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  1. Did they tell you what the TSB number is?
  2. Could be, I think Ford know they have an issue there. I tried a tie-wrap there too but it didn't seem to make any difference, so removed and now only have the one near the double pipe clip, as per your photos.
  3. Looks like you have a second black tie-wrap at the rear end of the pipes just before they pass through the bulkhead.
  4. I ended up getting it looked at under warranty, this noise started approximately 1 week after picking up the car from new. The noise had disappeared when I got it back from the dealer and they said something was vibrating in the passenger door and resonating through to the dash. Thought this explanation was rubbish and I think they did something under the glove box which is where the sound seemed to be coming from. It was weird because it started as soon as the temperature gauge reached its normal position and only occurred when the throttle was pressed. Worth checking the heater pipes mentioned in my post. I'm still getting various noises from the dash, doors and glove box areas which seem to be the norm for Fiesta's, I'm slowly trying to find and get rid of these...all down to general Ford build and material quality. Hopes this helps for you.
  5. Search for my first post I put on here by searching for my forum name 'martinf64'. Not sure how to add link to it here. I put a recording on there which may sound very familiar to you...buzzing when throttle applied but only once the engine is up to temperature. Worth while reading the whole post and replies as various solutions mentioned particularly regarding the heater pipes in the engine bay.
  6. Averaging 50-55mpg from mine during the summer months going by miles covered over each tank fill-up. My round trip to work is just over 40 miles...a bit dual carriageway, a little town and country roads. As others had said all depends how you drive. P.S. I have seen over 60mpg on the trip computer but real world is usually at least 4-5mpg lower.
  7. Soft opening mechanism? Mine hasn't got that...don't remember ever seeing it do that at any time when opening the glove box.
  8. Cheers Jamkart, thanks for the reply. Yes looked at doing that but seems a good way of breaking something, so going to try and solve without removing the door when I have the time.
  9. Anyone know how to remove the glove box door on a MK8 2018 Fiesta, I have a faint buzz coming from the glove box area which gets worst if the glove box door is left open but disappears if I put downward pressure on the opened door. Want to take it off to confirm its coming from the door. Cheers...
  10. So you will be getting a VW Passat next then...or you could try not using cruise control altogether, probably the cheaper option 🙄
  11. 2018 MK8 ST Line X 140, just over 10600 miles over 12 months and last two fill ups seeing 60mpg (according to the car computer, not calculated it manually)....don't ask me how. 🙂
  12. martinf64


    If I had a 5-door I would have three...🤣
  13. I've been through the exercise of calculating my actual mpg using the brim-to-brim fill-up method and trip mileage between fill-ups, that's why I subtract 4 mpg off the trip computer reading because that was the typical difference between calculated and trip computer values. Also noticed the trip computer can give funny readings too. Once you know that, you can use the trip computer to monitor for anything out of the ordinary. As others have said if you want an accurate measurement of mpg then calculating from mileage and amount of fuel put in to fill to the brim is the best method. Maybe unicorns do