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  1. Hi all, This is my 3rd Mk8 fiesta. I have moved from an ST to one of the MHev ones. The new one has all the spec I could wish for, apart from a reversing camera. I know that I am looking at roughly £600 for a factory-like camera to be fitted to the screen. Does anyone have any cheaper options available? I have seen that Motormax make a factory-like camera, is it possible to save some cash by getting a mirror monitor etc for that? Thanks,
  2. Picking the car up on Monday, so I'll be sure to tell you about my experience in terms of the differences, Im looking forward to the difference in power though. My current ST-L is a standard one with a reversing camera, bigger screen and satnav. Not that I ever use the satnav as I'm always using Google maps. The deal was essentially the £1000 Contribution from Ford, with an extra £1500 from the dealer as a loyalty bonus. Mean that there is only a £20 a month difference between the two cars. Also a bit of a strange one in terms of insurance, hastings is actually giving me an £
  3. So I got an email from Ford last week with a very tempting deal, and I have gone ahead and done it. On the 11th I will be collecting my new ST-3. I have not specced any optional extras apart from premium paint. What can I expect moving from the ST-Line 140 to the ST-3?
  4. I got mine installed by a company in Nottingham. I can confirm though, that the plastic trim in the middle section of the boot door does come off and allow you to feed the cable through there. I will try get a picture later today.
  5. The car itself is great, no issues with anything mechanical so far... touch wood. Last summer I had issues with my passenger side window not going back up, basically the window motors are made of plastic and the internal gears had warped in the heat. However, I believe that has been fixed now. I also had some rattle coming from the dash, but the dealership sorted that out pretty quick.
  6. The only real issues I have had have been with the quality of the dash and door cards, there is some audible rattle under acceleration that the dealer assures me is normal. I also had a door window motor go in the heat of summer, they're now made out of plastic so in the heat the gears warp. Had the AA come out to try and fix it and the bloke said it seems to be a real issue with the mk8. Overall it has been a good car so far.
  7. I always thought the beep was to inform you there was an issue locking the car
  8. Yes I do, the way I currently have it hooked up on fuses 3 and 4 is not engaging the parking mode properly.
  9. Thanks, just out of interest. If I was to try and put my permanent line into fuse 20 (the Anti-Theft Alaram Horn) would that be better than the line from fuse 4 (Push button ignition switch)
  10. Good shout! But unfortunately not an option on the interior fuse box.
  11. Hi I trying to work out which fuses are switched and which are live on a MK8 Fiesta. I believe that the Audio Unit is a timed switched live, however are there any that people know are instantly switched? This is currently how I have the hardwire kit wired into the car. (Going to fuse 3 and fuse 4). Thanks
  12. Shame is doesn't instantly feel better. Worst case scenario, it is some nice under bonnet bling?
  13. Thanks for all the replies! I have purchased the A129 Duo this morning as it was on a lightning deal on Amazon. I have also bought the 3 wire hardwire kit. What do I need to get in terms of fuse taps etc?
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