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  1. CordonFreeman

    Low rpm loud noise (pls help)

    Exactly like u said.. we got same problem. Did u check what this can be... everything i found on my car is some minimal click when i push engine up and back with my hands. Going to remove heat shields from exaust manifold to check for damage or leak.
  2. U have on yt how to place elastic belt without kit, its easy but u can do this only on crankshaft, i did on mine 1.4 zetec many times
  3. CordonFreeman

    Low rpm loud noise (pls help)

    i have Fiesta 2010 1.4i Zetec There is some bad noise with car i cant solve, i got some mechanics and they dont know what this can be I got strange rattling coming from engine place only on 1200 - 2000 rpm and only when accelerating, on idle no noise, gearbox shifting. clutch engine working fine with no any issue or strange sound.. . I made some videos from engine place and from interior, i hope someone can hlp with that This one is recorded in battery box near gearbox, problem is from 0:05 to 0:08 second gear accelerating and more noticable 0.10 to 0.14 3rd gear ... u0-6u_zpQQ and this one is car: - vol up this is second gear only There is one recorded from window, just dont mess up with wind noise