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  1. i read a lot about sync on this forum uprading etc. please explain to me . what is sync.
  2. strangely this evening the glow ug light reappeared. issue solved. just the slightly steaming up headlamps to deal with. so any ideas tom??
  3. well. last night i did the hidden menu test. lit up all the dash lights guage sweep etc. the glow plug symbol def lit up then so obviously no prob there. but turned on ign this morning. still no glow lamp symbol on dash. but car still started just fine. finding this very wierd. it has up untill yesterday been lighting up as and when required.
  4. mine had been fairly visual. i used to look for it. in cold weather unless the light was extinguished you could not activate the starter motor. you would press start button and nothing then when extinguished it would start on its own. so i really dont know whats gone on. its another cold night. ill look out for it again in the morni g
  5. thanks for that tomsfocus. i wondered if the light in dash had failed somehow. thought id try going into hidden menu. i.e holding ok button down on left side of steeri gwheel and then pushing start button untill test showed on centre screen. but mine dost do what you tube shows cant get guage sweep or get it to show all leds. that i assumed would show all lights at same time. but mine dosnt do either of these functions. i do t think it be anythibg to do with low battery as only came back from yorkshire last night so should have fairly gud charge.
  6. thanks guys. my glow plug indication has been working all over the colder weather weve been having. today it hasnt shown. and its still not. very peculiar. i shall check the headlamps for some sort of breather bung also.
  7. it was minus 3 this morning. i went to start my 62 plate focus 2.0 tdci. strangely today there was no indicator on the dash. started it anyway no probs. any idea as to why. also my xenon headlamps have decided to condense a bit inside unit. so id like to know how i can cure it if poss. thankyou
  8. why do they look feeble compared with other cars tho. whats wrong or not as gud about focus bixenons. if im liky to be disapointed tberes really not much point in the spend.
  9. iv a 2.0 tdci 62 plate duratorq engine. iv also not heard the fans not smelt the burning smell either. but i was alsodriving bk from north yorkshire using my ondash computer showi g average mpg. going along quite happily at about 70 showi g about 58mpg. then i noticed the mpgs dropping . it dropped to about 42 mpgs . my driving style or speed hadnt changed. the temp had gone up to just u der half from just over a quarter where it usually sits. i assume that was as much info i was going to get about a regeneration taking place. i also dont thi k there is a light on the dash that shows a regen is happening.think mine has what i think is known as a cdpf a coated diesel particulate filter which again i think has less problem than normal older dpf which youres may have.
  10. yes im lead to believe amazon stocks loads of fake d3s type xenon bulbs. iv also been thinking the osram laser but would like a review from someone b4 i lay out the cash
  11. i have a 62 plate titanium x with factory fitted bixenon low beams. i am hoping to replace the standard oem fitted bulbs to try and improve my night time driving. it looks like the best choices are either phillips or osram. at about 160 pounds for the pair id like to make the right choice. has anyone upgraded theirs what difference did it make and was it worth the outlay.
  12. iv the 2.0 tdci 62 plate manual. i travel from kent to yorkshire one a month a round trip of 460 miles. i stick to speed limits mostly as the roads are full of cameras and average speed check areas. i manage very occasionally to hit 60 mpg. usually around 56 . you have no chance of 64. and slightly worse when weather is cooler.
  13. haha. well if they would be no good in fog ill stick to what i have . thanks anyway
  14. the cars a 62 plate titanium x with bixenons. id like to replace the front fog light bulbs as comared to the xenons they look dull and yellow. is there a good replacement for these. think they are a H11 bulb