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  1. thanks for that. you always know what im on about. im sure mine felt gud untill it went to garage. but i may well be mistaken and not really noticed it. .im like that after someones fiddled with it.
  2. my cars a 62 plate 2.0 tdci focus estate. since it went in for a minor service and mot inc front pads i seem to be noticing its become harder to get into certain gears. reverse 1st third usually. have to sort of adjust engine speed and manouvere gear in . garage said its impossible that anything they did went anywhere near the gearbox. having been googling this issue and finding an assortment of answers inc clutch knackered which im pretty sure it isnt not putting clutch pedal to floor when changing etcetc i came across worn or knackered lower gearbox mounting . has anyone come across this?. if so is it easy to replace . i really dont think its a knackered gearbox or clutch as it was as sweet as a nut prior to servicing.
  3. it had front brake pads replaced but not fluid . i just cant think of why anything has changed. clutch feels the same biting point etc.
  4. i had my 2013 2.0 tdci focus motd and serviced 3 weeks ago. since then i think it feels as if i have to manipulate the gears a bit to get them to go in. it used to be a lovely smooth change going to gears up or down . it now seems that i have to work at it occasionally . there is nothing im sure the garage could possibly have done to cause this . i sometimes wonder if its all in my mind. anybody elses gearbox feel like this.
  5. i asked them to check the beam and they said it was ok
  6. i understand what you r saying. so y then does the haeadlamp have an adjustment screw on the rear of the headlamp units
  7. ac oil. well its always on its climate and leave on all the time. however in summer months it pees out with condensation in middle of car. its like a hose sometimes.but bk to now how can i view the headlamp washer bottle.
  8. had wheel off cant see anything wet or oily. lowered engine tray. nothing wet there either. unless water washer bottle has leaked which i cant even see i have no idea. . assume not just water in there so mayb thays dripped a lot and whatevers in it has left a stain i dont know.
  9. i had front pads replaced. iv just had a look under. but cant see anything wet. obviously cant check washer bottle. i think brake fluid would have a distinct smell to it. it smeels and feels nothing. will take drivers side front wheel off today and have a look. worrying
  10. had car serviced and motd last week. have found a stain on block paving now. dosnt smell dosnt feel ouly or sticky but not water as it hasnt dried out. any ideas where it may be coming from
  11. ok. thanks. just thort mine has always seemed a bit low therefore not projecting as far as it could. its in for an mot tomorrow. i will ask them to have a look.
  12. ok. why wont the adjustment throw the beam further. iv always tjort my beam is a tad short.
  13. i am lead to believe i can manually adjust the bi xenons on my titanium x 62 plate by turning the small hexagonal recessed plug on the back of the headlamp unit as you look down on it to give a little more throw on headlamp beam. i adjusted mine one complete turn and tried out. it didnt blind any on coming cars but cant say i noticed any difference. should i adjust a bit more till i start getting flashed and then turn back a little or can the adjustment only be done by machine in a garage
  14. i have tried all sorts now to cure this. from a ford pc software update and a remap .it still persists. however. i can pull away slowly at about 1200 rpm or slightly less no issues really or when i rev as was suggested to about 2k then go. that also works. just seems more revs than i avtually want to give. sound like a boy racer. however it has days esoecially hot days and with very hot engine that the problem just dosnt exist at all. its the wierdest thjng. just living with it. apart from that car runs a dream.