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  1. I couldnt get auto lock to work with my mk7.5 😞
  2. If it sounds bad, it's probably far too loud. Do people dance in the street as you go by?
  3. Zetec, it should only be that strip. If it was a Titanium, the cup holders would have a wee red glow also.
  4. Will need to get the SD Card also for the maps, that doesn't seem to come with one.
  5. Im not sure about the wiring either, but I'm pretty sure it needs programmed. That could either be officially at Ford, or using ForScan.
  6. Just the K&N filter which came as a freebie with the Bluefin. Nothing else yet, might get a larger intercooler at some point, will see!
  7. I have had Bluefin on my 1.0 125ps for over a year now, it's been excellent!
  8. Hey all, If you have a obd2 reader and forscan (either on Android or a Windows based laptop) there is a great attribute which can be monitored, its called Battery State of Charge. It seems that my car stops stop starting when the batter is displaying a SOC% of =< 65%, it tends to get this way after my short trip to work after a couple of weeks. Anything higher and it works as desired. Saying that, I have never seen it hit 90% or higher. I'm pretty sure this attribute is a guesstimate, but it works for me!
  9. If I could find a source off 91, it wouldnt be going in my car. I'm far from a fuel snob, but if says 95 > then thats what its going to get.
  10. Never heard of driveshaft issues, got any links or more information?
  11. Maybe it's been too polished in the past and removed or damaged the laquer.
  12. Should be 40mpg, give or take 2/3mpg in either direction.
  13. GDPR hasn't killed all chances of information, the DPA was already in place.
  14. They do, bit usually a valid reason is needed. I want to buy this car usually isn't enough for them.