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  1. I'm getting around 42 - 45 on a mixed route daily commute in my mk8 1.0 140ps st-line. I did try it for a week with the eco button on and got just shy of 40mpg from a tank 🤔. Also find the tank quite small, getting about 350miles out of it compared to just over 400 from my last car (mk7.5 140ps red edition).
  2. I'm absolutely positive you'll luv it Jack, and the 125ps is no slouch either.
  3. Fair point about the 2017 plate Mavroz, keep forgetting 2018 lol.
  4. Yes Jack it's the 140. Having came to this car from a mk7.5 red edition (again 140) they are considerably more different to drive than I expected. The new mk8 just doesn't feel quite as light and sporty, but feels more planted on the road if that makes sense. Overall though it feels like more of a quality product and wouldn't swap it back for my old one.
  5. I have the Red with the black roof/mirrors and love the way it looks.
  6. If the car you received is not how you spec'd it then surely you have the right to refuse it until they can provide you with what you ordered
  7. After reading this thread I thought I'd have a bash at updating my Sync. After update I have Sync v3.0 build 18025. Gracenote v1.1.1.1127 and Nav F6.1, Does this sound about right? All seems to working and no probs so far.
  8. Cheers for the info fordmad12. Sounds like thats £50 down the drain :(. Yeah I did look for Team Heko 3 door ones but like you not had any luck.
  9. Hi all, I got a pair of Climair wind deflectors for my mk8 (3 door) and I'm having problems getting them fitted correctly. It's almost like the upright part of them (close to the mirror) are too long. Has anybody else fitted them and has any advise?