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  1. Well what do you know!!!!! I went to the car today and . Guess what!! the door opened' I'll chach it all out tomorow. The book says that having disconnected the battery I will have to go to a Ford dealer to have everything reset. I hope this won't be so!
  2. The battery would not hold a charge, I charge it, so the car starts but if I switch off, thats it. It will not turn over just a slow whine. So I have bought a new battery and fitted it but can't see if this works as I now can't open the doors, either with the electric button or by turning the key. So I can't even take it to a garage. Any body have any ideas how to get in the car? I fortunatly havn't fully closed the bonnet so at least I have access to the engine.
  3. Thanks for your reply. Yes, everything else seems OK. So, if it is the sensor, where is it and how can I replace it? I also have the little engine symbol light on, my local garage says that is nothing and just ignore it. Is this right?
  4. Ford Street Ka 2003, The speedometer has stopped working, is it easy to fit a new one. Or can it be repaired?