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  1. Do you have a picture of the seats in your car I can't find one anywhere aha
  2. What about the plugs for air bags and that I'm guessing the heated seats won't work anymore either
  3. You will rub on 215s I had a set of st170 wheels on mine and they get caught on the front when you turn I believe as long as they are for fiesta they will fit the standard mounting points and I've got coilovers on mine but now with 205
  4. How did you modify the runners? Would love to put the fronts in my little fez aha
  5. Has anyoneone looked at putting mk2 focus st seats in a mk7 fiesta only asking as have a mate selling his and I have a mk7 fiesta
  6. What sort of things can you do with this?
  7. I use ads stuff on my fiesta proper happy with results if you can get a discount code I recommend there grape snowfoam 👌👌
  8. So I could just straight pipe it instead And it wouldn't affect anything?
  9. Hey I have a mk7 fiesta 1.4 tdci just wondering if this is a resonator or something more important? Thanks in advance 😃😃
  10. Hey I'm Mikey thanks for letting me be apart of this I have a mk7 1.4 tdci fiesta Work at Halfords so all of the rice 😂 Always need help with things
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