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  1. Don't worry - give it time and it will! :-)
  2. Ello George, welcome to the forum, nice to see you here. How are you enjoying the new wheels? All good so far?
  3. Hey Bryan, welcome to the forum! Pardon for being nosey, but what do you do that requires a diesel? Is it just a lot of travelling and thus you need something that doesn't burn through the fuel so much?
  4. Good stuff, Marc, sounds like you've picked yourself a nice ride there! Welcome to the forums, look forward to seeing you on the other subforums! ~ James
  5. Welcome Velgran, good to have you here!
  6. Another James, lol! Welcome to the forum, and I'll look forward to seeing your posts out on the other subforums soon! :)
  7. Hey Alistair, great to have you here! How are you both finding your new wheels? All well and good? Will look forward to seeing you around the other busier forum sections soon. :-) ~ James
  8. Hi Kieran! Like @dezwez says - your best bet is to post your required parts list in the Parts Forum: https://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/forum/99-wanted/ Good luck!
  9. Hi Andrew, welcome to the forums! Wow, 200k travelled in your last car, eh? I'd imagine it was somewhat strange bidding her goodbye and starting again in something newer!
  10. Hi Neil, good to have you here. I think this place is pretty active. Well, certainly the main forums; nowt much goes on in the new members threads, so best to get stuck in on the other subforums. Enjoy! :)
  11. Hi Ivan, good to have you here! Enjoy getting stuck into the main forums! :)
  12. Awkward glances are exchanged. "Curb Your Enthusiasm" end theme plays out. 😄
  13. I keep having random AC and/or blower activation. I mean, not constantly, but there are multiple occasions where I swear I haven't touched a thing, only to find the AC is now magically operating when all I wanted was the blower, as well as sometimes seeing that air recirculation is on/off when I don't remember setting it to be so. I was just imagining my new car was haunted. Would be good to know if there's some normal behavioural routine in action that I've yet to figure out, though!
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