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  1. i have tried all sorts now to cure this. from a ford pc software update and a remap .it still persists. however. i can pull away slowly at about 1200 rpm or slightly less no issues really or when i rev as was suggested to about 2k then go. that also works. just seems more revs than i avtually want to give. sound like a boy racer. however it has days esoecially hot days and with very hot engine that the problem just dosnt exist at all. its the wierdest thjng. just living with it. apart from that car runs a dream.
  2. i have a 62 plate titanium x estate when i play cd s some display title etc some just say track 6 etc. same on bluetooth connection. some display some dont assume its nothi g to do with sync. more to do with whether cd or track being played has it built in somehow
  3. rob. i see the hexagonal adjusters on both lamps. do u screw them clockwise(down )or anti clockwise(up) to raise the beam slightly so it shines a bit further in front of the car
  4. rob. thankyou. nice to get an honest opinion. i shall indeed try the osram xenarc??.were they a job to fit. did you have to remove headjamp units or if not other bits.
  5. rob. i really cant say. reason im too busy trying to see the road to notice the cut off points etc etc. mine also seem to light up to the side of the road and pavements pretty gud. and the lights when turning corners pretty gud. the high beam when on in conjunction with the xenons are awesome. i get cars miles ahead fladhing me up. but xenons on their own are pretty hopeless in my opi ion. some people say change them coz the lifespan isnt that ling but iv seen posts from others who have say it made no difference. i do a lot of nightime driving and im happier following someone else. iv had other cars with xenons nxt to me and iv looked at their beam and im sure they are better than mine. mayb its just the way they r. hopeless is my answer.
  6. the xenons on my titanium x 2013 model are also in my opion crap. very bright but cant drive fast as cant see the road up in front. normal h7 bulbs seem to be better
  7. which would be the best replacement xenons for my titanium x ford focus. osram phillips etc .its a 2013 model.
  8. i have a titanium x mk3 with factory bi xenons. and to be truthfull apart from looking nice and bright they do nothing to light up the road in front of you when night driving. be betest off not causing yourself ag and just go for osram or phillips upgrade standard fixing bulbs
  9. but surely you still have the dpf in place. it will still clog up as they do. its just that u wont get the light on the dash and limp mode. or am i wrong. the only way dpf can be deleted is by removing it and having it then mapped out.
  10. ill will try the higher revs thing. seems a bit high for pull away tho . but anythings worth a go. thanks dickp
  11. bit hard pulling away on a hill then. i dread hill starts.i try to avoid em. its not right tho is it. it shouldnt be like this. tbere must be a problem. are they all like it. id like to drive a couple to compare
  12. i havnt tried pulling away in 2nd. do you not get the same experience as 1st??
  13. i cant give more revs to pull away. the throttle seems very does wot it wants at lower revs. i tend to have to pull away at just above tickover .slightest touch of tbrottle and revs seem to surge up a bit and then as clutch is being released its like my foot has slipped off tbe throttle and it drops back to tickover. once car is slightly moving causes no problem at all. just the pulling away from standstill.
  14. yeh i proably got a bit carried away with it. iv tried everything suggested now. and no closer to a cure. just gonna have to live with it i suppose. nature of the beast. just makes me wonder tho if its just a few of us with the issue or whether others also have it but dont really realise cos you never see any other posts about it.