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  1. If u have air in line u have to bleed it, filling fluid wont fix that, this is not hard to do... What engine and year is this Fiesta? Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  2. Check brake fluid, probably car got some air in clutch slave cylinder... i dont think is a serious problem...
  3. Hi guys, i have some problems with 170k km fiesta titanium 1.4 96ps High pitch whistle under acceleratio n in about 2.5 and 4+ rpm... only under when i press gas pedal and engine is working hard... its loud and, also i can little hear it when rev engine in neutral but i cant figure where from its coming.. only thing i can see "wrong" is exaust flexible pipe making some "ssshhshss" noise when i moving it...this is not an gearbox issue beacuse i can hear it with cluth in... any ideas? I tryed vacum leak start test, checked exaust shields etc.. water pump and timing belt are new... Another problem is rattle / chatter or something like that if i accelerate/press gas hard from 1 to 2 k rpm...(sounds exactly like lightwheel flywell chatter videos on youtube from 1 to 2k rpm under load only) but this car doesnt have lwfw... and i think this is gearbox issue because i can hear some noise from gearbox when start endgine with clutch depressed in neutral, gearbox is making some "grrr.." noise there is link i recorded, u can hear that strange Grrr noise when engin start and stop: Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  4. Trow bearing on fiesta petrol is always on preasureplate and its spinning allways, with pressed clutch or not its spinning
  5. U can fix this in 10 mins if u know how... Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  6. Top is not in line Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  7. This is not a problem, this can be adjusted in 5 min...
  8. Hi, i got problem with gearbox (grindling rattling noise in 2,3 and 4 gear under load from 1 to 2k rpm) on 170k km on 1.4 16v zetec fiesta 2010. Can i use gearbox from fiesta 1.25? My gearbox part no is 8A6R 7002 JA (1.4 petrol fiesta) can i swap him with 8A6R 7002 JE from 1.25 petrol fiesta? What mean (what is diference) JA vs JE Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  9. Also u can get airbag light on because of diference of sensors in seat... that i got on my fiesta 2004 Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  10. In my country (Serbia) price for used gearbox is about 100 euro, i can swap gearbox, i did it before on another fiesta, but i am not 100% sure its damn gearbox problem... This is my problem, recorded from battery box, its sound different in car Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  11. I cant hlp u but i have to say that i have similar rattle noise on my fiesta 2010 1.4 petrol engine from 1300 - 2200 rpm and only under load. i cant fix this for long time.. that noise i can hear sometime when i start engine with depressed clutch in neutral. For me its probably gearbox... Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  12. I rly cant fix this, looks like there no solution Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  13. I have 1.4 petrol 2009 Fiesta and i got strange rattle seems from gearbox only when accelerating 1000 - 2200 rpm i any gear, also i got this sound when i start engine with depressed clutch its rattle for 1 sec when engine start There is video i made if u guys can hlp me indentify problem
  14. Exactly like u said.. we got same problem. Did u check what this can be... everything i found on my car is some minimal click when i push engine up and back with my hands. Going to remove heat shields from exaust manifold to check for damage or leak.
  15. U have on yt how to place elastic belt without kit, its easy but u can do this only on crankshaft, i did on mine 1.4 zetec many times