly tell me that their is a second part after the key cycle but mine never actually attempts it just tries to reload the first part - I have read somewhere on a previous site that the second part holds all the voice updates, etc - my system also tells me some updates will remain disabled until the second part is completed. Anyway pointless to keep moaning, I have booked the car into the dealers to see if they can fix it - my experience with them is they seem to struggle like us but perhaps they can clear my constant request from the SYNC to download. On my last visit the technician told me that Ford have provided them with new advanced diagnostic equipment to test SYNC 3. Here is hoping they are successful.
  4. I seem to have run into trouble downloading V9 of fords map update. I was definitely a bit quick off the mark as I tried to unwittingly download an early update that was 16.2GB in size which seemed small from previous updates but assumed it was ok unfortunately it failed to complete on the Sync 3 unit. Since then fords have released a new update of 25.5Gb in size which I have tried to upload but it continues to say it has completed the first part but then I need to do a key cycle but before I can stop the car it then tries to upload the first part again. What I then get is every 4th start of the car a message saying I must insert the stick to complete the upload but it never completes. The maps appear to have downloaded as I am showing F9 and I can see local speed cameras that have just been added, no grace note number however. I have tried at least 6 times now to fix this but always finish up with the same problem. I have tried doing a master reset but that just clears out your favorites and phone details and makes no difference to clearing the failed update. You would think the new update would overwrite the original update but it does not appear to do that and I think the sync 3 is still trying to resolve the original 16.2GB update. it feels as though it has corrupted the system. Any ideas?
  5. Hi all, pleased to see I am not the only one to have the "wiper suddenly deciding not to work problem" normally at the worst possible moment. I see some of you only experience the problem when in auto but mine normally shows up when I just blip the wiper with the switch downwards but wont respond to any wiper switch setting until its ready. First time it happened I stopped the car switched off the ignition and opened the door and it is true it resets. I have since found that when the problem occurs I just leave the wiper switch on and the wipers will again operate after a few minutes but this is dangerous fault to have especially the first time when late at night with howling rain it was impossible to see out and someone following close behind. It probably happens every so often. Once it is going again it will be fine. Probably sounds silly but only happens when raining but as I know I have the problem I constantly test the wipers in the dry but they are then faultless and tends to occur with heavy rain - not sure if that is significant. Anyway having occurred today on the A13 which is under reconstruction so no where to stop but did restart after 3 - 4 minutes without help so I went straight to my local dealer R T Rate to book it for an inspection. The girl on the desk immediately told me this sounds like an intermediate fault and they are unlikely to rectify - classic get out of jail card for the dealer. I pointed out I felt this was a dangerous fault to have and perhaps Ford had some historical history of wiper faults probably occurring on most modern Fords besides the Edge that might help the technician to which she dismissed that possibility. So next Thursday it goes in for this fault. My question is has anyone else here had this fault and managed to get it fixed so might be able help the diagnosis. Rates have been surprisingly effective in the past but I am expecting the same thought process as the lady who booked the car in. Very worrying, Ken
  6. Yes I think you are right - my dealer told me that the UK sync 3 systems are basically old Sync 2 hardware with a Sync 3 update which means some of us are going to get problems - he said the new Focus gets Sync 3.2 which gets wifi and should perfume better. Recently came back from Texas and we had a Ford Expedition and the mapping system on there was instant with no problems - I suppose it is more in tune with the states than us. My dealer has said if the updates dont work then he will change the head as some do work well - mine occasionally boots up without problem.
  7. Mine was successful, still to test the other part the install to the car - apparently it is in two parts - each about 45 mins long - fingers crossed. Hopefully might even fix my other sync 3 niggles, map buffering and black screens on start up. Otherwise works well
  8. That's strange mine definitely showed 22.1GB and the progress to download was instant , it is very slow, download speed is 1.MB/sec at stands at 14.3GB loaded so far. Lets hope I am not downloading a rogue piece of software. There was no buffering that goes on for ever. This is on Firefox but I have tried the others it makes no difference.
  9. It might be worth trying to download now., I must have tried 20 times at all times of the day on two PC's separately with no joy. However, logged on today to try for the 21st time and noticed the download has changed from 7.9GB to 22.1GB and thankfully connected instantly and downloaded although very slowly this is the best result I have had.
  10. The service guy told me SYNC 3 will never be able to update on WIFI, in fact he got fed up with customers coming in complaining it never worked. He added that SYNC 3 only works on WIFI in the US, SYNC 3.2 addresses the WIFI problem in the UK but that is a completely new unit. To be honest the USB approach isn't a real problem as long as it works, getting WIFI connection near the car isn't always easy. I believe 3.2 also has a WIFI hotspot which might help. It annoys me that Ford make good cars but are let down with tech that doesn't always work properly, although a friend of mine tells me Jaguar Land-rover aren't much better and they and Ford want us to sit in autonomous cars - worrying.
  11. Hi Eddiek, I also attempted to updated via flash drive, it seemed to take a long time and I turned the engine off and got messages on the screen. Second attempt was more successful but I could not get the flash drive to upload back to Ford to update their end, kept getting error. The car was booked into the dealer ages ago so it went in this week to try and resolve a slow boot up issue with the maps on sync 3. Ford had said if I was having problems with flash drive then the dealer would resolve. So he uploaded the the same update which was successful and he got it verified by Ford, he added that sometimes updates are done but are in fact corrupt that is why they wont update back to Fords. However, it made no difference to my problem and the dealer said yet another update is coming shortly to resolve bugs so it down to me to watch out for it. The dealer said if the next update does not work and I an doubtful as why isn't it affecting other users he will change the SYNC 3 unit. He also added that Ford had said for some reason the Edge has the slowest boot up but as the dealer said 45 seconds from start to finish is a long time. He also added that SYNC 3.2 is being launched on the new Focus so after 3 months of ownership I am already out of date - apparently 3.2 is a complete new unit
  12. I have a 2018 Ford Edge ST Line - 3 months old. Great car but I have been a bit disappointed with the Sync 3 navigation system. It is great when it is up and running but seems to take longer that usual to boot up every time I start the car. First I get a black screen then it switches the map screen buffering then switches back a black screen the returns to buffering maps and eventually loads the maps - not a game changer but very annoying. Having seen other cars with Sync 3 they generally boot up immediately which mine also does occasionally and did when I first got it. So I have booked into the dealer to get there view on it but due to loan car issues that cannot be done until mid May and it does work, in fact it is great when it is running. So I know there is an update for my car and I am grateful to the guys on here who put that blue tooth link which allowed me to check for the update. I also tried the wifi experience only to sit there fruitlessly for hours only to discover this feature does not work. Anyway finally downloaded the file to a flash drive and printed off the instructions which I thought were easy to understand even if when downloading the file it bore little resemblance to them. But the download to the car went without a hitch. However, it made no difference to my problem and I could not see a single improvement. Anyway to the point, once you have done the download to the car via flash drive a signature is left on the flash drive to upload back into Fords site so they know you have the done the upgrade and it has been successful and they can update their info on your car. However after numerous attempts this failed to upload to the site and suggested you contact Fords via a email address, I also attached the file so they could update it. The answer was very quick from Fords but basically the advice was contact your dealer. Anyway any thoughts on this whole business would be great, Ken