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  1. James Drebin

    Hi from Durham !

    Good grief, a P1? That's some mythical creature business, right there! In my youth I saw a McLaren F1 in deep Navy Blue, which to this day I still think is one of the coolest looking cars out there. The ST-2 sounds ace - and that molten orange colour is brilliantly loud, I love it! It must be so nice to know you've got the top thoroughbred of the lot, too. If money were no object, I would of course have gone the full ST route in some manner or another. Even though I "settled" for the ST-Line, I still couldn't live with going for a smaller engine, so it had to at least be the 140PS variant.😉 It's lovely to drive, so smooth and well-poised. Mind you, I came from a 16 year old 2002 Yaris T-Sport, and I was the 7th owner, so of course a brand new 2018 car was going to be a quantum leap forward. I do love how much grunt she has as soon as the turbo kicks in. Proper little neck-snap! Although I've been driving with the turbo-delaying "EcoSelect" mode on with my latest tank of fuel, just in order to see how much difference it makes. It's certainly less fun, I can tell you! Btw, my father lived in Durham for a decade back in the late 90s/mid 2000s. Was a truly wonderful county, wish he'd never moved, to be honest!
  2. James Drebin

    A quick intro

    Absolutely just as good! Plus your Deep Impact Blue is a sought-after colour that isn't available on the newer models any more, I think. I know what you mean about the bigger cars. They're not much more fun, and have so many down sides. ST-Line all the way! And yes, I get looks and double-takes, too. Especially from other Fiesta and Focus owners. Most look curious, but I actually had one bloke nod slowly in approval, which made me crack up! 😄
  3. James Drebin

    Long time owner new member

    Haha, that's epic - no aircon or electric windows, either. It's like Paleo-driving. Plus it looks so different externally, you'd hardly know it was the same model of car. So funny how body shapes change through the years. I think Fiestas have gone from being quite angular to extremely rounded and back again several times since then!
  4. James Drebin

    Hey from Mansfield

  5. James Drebin

    Hi from Durham !

    Yup, it's difficult to commit to walking when you could be cruising along in glorious aircon comfort, with CHILL on the DAB radio. Even for those 5 minute journeys! So, what's your ST-2 like? What colour and extras does it have? What's the thing you love the most about it? RE: Astons, I actually had a dark grey V8 Vantage glide past me the other day, and I don't mind admitting it caused me to let out the kind of noise I might make when having some "personal time" with a female companion. It was just beautiful to see in the wild.
  6. James Drebin


    Hey Kyle, welcome! Why not check out the dedicated wanted forum here: Wanted Forum I'm sure someone there might be able to keep their eyes peeled for you. :-)
  7. James Drebin


    Why not post a picture of it? Would be interesting to see! Welcome to the community. :-)
  8. James Drebin

    Hey from Mansfield

    ^ What they said. Welcome, Becky! What colour is your ST? How long have you had it?
  9. James Drebin

    Long time owner new member

    Hey Anythony, welcome! Wow, a 1981 Fiesta? That's more or less as old as I am, give or take a few years! Must be an entirely different feeling to drive that, compared to driving a modern Ford. What's it like?
  10. James Drebin

    MK8 fuel economy

    Oh it's amazing what the Yaris could do if you were brave enough to ignore the sound of what can only be described as the tearing of space and time itself. I actually got my Yaris up to 115mph on several occasions, as I have a few arrow-straight, always-empty, connective country roads on my daily route. It was exciting knowing that were I to hit even a Malteaser-sized pebble in the road, I would likely become very airborne and very famous, very quickly. Fortunately I knew my limits, and only attempted runs like that on perfectly dry, totally traffic-free days. Anyway, yes, extremely pleased with the step-up in quality and comfort. Even though I did have a few slight disappointments at the start, which I've posted about here: Buying A New MK8 ST-Line - Three Minor Dealership Issues
  11. Hi gang, I posted this mini-story about the purchase of my new car over in the introductions forum when I joined, but since no one really goes in there (and it isn't really a good place for discussion), I thought I'd replicate the bit about my experiences with the dealership here. They were all minor problems, but I did rather expect a flawless experience when dropping a wad of cash on something brand new, especially when doing so at a main Ford dealer, you know? There were three minor hiccups: So, despite the disappointing start, things seem to be ok now, and I am still very happy to have joined the Ford party! Has anyone experienced similar issues when buying new from a dealership? I'd be interested to know! ~ James
  12. James Drebin


    Welcome! That photo is nicely framed - love the deep blue of the car vs the light blue sky. :)
  13. James Drebin

    New Member

    Welcome, Dave!
  14. James Drebin

    Hi from Durham !

    Hey Mike, welcome to the forum! 2018 ST-Line 140PS here. I bet your ST-2 is a heck of a lot of fun to drive. Dream cars? Well, if it had to be a Ford, then why not go mental and pick the 2018 Ford GT. Non-Ford, though, and I'd have to say pretty much any modern Aston Martin. There's something about the shape of the grilles I love - partly why I like the facelifted Fords so much, really!
  15. James Drebin

    A quick intro

    Same - I got a 2018 ST-Line 140PS, and it's an absolute riot! 😄 Anyway, welcome to the forum!