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  1. Recently bought a Mondeo Zetec Nav. Been a saga with the 'Nav' bit - Travelpilot EX. Firstly it was locked and had to be sent away by the garage to be unlocked. However, when it came back three weeks later the code provided by the unlocker did not work. Fortunately I had obtained a code from Blaupunkt which did work. Once unlocked we were able to check if the navigation CD was inside. It wasn't so we've now got a 2009 version of the UK and Ireland maps from Germany. Put it into the Travelpilot EX yesterday and we were prompted to upgrade the software to the latest version which we did. However, now we cannot get the TravelPilot to do anything but demo mode after you accept the warning. The NAV button is missing (we're trying to get one from Blaupunkt but struggling) but if you poke into the hole with a straw the demo mode comes on and nothing else. The soft keys don't work and I don't seem to be able to do anything at all. I don't know if the problem is that the other three corner keys seem to be sticking when you press them in and therefore it's confused. We've got the instructions but once we accept the warning we're straight into demo mode for navigation and that's it. Any ideas where we can get a NAV button (don't suggest Ford, they've been hopeless) other than Blaupunkt? Any ideas on what might be going on with the Travelpilot EX itself? Any help welcomed. The garage (non Ford) are no help at all and I don't really want to have them take it apart .... again.