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  1. Just bought a grand c max 2014 it has a rear camera but seems to bright is there a way to reduce the brightness on it?
  2. If you get one msg me happy to help and share tips
  3. Hi I replaced the aerial altogether with a built in amplified one
  4. Sorted managed to find a diagram and spliced into the 12 permanent it has considerably improved the reception
  5. Been using it a while now and it is a great stereo highly customizable, I use my phone as a hotspot, so use google maps and tom tom speed camera often spotify.The phone app and the DAB+ app which come with the stereo are pretty basic, I also have a DVR which connects via USB and works great, 3 USB's and a SD card slot gives plenty of expansion. Have used the FB support a few times and they have been great!
  6. I got this one https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07B3GFG2J/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o09_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Looks like a newer version
  7. As topic need to power the aerial and not sure wire behind the stereo I need to cut into join??
  8. To disable the riew view camera, currently it goes blank and mutes sound in reverse settings--CAR--factory settings--126--ok--other--prohibit reverse--disable Also from Xtrons ODB worked great and setup, connected straight away. The 0 - 60 counter is fun
  9. Sorry for the reflection, also like the split screen feature
  10. Bought a Xtrons as well, having reception issues with both DAB and FM considering new arial or inline booster I really like the fact it is so customizable I have Tomtom speed on overlay which takes up a widget space , but have to hotspot my phone, started using internet radio as my FM and DAB so poor. Got any hints or tips? I also got there DVR camera costs about £25 it has a slot for a micro SD card for recording plus you can view it on the stereo, works very well
  11. I bought a aftermarket Stereo for my MK 2 Focus, finding the windscreen mounts aren't very good very patchy at best, currently looking for a combined roof mounted one to replace, my FM reception isn't fantastic (common amongst fords). Problem I have is there is very little info about these last thing I want to do it buy one and find it wont work and I also don''t want to spend a fortune on one. Considering this one Combi Aerial not sure to go for one with a inline booster.
  12. Don't see that as being a issue with Amazon they have a no quibble return warranty
  13. Pretty expensive for that one but cheaper on Amazon Android 8 I have been considering these cheaper xtrons.. Android 7.1 And also this slightly better spec Android 7.1 HDMI I would also want DAB which is a extra £56 DAB+ The OBD2 is cheap about £9 but reviews are very mixed OBD2 For me the disappointment is that DAB is not included They also do a reversing camera Camera Again very mixed reviews How to fit aftermarket stereo
  14. As topic I'm looking at replacing the bog standard one, I have been looking at Xtrons but reviews are mixed, so wonder what people have and what experiences, recommendations. Some I have been looking at. Xtrons HDMI Cheaper Xtrons but would need facia adapter Main bad reviews have been due to reliability and long boot up times, but these are mainly for the older models, can't find any reviews on the newer ones. Open to alternatives Thanks!!
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