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  1. I think I've seen these fail MOT so I believe you'll need to switch these out
  2. I have a black edition, I think it's running 17 inch wheels, might be wrong, but it is pretty hard when going over any potholes and speed bumps. Fine on normal roads though so doesn't really bother me.
  3. Hi, Looking to buy a sunstrip for my Fiesta Black edition. Never had one before, so wondering if theres anything I need to be careful of and wondering where I can get one that wont peel and make a mess! Obviously dont want it catching on my wipers either. Can anyone recommend anywhere?
  4. I've got Autobeam interior lights and the bulbs for the rear plate. Great once they're in but I did have a bit of trouble getting some of the 501 bulbs into the interior roof lights.
  5. I thought it was the secondary pipe that would make the most induction noise but I stand to be corrected... Not sure you'll see a massive difference without changing the filter at all. Probably worth fitting a K&N panel filter as well or something similar if you're keeping your standard airbox.
  6. Only thing I would be thinking of that significantly increases BHP would be a remap. Increase of around 35bhp, do you have any idea how much additional this would cost (estimate) or do you not count that as 'significant'?
  7. Dan - My renewal is up at the end of October and I'm looking to add some mods to my car after this time. I should have 1 years no claims, what are you guys like when it comes to mods? Heard a few people say you are welcome to modding but not sure what your prices are like?
  8. Won't they charge me to put it back to standard and then put the map on again?
  9. Have a black edition and they squeak all the time. Seem to do it when there's a lot of dust in them. If you give them a good jet wash when you wash your car it seems to go away for a bit, but mine gets worse after it starts to get dirty.
  10. Restarting a very old thread here but looking at remapping my Black edition. I will probably fit some sort of induction kit or intake beforehand (Forge or Airtec I'm looking at so far), just a little worried about reliability of the engine afterwards as 170bhp from a 1l engine sounds a little mad to me. It would also void my warranty but I can't justify the prices of the mountune stuff... How has everyone got on with remapping to the bluefin tune? Has MPG changed a lot? Any feedback would be appreciated
  11. Thanks both. I will give them a try. I might try some T-Cut just to see how good I can get it. Can probably remove the small scuff with some.
  12. Do you not think it'd be better to try it myself since its an area that you probably won't see considering the price? I might have to consider paying that then!
  13. Hi, Looking for some advice. Kerbed my front bumper this morning parking somewhere I don't usually park and not paying attention to how high the kerb was. Just been quoted £200 to get it repaired. I don't feel the damage is that bad. A small(ish) scuff on the left side, scuffed the red front splitter and a small finger nail size chip on the right side (see photos). Anyone have any advice on the best way to repair it and if it is something I could do myself? Scuffs don't seem too deep. Thanks!
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