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  1. Hi all! Hope you're all keeping well with the pandemic at our doorsteps! I'm probably being blind again so if I am feel free to point that out! 😂 I can't seem to find a decent starting point for getting an OEM RVC (I don't want to go 3rd party on my mods) on my Mk 3.5 ST3 with Sync 3.4, I've already checked the back and found that Grey plug (If I remember the colour rightly) in the boot but I'm struggling to find part numbers (I've seen way too many at this point), I've also read that they need a module to control them for the "active" parking lines? Unless that's only for the Sync
  2. Yup, ignition on I did, but the only option to do it now would be via another reformat since I can access the setting 😂 It was working originally as I was looking through there to confirm it all updated okay. Its weird right?
  3. Well, I was going to investigate my APIM info today but I can't access the General settings to view anything! Anyone else experienced their General Settings being greyed out? Tapping it doesn't open the menu so it's not a graphical glitch. Very perplexed 🤔
  4. You know what.... I'm not actually sure for this car, the last one I modded into the car was a 2018 Sync 3 but since the car was a 2016 Manufactured and 2017 Registered I'd imagine its a 15/16 version (will confirm later) Its actually showing the radio logos and the fancy blurred background version no problem, the DAB one is "working" but it just shows the radio antennae logo rather than the actual radio logos. Are the DAB logo's locally stored or do they come down as and when you use the stations? I know I'll need to mod the calm screen since pressing the display button on the infotai
  5. Well! I've gone and done it! I noticed all the radio logos have appeared (all except DAB, which is weird? Unless it was DAB that the APIM alteration was referring to (I'll have to give it another look over, can anyone confirm that's what the APIM alterations affect since I'm in the car currently 😂 )) I'm amazed how well it's gone all things considered! I was expecting something to go wrong 😂
  6. I return from the abyss to check up on the progress! How stable are you all finding this? I think I'm ready to take the plunge now that everything seems more stable. Would be jumping up to 3.4.20351 from 3.0.20204 so I know there will probably be some work to do, what's everyone's opinions thus far?
  7. Okay, I'm liking the sound of that! Although given my car is slightly newer than yours I imagine it would sound a bit different (not much but a bit) I'm impressed with Bluefin's expected performance increase! Not something I would've expected! I was going to get my local to do a remap for me since I know a guy around by me who does them on the cheap! I need to have a closer look at K&N, considering thats only a £200 mod for the car I'd be up for doing that pretty soon actually. Yeah, I can see the piping is pretty cheap! Definitely going to look into this for my girl!
  8. Hey all! So I'm back in the tinkering stage and I'm looking for some assistance! Now I am by no means a mechanic so I'm hoping someone on here will be able to help out a novice who only knows the basics! I'm looking to upgrade the exhaust system on my gorgeous Focus ST-3, now I know its by no means the most throaty sounding Ford BUT I love the sound and the feeling from driving it and I want to make her more audible! But I have some conditions to her upgrade (hence the need for peoples knowledge) I want to keep the original Focus ST muffler because I love how it looks!
  9. So I've decided to pop my head around again! I've since upgraded from my 64 Plate focus to a nice shiny 66 plate ST 3 (Tangerine Scream too!) With native sync 3 (all my hard work converting 1.1 to 3 gone! Hope there's someone driving her and appreciating all my hard work! Damn I miss that car) Been following this thread for a little while now, I must say the work you're doing @Luke_Anderson @Tezza and @Phil21185 is extraordinary! You've brought my Sync tinkering itch back and I'm eager to try 3.4, fingers crossed my APIM will hold out on me! You guys got any updates on bugs o
  10. You know.... I swear my car hates me or something. I tried the Nav again today and guess what worked... the ***** turn by turn (I haven't actually changed my as built for the IPC its still set to extended, I was going to do it today but since it worked I left it be) Theres a way to program what type of antenna?! I didn't see this O.O I'm noticing that a few things are changing as I'm using the car actually, I cant imagine the car programming itself but I'm wondering if its pushing changes through the system (I.E. the APIM says turn by turn should work so it forces the data through regar
  11. Well I have returned! Finally got my system to a good.... I dunno 90% working? I've still got some stuff to do to her before she's completely functional, doing the odd tinkering day here and there to adjust the final things. Some things I wanted to ask/mention: What aftermarket GPS antenna did you guys use and where did you put yours??? I'm having all sorts of Nav issues with mine right now and I'm starting to think its an issue with the antenna itself! But the compass in the car is pretty screwy at the moment also. So I'm blaming the antenna and asking what ones you guys
  12. I wonder what on earth caused the Nav fault in the as built I copied then 🤔🤔🤔 I need to figure out what went wrong! And yeah Focccus actually wiped my car's Trip data as soon as it connected and scanned my car so that was fun! 😱😱😱 I need to get my voice calling working! Im wondering if I can just change the value in the Bluetooth section (line 157 I think it was?) to whatever the as built says for the newer car. I'm scarily surprised by how my car was already half done for Sync 3, the whole car is pretty much set up for it minus one or two bits of programming!
  13. Well I fixed the Nav fault, restored her back to what I had originally in the as built data, I swear things just aren't going the way I want them to today!! Clearly programming this in is going to take a while *sigh* Right F*** it I'll revert what I've done for now, come back to it after some research. All this just to get my calls system working again!! 🤬🤬🤬 On a side note.... I swear after resetting the DTC codes or reflashing her or whatever changed, I swear her AirCon is working again and her performance has increased.... don't ask me why but suddenly things have improv
  14. Welp! I'm back from my festival and today was the day I was going to program my car.... BUT when I loaded up FoCCCus and tried to read from the IPC... my car crashed and it said it couldn't read from it... so I'm not going to lie... I'm a little nervous to continue in case I break the damn thing! I managed to load the as built data from a different focus fine but as soon as FoCCCus came out my car was NOT happy haha! Any advice or ideas as to why it would crash my car's on board computers and force a car wide reboot? Another note.... Now I have a navigation fault....
  15. Well.... I can't actually tell whether I do or not xD to be honest I've switched over to CarpPlay for navigation due to the maps being so out of date AND the fact my in car GPS think's I drive through the fields behind me most of the time haha! I'll have to do some diagnosis! Where did you get the updates!? I can't get it passed 2.2 and its bugging me XD Any/all help you can offer for this would be AMAZING! haha! *Pouts with puppy dog eyes* Also, have you run your VIN on Ford's Sync update site? Ford knows I've changed from Sync 1.1 to 3 O.O Big Brother is always watching! I
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