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  1. Ditto to that, I'm still trying to upload the log file from the previous Sync 3.4 update, done using the USB method. Tried going down the wi-fi route afterwards but car says its up to date, which it is...you would think that something as simple as uploading a file wouldn't be that difficult...but this is Ford 🤪
  2. I've still got the same problem John, regularly try and upload the log file with no success. Turning the wi-fi on and checking for an update returns that my Sync is up to date but still doesn't seem to update the server information. Mine is going in for a first year oil/filter change in a few weeks time so I'm going to try and get the Ford dealer to update the system. The Sync 3.4 system doesn't seem to be as stable than Sync 3.3, the version I had in my 2018 Fiesta. Music play back occasionally stutters plus it doesn't pick up some tracks but plays them if you skip to them. So another thing to mention to the dealer...
  3. Have a look at Chipex. It's a little expensive but looks better than the usual paint sticks once you get the knack of using it. I've used it on my last three cars and it does a pretty decent job. https://chipex.co.uk/
  4. Think this link may explain what's happened 🤔 https://fb.watch/jLxmPPRku2/
  5. I've got the digital display on my Fiesta and set it to Sport mode as soon as I start the engine, 6k miles now and can't say I've noticed any flicker...however I bet I will start seeing it now that you have mentioned it 🤪
  6. Yes it seemed that way. What made it slightly more stressful was the fact I was waiting for the new car to be built...in fact if it had been built when it should have it would have been the new car with a bike stuck to its bonnet, so not so unlucky then. So Ford actually came through by giving me a 14 month wait for the new one 🤣 A good result there then 🤪
  7. Sorry to hear such bad news John. I had a similar incident a few months after getting my previous MK8, was my fault...an argument with a bin lorry which I lost 😇 Gutted at the time but soon got sorted. Then there was the biker who decided to park his motorcycle on the bonnet of the car whilst it was parked off the road in the works car park...missed the Merc parked right next to me typically. He managed to dismount his bike after hitting another car leaving the bike to travel on its merry way and make a bee-line to my car across the front of the car park. Was stressful sorting that one out but got it done eventually. Just wondering...can they apply the ceramic coating directly after a re-spray?
  8. Are you saying it has cost you £100 to fill half a tank (approx. 22.5 litres)? Blimey petrol is very expensive where you live. As others have said you will only get an accurate measure of fuel consumption by filling to brim, driving until near empty, and then filling to brim...fuel put in and miles between fill ups will give you the actual fuel consumption. In my ecoboost Mhev I'm getting upper 50's mpg...!
  9. I much prefer having the set temperature showing on the adjusting dial as per my previous MK8, seems a much better place for it and less confusing...not sure why they changed it apart from maybe for cost. My facelift MK8 displays as per John's photo...
  10. Unfortunately not John, I'm guessing they either have very slow servers 🐌 or it simply hasn't worked. From memory I believe the web-site normally confirms successful upload at the time the upload is done, which didn't happen...will probably just have to wait and see whether it confirms itself, which is what happened on the last update I did. I have done a couple of update scans using wi-fi in the car and it simply confirms that the software is up to date. I was hoping that would be enough to update the Ford database but still no joy..
  11. I've got into the habit of pressing the mode button three times (to activate Sport) followed by a single press of the start/stop button (to turn it back on) once I've started the car. I sure there will be a hidden setting buried deep in the coding which gets it to remember the mode...maybe forscan will find it and allow it to be set on a future software version.
  12. I'm still getting high 50's doing the brim-to-brim method despite slightly colder weather. My commute is around 22 miles each way with a mixture of dual carriage way, town and country roads, my town driving is early in the morning so not really stop-start traffic. I'm getting around 55-58mpg at the moment but achieved 62.7mpg back in September doing the same route, again measured brim-to-brim. I find the on-board computer reads an average of 3 mpg too high...
  13. Regarding the update log error issue, I found the following suggestion on another forum : If you open the xml file in notepad on Windows, don’t change anything, just click file/save you will then find the site accepts the file. It has some unprintable characters in the original, which if you open in a browser, you will see it complains the xml isn’t valid. After it’s saved (without changes) it is then valid xml So I've tried this and I now no longer see the log file error when uploading to the Ford website...so I assume it has successfully uploaded it which is a move forward. My account is still showing the SYNC update is outstanding but I guess it might take the Ford servers a while to process the log file and update the details. So will be keeping an eye on it over the next few days 😎
  14. I've tried Chrome and Edge but doesn't upload, tried Firefox yesterday same result. Wi-fi and auto updates are both on. Scan for updates over wi-fi correctly returns latest version is now installed in the car, just can't upload log file. I've left Wi-fi and auto update turned on so maybe it will rectify itself. I prefer the USB update route....can't be doing with sitting outside with the engine running whilst it downloads over wi-fi. Its strange how Ford UK are saying its an issue with some cars, you would think it would affect all cars...
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