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  1. craig26283

    Red Edition Fiesta MPG

    Sounds about right to be honest.
  2. craig26283

    Ecoboost engine cover

    I have one for my mk7.5, as mentioned it was slipped in tight under the air duct. I'd have assumed the mk8's were the same, but maybe not!
  3. craig26283

    TPMS/DDS Questions

    Sometimes I find disconnecting the battery for a minute or so helps. Mine still showed TPMS when I turned it off using ForScan, but went away after I disconnected the battery.
  4. craig26283

    Fiesta ST MK8 tyre pressures

    The correct pressures will be on the inside of the door, or in the manual. Probably both.
  5. craig26283

    Should I go for 1.0 EB?

    No car is safe from potential problems. Get the 1.0 EcoBoost and enjoy it, fun engine and the 7.5 Fiesta is a hoot to kick about in.
  6. Lots of mine is misconfigured also, any side effects from changing them all to as actual spec? Interesting about the test, I'll try it when in the car shortly and see what happens. I didn't need a new Bluetooth/sync module, so I haven't replaced mine. Track info etc was ok. I have updated the system to the most recent version tho, 5.9 I think. I like playing around with things, seems you do too!
  7. Ours will always be the squares sadly, the new mk8 touch screens can be changed to the ford, fiesta st, etc. logos.
  8. I have no idea sorry, didn't know there was a radio test. Mine seems to be working fine, so haven't needed to go looking. What problems are you having that it needs tested?
  9. craig26283

    2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    Yeah I know they are different things, I was meaning that I can see failures all over the internet about the brittle plastic cooling expansion tank pipe. Yet I can't see anything about these metal pipes and actual failures.
  10. craig26283

    2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    Anybody on here? I see lots about a brittle pipe on the Focus ecoboost engines and plenty of evidence that that was the failure. Yet struggling to find any actual failures from this 'problem' on the 1.0 ecoboost engines.
  11. craig26283

    Fiesta Mk7 / Mk8? Heaters Poor

    Mine is warm pretty much right away, but my Titanium X seems to have the auxiliary PTC heater in the mix.
  12. craig26283

    2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    Has anyones car actually failed from this 'problem' so far?
  13. craig26283

    Fiesta 7.5 DRL LED Headlight Swap

    Couldn't Forscan be used to reprogram the correct light settings. I'm sure I seen a configuration for that when enabling sat nav and disabling that pesky up gear indication.
  14. craig26283

    Unresponsive Steering Wheel Controls

    Just the plastic thing, didn't touch the air bag 🙂
  15. craig26283

    Unresponsive Steering Wheel Controls

    I simply pulled the thing out of the steering wheel, took it apart, cleaned it and put it back together!