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  1. Mine started doing similar in my Titanium X many moons ago, it was dirty contacts. There are guides out there about how to take the steering wheel apart, without removal, get the wee buttons off and give them a good clean 🙂
  2. The contacts can get dirty, mine was near unresponsive when I took it out and cleaned it all.
  3. seems ok to me unfortunately.
  4. Easiest way to reset everything is to disconnect the battery for a while. Obviously this wont reprogram anything, but it will be starting afresh.
  5. I did it, the files used to be found on here somewhere or other. Sadly Ford don't provide a change log, and to be honest, I never noted any differences. I simply assumed newer was better.
  6. I never managed to suss out the voice, so I just left it without. I have 2 cars now, both with sat nav and the first thing I do is disable the voice.
  7. Ford does, but no idea of the part number. eBay, If you know what you are looking for.
  8. I did like the heated steering wheel on a loaner Vignale I had. Best most useful feature is probably the heated windscreen.
  9. Try a different browser. This happened to me a while ago using Firefox, so I use Chrome when going to ETIS now.
  10. I think I would return it, the UK isn't short of Fiestas to pick from as a new one.
  11. You have it sussed, a Titanium is what you need. For 6000 miles I'd stick to petrol, less to go wrong. I'd need to be doing 20k miles to make diesel justified.
  12. 🙂
  13. How do they know they were factory fitted? Actually, silly question.
  14. Explain? Mine went to Ford for its MOT and Service and nothing was said. As far as they, or anyone else, would be concerned is that the car never came with TPMS. What about the millions of cars on the road without TPMS? I'm confused.
  15. The tyre pressure monitoring can be a right faff. Can be disabled using Forscan, which is nice!