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  1. Hi guys, I have a problem with my red edition fiesta, my car was involved in a bump before Christmas and I had to have - offside lower arm, inner tie rod and track rod end replaced. Now I've had a popping metal noise when braking occur for a couple months now and I had the brake pads and discs changed yet the sound remained, so today I've had the shock absorber and top mount replaced and yet the sound is still occuring when braking? Any advice you could give me?
  2. The brake noise is back again. I've ordered some EBC greenstuff pads and will change them next week.
  3. Update- the noise is back. Am I safe to assume as I've had new discs I should replace the pads and see if that works?
  4. It all happened from that 1 kerb accident 😂
  5. Appreciate that, how can I remedy that front left wheel camber?
  6. I've had a wheel alignment done and I have a negative camber as shown below. Is this normal or can it be fixed?
  7. Update - Car was in at trustford. They've cleaned the brakes since there was a score mark on the disk... the previous garage replaced the discs but not the pads... idiots and the noise is gone for now, bare in mind it's only been about 10 miles since I've picked the car up. The top mount they said was noisy as when turning there is a noise but because it isn't failing they won't replace under warranty. The plastic on top of the shock absorber is broken but they have told me that it's not an issue as it won't cause any damage. Overall it hasn't been very productive but as long as the creaky noise is sorted I'm happy. Will update if the noise continues. Appreciate all your assistance.
  8. Cars in at trustford tomorrow so hopefully I'll be noise free afterwards...
  9. This is what the garage did.
  10. I'll Jack my car back up at lunch and show you what I'm on about but this white part is half sheared off.
  11. Hi mate, jacked the car up at lunch and span both tired and both seemed fine to me, no movement or roughness. I did spot something with the shock, the white plastic bit was half snapped. I'll add a picture later, could this be the cause of the creaking noise when slightly braking?
  12. Car is booked in to Ford on Wednesday so will update on what they say.
  13. Am I meant to hear something wrong with the bearing or will the wheel just wobble?