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  1. martinf64


    If I had a 5-door I would have three...🤣
  2. I've been through the exercise of calculating my actual mpg using the brim-to-brim fill-up method and trip mileage between fill-ups, that's why I subtract 4 mpg off the trip computer reading because that was the typical difference between calculated and trip computer values. Also noticed the trip computer can give funny readings too. Once you know that, you can use the trip computer to monitor for anything out of the ordinary. As others have said if you want an accurate measurement of mpg then calculating from mileage and amount of fuel put in to fill to the brim is the best method. Maybe unicorns do
  3. You guys must be heavy footed on the throttle...I'm getting over 50-55 mpg from my 2018 140 St-line-X according to the trip computer (sitting at just over 56 mpg today after filling up last Thursday and resetting the trip computer), I always subtract around 3-4 mpg from this figure to account for the trip computer inaccuracy so still a healthy 46-51 mpg. 21 mile commute each way with dual carriageway & some city driving, eco mode off. Yours does sound very low for a 100 ecoboost.
  4. Hope this is sorted for you in a good way...nice looking motor, hope you get it back 👍
  5. Assumption made it was 'bathroom sealant' too lol....🤣
  6. I find the insurance very reasonable. When I looked at the difference between the 125 and 140 there was only a few pounds between the two so opted for the 140 just for that little extra bhp under the bonnet. 12 months fully comp with protected no claims, no claims came out around £170 (just slight higher than the 105bhp Twinair Alfa Mito it was replacing), just renewed this month and same cover but with 1 claim £200...thought I got off lightly once inflation factored in. As for if it gets stolen...hope they write it off because my insurance will replace with new car for first 12 months. Before its first Birthday I will get GAP insurance from TotalLossGap at around £120 for two years...worth looking at instead of the expensive Ford Gap insurance. Have a butchers at their web-site. Hold on, heard someone shuffling by the Fiesta...might be Shepster checking to see if the obd port is disabled when the alarm goes off...sorry mate couldn't resist that one 🤣 Oh well black balled by the mod again.....😛
  7. I suspect they would refuse to remove it so you would have to take it off before taking it in for servicing....would expose yourself to a sharp-eyed thief between taking off and dropping off at the dealers...oh my car could also be stolen while at the dealers 🙄...
  8. Ahhh freedom of speech very much alive on this post....🤣 Enough of this paranoid posting but I will leave this suggestion for all to ponder.... If you look at the obd port there are two mounting bolts with nuts holding the port to the underside of the dash. Surely a simple right-angled metal bracket mounted off these bolts and positioned so it covers the front of the port would prevent anyone accessing the port via the window or inside the car or door mirror 🥴. Any would-be obd hijacker would have to set off the alarm whilst trying to by-pass the bracket (either by trying to force it off or using tools to undo the nuts), and I would suggest setting the alarm off would deter any further attempt to steal the car unless they are that determined to take a ride in a Fiesta. Obviously they would do some damage to your pride and joy in the process of doing all might still be an insurance job. Anyway might be worth looking into for all you nervous people out there in need of reassurance. 😎
  9. Can't believe this guy is so worried, he must be a nervous wreak with all this worry in his life. If your that stressed don't buy or lease the car or anything else of any value. The car covered by insurance, if it gets nicked or broken into or damaged it's covered, you don't lose out, just a bit of hassle to sort it out afterwards. It's just a car, there's more important things in life to worry about. 🤯 P.S. I would also recommend sleeping with the keys under your pillow just in case the car thief sneaks upstairs and nicks your keys off the bedside cabinet. 😂
  10. My 2018 ST-line 140 has generally averaged above 50mpg since I had it so not sure why others don't seem to see similar figures. Daily commute 20 miles each way.
  11. Agree Chipex is better than touch-up stick. I've had a red Alfa Mito and metallic blue Alfa Mito which seemed to chip just by looking at it, I used Chipex for the stone chips and got very good results, found colour match very good. Also the Chipex system is very forgiving, if you make a mistake its easy to wipe off the paint using the blending solution and start again...can't really do that with a touch-up stick. It is a touch expensive but they do have promo codes on regularly.
  12. I've got a Moondust Silver 2018 ST-line-X with black roof & mirrors...the black breaks up the silver nicely....looks classy.
  13. Pic would be good to see...will be interesting if holding the pipes apart as you have done stops the occasional quiet buzzing I'm hearing from the dash.
  14. Which two pipes have you put the rubber between? My original buzzing noise with throttle at temperature disappeared after dealer had it in, they said it was from passenger door but I suspect they tightened the plastic bracket on the two heater pipes. I've added the tie-wrap solution just to be sure. I still have a faint noise from the Sat Nav area which may be a connector or wiring loom behind it vibrating on the chassis when going over rough road surfaces. I've not had a good look at this yet, still trying to work out how to get behind the Sat Nav unit or air con unit without taking the dash out. I also still have noises from the passenger side door particularly as the door stresses when going round corners. This is the door panel moving so I know what to do to solve this, just haven't got round to doing it yet...its a pain getting the door panel off.