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  1. Could it be tyre tread maybe? Some offers quiter movement but not a lot of it depending on where/how you drive.
  2. You really are living the dream here! I can't express how envious I am of you and your travels, this is something which I absolutely want to go out and do at some point in my life.
  3. Hi, congratulations! I'm sorry that I don't have a classic Ford however I really hope you can find someone who does. I'm sure the wedding day will be amazing!
  4. It's always good to see the youth getting creative and making something positive! I see far too many youngens nowadays who are lost with no sense of direction and end up going down the wrong path. Good on your daughter mate! Creativity is a blessing
  5. Please be careful if you are trying to have your vehicles transported everyone, my boss has recently had his motorcycle stolen and I have been asked to share this website which was created just to warn people not to work with "Jaclis Transport". The link to the website is: http://www.briancanning.co.uk/ Please share this with or inform anyone who is thinking of having their vehicles transported as you could be the difference between property being stolen and property being saved.
  6. I always try to look for different products every time when buying detailing gear, I'm sort of on a hunt for the best of the best. My most recent purchase was some of this chemical guys VRP dressing bought from the RAC shop over at https://www.racshop.co.uk/extreme-vrp-dressing2-vinyl-rubbertireplastic-restorer.html . Probably one of the better products I've used for dressing my tyres compared to a lot of other brands, gives a very full finish. however I understand it can be used on int. and ext. plastics too so maybe better to look for something specifically for tyres if that's what you're lo
  7. Unquestionably and without a doubt: https://www.asdatyres.co.uk/bridgestone/potenza-re050a/205-40-17-84-w-xl-potenza-re050a every time. OEM for my car and some of the most reliable tyres I've driven on. I'm quite surprised Bridgestone didn't get more votes if I'm honest.
  8. Too right, there needs to be some sort of punishment for drivers who act like that. It's ridiculous. Speaking on the matter actually, my girlfriend was in a 4-car car crash somewhere along the A19 yesterday, all because of a tailgater. Needless to say I was livid when I found out. And for some reason you typically fall victim to tailgating a lot less when driving a sportier car. I'm not saying I'm exempt, but people seem to do it less nowadays. It's just an ST-2 that I drive now, deters a lot more tailgaters than my old banger did way back in the day haha.
  9. Tailgaters. Nuff said. Doesn't really happen to me anymore with the car that I drive, but these monsters were the bane of my existence when I first started driving.
  10. Sorry for not seeing this reply George! Stupid notification didn't come through... Peterlee's not all that bad, smallish town centre but it does have character. Only thing is if I'm ever there and need to post something I always end up buying a Subway every time haha Re good drives around County Durham, where do I start! My favourite (but definitely most costly) route is from Newton Aycliffe > Barnard Castle, up Stanhope way and then > Consett. All the different twisty and windy routes you can take in between each destination make for some thrilling journeys! Also, you w
  11. Oh wow..... That is... something else 😆 must be compensating for something
  12. Apologies if this is already a thread. I've had a rather long day so I'm after a bit of light-hearted humour (preferably without offending anyone). So, what are the worst mods you've ever seen on a car that you can think of? Feel free to post pictures to increase the comedy value. 🤣
  13. https://www.express.co.uk/life-style/cars/986045/car-air-conditioning-poisonous-toxic-particles-emissions Just another example of the media completely blowing something out of proportion for the sake of making a story or an actual worthwhile topic which should be looked at carefully and with much concern? Either way I tend to try and avoid using the air con in my car if possible. If I'm not going down a motorway, it's an open-window job for me. 😶
  14. Welcome to the forum! I live in County Durham myself, which part are you from? Some absolutely stunning drives around the place, we're lucky to live here!
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