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  1. i have a focus titx with quickclear screen. mine disnt clear steamed up inside screen either. and on outside clears ice on passenger side within about 3 mins but longer on drivers side.
  2. i also have the bi xenons on my 62 titanium x. the bright lights look lovely. do they actually light up the road in front of you do they f--k. absolutely hopeless. iv asked for advice on this for a long time and been steered towards the xenarc lasers but told not to get ure expectations up. so for 160 quid or thereabouts to get no noticable difference in lighting i have decided at the moment to put up with it. i do a fair bit if dark driving along m11 a1m etc and am alqays glad to get back on the m25 because most of it is lit up.
  3. iv got a mk3 2.0 tdci 163. i had it remapped last yr. it does more mpgs when driven harder strangely. 90 mph 62 mpg. mines is meant to now be about 196bhp. i suppose it does feel quick but u get used to it and csnt remember what it was like premap. i had a vw passat tdi 130bhp b4 the focus. had that mapped and it flew. much quicker than the focus.also did better mpgs when driven harder
  4. i was just going to buy it for top ups inbetween services as its such a gud price. slightly more than a litre would normally cost
  5. iv just seen an ad for halfords doi g 4 litres af 5w 30w castrol magnatec for stop start diesels. can i put it in my non stop start 2.0 tdci 2012
  6. well thats strange. i thought it was a demister too. the car has an aerial on the roof. so why does it need window aeral as well
  7. thanks guys. yes tom ure right. bluetooth for phone works great and the sony audio system is awesome.
  8. i read a lot about sync on this forum uprading etc. please explain to me . what is sync.
  9. thanks tom. il have a look for the bulbs.
  10. strangely this evening the glow ug light reappeared. issue solved. just the slightly steaming up headlamps to deal with. so any ideas tom??
  11. well. last night i did the hidden menu test. lit up all the dash lights guage sweep etc. the glow plug symbol def lit up then so obviously no prob there. but turned on ign this morning. still no glow lamp symbol on dash. but car still started just fine. finding this very wierd. it has up untill yesterday been lighting up as and when required.
  12. mine had been fairly visual. i used to look for it. in cold weather unless the light was extinguished you could not activate the starter motor. you would press start button and nothing then when extinguished it would start on its own. so i really dont know whats gone on. its another cold night. ill look out for it again in the morni g
  13. thanks for that tomsfocus. i wondered if the light in dash had failed somehow. thought id try going into hidden menu. i.e holding ok button down on left side of steeri gwheel and then pushing start button untill test showed on centre screen. but mine dost do what you tube shows cant get guage sweep or get it to show all leds. that i assumed would show all lights at same time. but mine dosnt do either of these functions. i do t think it be anythibg to do with low battery as only came back from yorkshire last night so should have fairly gud charge.
  14. thanks guys. my glow plug indication has been working all over the colder weather weve been having. today it hasnt shown. and its still not. very peculiar. i shall check the headlamps for some sort of breather bung also.
  15. it was minus 3 this morning. i went to start my 62 plate focus 2.0 tdci. strangely today there was no indicator on the dash. started it anyway no probs. any idea as to why. also my xenon headlamps have decided to condense a bit inside unit. so id like to know how i can cure it if poss. thankyou