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  1. how strange is that. last week i also found water on top of battery in same place. how it got there i dont know. its a mk3
  2. just for info. the temp was 5 degrees today and toms suggestion was probably correct. i heard slightly and felt a slight tremor as the air con compressor started. thank goodness for that.
  3. im hoping it will just be the 4 degree thing tom. thanks anyway.
  4. thanks for replys guys. ill get a torch out there later and have a poke around and see what i can see. . its very dark down there.
  5. i have always felt a slight judder on the engine when the climate was turned on. i use it all year round for heating cooling and demisting the car. last wk i noticed on an occasion the rear windows steamed a bit. iv noticed i dont feel or hear the compressor kicking in now. and i cant really test air con coz its far too cold for it.
  6. seems a funny thing for a car to experience but i also did. on passenger side of mk3 estate. same place .the locking mechanism. i wrapped a bit of kitchen roll round the bar and then pushed it hard into locking position. no problem since
  7. so all in all better but not much. shame that. i was really hoping you would notice a great difference
  8. ok. i got in touch with a company on fb that makes retrofit reflectors etc and asked about the possibility of some for my 62 plate titx. they said they are the hardest to fit. headlamp has to be completely dismantled .said in their opinion best i could hope for was to fit the lasers as you have. but not to expect miracles as fords lamps were really rubbish .
  9. iv been waiting for someone to post about changing oen existing xenons to aftermartet osrams . iv been thinking about it for a few yrs. but only ever seen negative replys saying dont bother prob the reflectors burnt out etc. well that may or may not be the case but glad youve mentio ed about noticing an improvement . id like to see youre reply on how they differ and are they any better on dark roads.
  10. agree that petrol and diesels are on their way out . its gonna happen . but for those thinking ill hang on to my petrol or diesel car i reckon the government will have contingency plans. diesel and petrol will rocket in price making it virtually unaffordable and emissions testing will be taking cars off the road left right and centre. i think its a case of get used to it coz its gonna happen
  11. does anyone know if a 2012 focus 2.0 tdci 163 bhp dwc10 engine is fitted with a dpf vapouriser as in a mondeo please.
  12. ill totally agree with tomsfocus. i have a 2012 focus tdci 163. it travels back to and from north yorks regularly from london. i drive it fairly but not overly hard. it has only ever to my knowledge done a regen on one of these journeys. and i only knew that because fuel computer started showing a much lower mpg and the hot burning metal smell . didnt notice fan noise due to speed of car. but have also notice a regen the day or a fouple of days later during a local trip to supermarket. i hear fans then along again with a horrible hot metal smell and i try to leave car engine going whereever
  13. pain in the bum. ivhad lots of different cars. when doors have frozen shut in winter i have literally pulled em open with so much force id thought the handle would come off. but never had a ***** door seal so much as budge.
  14. thanks guys. seems any adhesive then.
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