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  1. Woods1997

    Vibration through steering wheel

    Wheels are all in the same position as before. If it helps the vibration is more noticeable at around 35-40mph onwards.
  2. Had a couple wheels balanced before I took it to a garage to have my brake/brake drums looked at and cleaned and after getting my car back there is a vibration through my steering? Should I get my wheels balanced again?
  3. Woods1997

    Brake issue

    Recently smashed up my suspension and have had it all replaced. I've noticed lately that when slowing down at slow speeds 20mph and slower when I apply a little force to the brake that a squeak starts and it almost sounds like rubbing after each turn of the wheel? Anybody guess what the issue is?
  4. Woods1997

    Mk 7.5 red edition brakes issue

    Not a problem with the brakes themselves it's the ***** squeal everytime I touch the brakes, it's ear piercing.
  5. Woods1997

    Mk 7.5 red edition brakes issue

    It's 2016, 20k miles on the clock.
  6. Bought a zetec s red edition last week and ever since the brakes have been squealing whenever i tap the brake. Rang the ford dealership and they said do 100 miles and if it's still happening give us a call. I'm currently at 260 miles on the trip and they're exactly the same, are they fine to be sorted on the warranty?