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  1. How to Remove the stock stereo from the Ford StreetKA:
  2. Quick question with regards to my street ka i've taken the dashboard trim, instrument cluster, heater button pannel, cig lighter pannel etc. off but my car won't start? Am I correct in presuming the car will start once again when all put back together? Presume the car knows somehow? Regards, Gareth
  3. Evening folks, Quick question what would be the easiest method to replace the front grill on my Street KA. I've Google and YouTube searched it but wondering what would be the general suggestions and feelings on the easiest way. I'm buying some replacement mesh from eBay to switch from stock. Any advice would be appreciated.
  4. Suicide Mods

    Ford KA Street ICE

    My Ford KA Street ICE
  5. Thanks saves me a job and getting my glasses lol
  6. Oooo found by accident will look into this myself. Thank you!
  7. Firstly thanks for an excellent medium in way of this forum. I'd just like to say thanks for having me and I look forward to contributing to this wonderful community. My name is Gaz and currently I've just purchased as of today a Ford KA Street ICE (2006). A lovely car I feel in love with! Plenty of work to be done to it so i'll be sure to stop by for some advice! Thanks again. All the best :)
  8. Suicide Mods

    Ford KA Street ICE

    Ford KA Street ICE (2006)
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