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  1. They both claim 130% - if I'm honest, I'm half hoping that the Osram don't last long, so I can try both. I couldn't justify £50 to myself "just to see" and I was in a tight mood yesterday so I went for the cheaper of the two. I know that as long as the Osrams work, it will bug me that I don't know if the Philips ones are better. Then, when they DO go bad, I'll get the Philips ones, and then it will bug me that I can't be sure whether they're better than the ones I had before. There's only one possible solution, I need to buy a second car so I can try them side by side.
  2. Damn Tom, you're too late :) Already ordered the Osram. Still, it's only a few £ so if I'm not entirely happy, or if it doesn't last long, I'll order the Philips one instead, and I'll invoice Jonro for bad advice, and sue him for emotional trauma. Thank you!
  3. Well the specs are the same, the reviews are the same, but the Osram are 30% cheaper, which I suppose fits perfectly with your view. I wonder if the Philips last exactly 30% longer... I wasn't sure if these fancy bulbs were just a marketing gimmick, but in the 38 minutes since I asked the question, 100% of respondents have recommended these two brands, so I've ordered the Osram and will give them a try. Thanks, you're awesome ☺️
  4. Hi. Sorry to ask something which must be asked a lot, but I did TRY to search, and couldn't figure out how to narrow my search to find an answer, and Google brings up far too many options and confuses me! I have a 2009 Focus, and the headlights aren't great. Driving on unlit roads is scary, I feel like I can only see a few metres in front of my car. The lights are all working, I don't think there's a problem, I just think they're a bit poor. I use my high beam a lot on unlit roads, and in some other cars I've had, I've never had to use the high beam at all. So I want to upgrade them. But
  5. Hi everyone. I'm sorry to ask a question that must be asked all the time, I have had a look on Google but I wanted to trust the experts. I recently bought a 2009 Focus, it's got the little inserts in the roof, a panel that you take off with the key or a screwdriver and reveals what appears to be bare metal underneath. I've learned that it isn't necessarily bare metal, and I need to scrape away to revel the anchor points. But my questions are: What are the cheapest roof bars I can get that will fit? What weight will they carry? As I said, I'm sure this is here before, maybe
  6. Hi there. I'm sure this has been asked a thousand times, but I honestly couldn't find the answer. So I measured. Please see attached boot dimensions with the seats down. This is a 4 door mk2 2010 Focus, not sure how applicable these numbers are to other models. I tried to show the front to back, width at the bottom (if you're putting plywood sheets in), width at the narrowest part (if you're putting boxes in) and height. All of these should be the measurements which will allow the boot to close. If this is useful to just one single person in the rest of time, I'm glad I did it. And i
  7. Congratulations mate. I can see how frustrating this must have been, nobody likes arguing with car dealers, or feeling like they've been duped. Glad you managed to get it all sorted without paying, you've done well to keep up the fight. The wheels look awesome!
  8. Hi everyone. I decided not to take the risk, so I've finally bought a car - a boring old 1.8 Zetec from 2010. Not as fun as the 170, but its a hell of a lot more fun than the Fiat 500 go kart I've been driving for 6 months, so I'm excited to get it! Picking it up later today.
  9. Thanks Damian. I have been coming to that conclusion myself, but wanted a bit of reassurance from those who know. Like you say, it's the LACK of information which is reassuring! Normally I would say an owners club is a terribly biased view, but people on here don't seem to be afraid of bashing Fords if they deserve it. I'm sure this place would be filled with warnings if it was a bad idea. Of course I've found lots of posts about nightmare cars, but pick any make and model that's 15 years old and you're bound to get some of that!
  10. Hi everyone. You might recognise me as the company-car-driver who bought a 1.6 LX for £250 having never owned a car, got very excited, then failed its MOT and scrapped it. 😞 However, the experience was enough to make me decide that a Focus is the car I want. And I'm considering getting an ST170. I hope this "should I buy" kind of post is OK here... You lot were really pleasant and helpful before, so I'd appreciate your advice. (Going on the flattery-will-get-you-anywhere theory...) Going rate seems to be about £1300-1600, mileage about 100-140k. A fair few of them on Autotrader. But
  11. This is very interesting. Sorry I've been quiet for a while, been busy looking for a new car! Strongly considering a ST170, but thats a topic for a different discussion... All this stuff which is "worth a lot" - how do you sell it, on eBay? I get parts like the cat converter and the battery, but when you talk about aluminium are you talking about selling it as scrap metal? And the wiring - do you mean selling it as a Ford Focus wiring loom, or just as lengths of wire or as scrap? I've found a place which will pick it up for £130 "regardless of condition" as long as all 4 wheels are o
  12. Wow, thanks everyone. I was expecting something along the lines of "You're a total idiot and this is a stupid idea stop being stupid and buy a real car hahaha lol" I'm pleased to see this is a forum with a lot more positivity, a lot more friendly attitude and a lot more punctuation than some others I frequent! Thanks everyone, reading your responses made me smile. I love this in particular: It's a new business, so it is not yet self-sustaining. I very much hope that one day soon I'll be very busy indeed, and making a living. Then, soon after that, I'll employ people to do all
  13. Just in case anyone else comes across this post, I checked and it would cost about £75 for the year. The rep told me learners are cheap, but new drivers are expensive. So it's £75 now, but if/when she passes her test, it will be £400 if I want to add her. Just information. It bugs me a little when people post a question and then don't post the answer when they find it.
  14. Hello! The car which I have owned for a month just failed it's MOT. And when I say failed, I don't mean it got a question wrong. I mean it didn't bring a pen, and it fell off it's chair before the exam started. So it is probably now worthless. And I'm considering breaking it. It seems like it would be an interesting thing to do. I'm a classic car nut with some limited knowledge of cars and mechanics, but mostly from the pre-electronic era (I have a 1973 MGB). I am prepared to listen to the "don't do it!" responses, I'm not saying this is definitely happening. But please consider that
  15. Hi everyone. Just looking for a vague idea, I know I can get a quote but esure (my insurer) are closed, and I'm impatient. Just want to know roughly what to expect. I'm a former company car driver, so I had trouble getting a decent quote for insurance because I have no driver history. Don't talk to me about getting a letter from the lease company, they were utterly useless and I'll get angry if I start moaning about them. Eventually got a quote for about £250, which is what I paid for the car! I want to help a friend learn to drive. She's 37 or 38, had a provisional for years but has
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