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  1. AshleighKA

    Brake Calipers

    Morning everyone, I am currently planning on changing my brake callipers and have them bright red. Does anyone know of anywhere that sells these pre-painted? I can't say I'd be very good with a spray can and I can't seem to find anywhere that offers them with the red finish. Thanks!
  2. AshleighKA

    How many miles?

    Thanks Delboy, Luckily I’m always a tank filler and panic the moment I see the light on! I’m glad I have some kind of idea now, just for peace of mind!
  3. AshleighKA

    Ford KA Street ICE

    I really like the smaller wind deflectors, where did you get this one? Does it still have an as bigger impact as the deflectors that run all the way along? :)
  4. AshleighKA

    How many miles?

    Hi everyone, I'm getting a little more used to my SteetKa, I have had it a week now. The petrol light came on earlier, so I suddenly wondered... does anyone know roughly how many miles are left in the tank before the car totally runs out of petrol? I can't seem to find much info online so I thought I would ask the forum. Thank you.
  5. AshleighKA


    Hi Delboy, Thanks for your help. I didn't want it to slip around like the last one. Thanks for the link, I'll have a look now.
  6. AshleighKA


    Hi everyone, Just purchased a StreetKa, however, there is peeling on the steering wheel so I need a new wheel cover. The previous owner had a leather wheel cover on it but it was WAY to loose. Does anyone know the exact measurements of the wheel, I have measured it a few times and it seems to be just under 370mm. Does anyone recommend any wheel covers in particular and the best measurements? Thanks!
  7. AshleighKA

    Streetka Soft Top Rear Window

    Thanks Stoney871 that’s great help. :)
  8. AshleighKA

    Buy StreetKa or StreetKa Luxury?

    I would go with whichever one has the least rust, as this is quite an important factor with KA’s. Good luck!
  9. AshleighKA

    Streetka Soft Top Rear Window

    I am having mine replaced this Saturday too as I bought my StreetKa with a damaged rear window. Mines going to cost £175, does anyone have any advice on how to care for the new one better than the last owner did? Does anyone have any tips and tricks?