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  1. Hi thanks for reply and ok thanks for the information, i had a look at work and seen the cat was near the back of the engine. What’s the best way to unblock it or test it is blocked or can I remove the cat. ill have a look at my pipes and the inlet again see if can spot any split pipes as had some last time which caused issues. yea suspect it was when my mate changed it before when he had it and didn’t ether align it properly or didn’t replace the thrust bearing causing more issues.
  2. Hi I have a Ford Focus 2003 1.8 tddi estate recently noticed it has a very bassy sound under 2k revs. Does anyone know why it would be doing this is something possibly clogged? Does it have a dpf or cat at that age as im not sure 🤔 it does tend to rev up sometimes and no go any quicker but think this might be clutch or turbo issue. thanks
  3. I did notice today when the problem happened that there was a lot of white smoke coming out the exhaust covering the car behind, quite good when there following too close 😆 but then when take foot off gas it clears.
  4. Yea Seems that way the last couple of days it seems to be working fine now I plant my foot and the car goes quite well. Could it of been something blocked while it had the fault with the map sensor as that is now not a problem anymore, yea doing a google and asking my supplier at the garage I work out they said they have a boost solenoid also know as the boost converter. Will keep an eye on it and post if anymore issues thanks again.
  5. Checked for faults no faults now on my car so could be the boost converter if it’s not clutch maybe? As last night I was driving about and got it to boost W rut time without any issues.
  6. Yea thought it was I’ll have to plug it in again and see what comes back if the code is still there is it worth just deleting the fault and trying it.
  7. Oh I see what you mean now that is very true, yea it sounds like what you just described where it’s not building the speed fast enough or boosting correctly as sometimes I can get it to boost fine just 9/10 it will just have higher revs then speed will build up. the last fault that I checked on it was turbo sensor a faulty
  8. Thanks I tried the put in 5th with handbrake on and it appears to stall every time, which is odd if the clutch was slipping. Could it still be clutch or could it be something else like the throttle position sensor? I’ll try and get it on a ramp at work see if can see any leaks as well Thanks
  9. Yea sometimes it will boost fine and go but most of the time just rev, ok is there a way to test this to make sure as I was told a new clutch was fitted before. Thanks
  10. Hi i just joined the forum as need some help with my 2003 Ford Focus tddi 1.8, iv been having problems with trying to accelerate. Basically as you drive along if I plant my foot the car with Rev to about 4K and not go any faster note in any gear it will do this. I have changed my boost pipe as that was split and the map sensor which slightly helped at first. Been searching whether it’s the throttle position sensor or found out they have a pressure control valve which can cause problems but would rather work out the problem rather then throwing parts at it. Did a diagnostics and it came u
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