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  1. How many of you have the TMC working on SYNC 3? Is yours TMC with voice warnings? Like “Caution traffic disruption ahead” i have enabled TMC and have the menu but no voice on mine. I heard that sync 3 doesn’t have voice in TMC is that true?
  2. Does anyone know how to enable TMC in Sync3? TMC worked on my Sony (non sync) before I upgraded to Sync 3
  3. I need to dig into what’s causing the voice control to shut off when music/radio is playing.
  4. Yeah you can do a non SYNC. Can’t remember where I bought mine as I did over 9 months ago sorry mate.
  5. Happy days!!!! Emergancy assist now works!!!! Have been listening to “Emergancy call fault, please contact you dealer for service” for six months!!! Had to code the RCM to enable Emergancy calls! 6 months ago I bought a plug and play conversion harness everything worked perfectly except for I now have to find out why voice control doesn’t work with music on. The upgrade from non sync to sync 3 was easy the coding was same as yours
  6. Just tried swapping my audio unit with a sync 3 one and it didn’t work.. 😞 it still did it. Wondering if i need to configure something in FORScan/Focccus
  7. Hey everybody ✌️ I did the Sync 3 upgrade in my 2011 Focus Titanium. Everything works except two (very irritating things 😞) 1: Emergancy call, whenever I start my car it says “Emergancy call fault, please contact your dealer for service... 1a) HOW can I fix this problem! It’s driving me crazy 😕 2) voice control, when music is played it doesn’t work, if I turn off audio (by pressing the button in the rotary knob) it works but it’s muted no audio.... 2a): how do I fix this? Do any of you have similar problem? ***Eve
  8. I have a focus mk3 titanium. I dont have rear tweeters. Can that be added plug and play? Like is there wiring from factory or do you need to make a soldering from rear speaker?
  9. Camera is not oem btw. Don’t know if that’s has something to say. My friend have a mk3,5 and have installed the same not OEM camera in his and he got the little car with sensors. So I should also be able to do it right?
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