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  1. Hiya. It is very unlikely that using A dpf cleaner like that will sort the issue out. Are you reasonably car savvy? You could buy A proper elm con fig cable and the download forscan (free software, easy to get hold of)on to a laptop. Then you can get access to very near Ford dealership qaulity diagnostics, for free. If not then I would suggest going to a decent independant garage (dont get ripped off going to A Ford Dealership as a rip off). You or they need to determine if your car is regenerating correctly (clearing the soot particles out). It might be A case that you arent doing enough miles for the car to regenerate. If that is so then either you or the garage can do a forced regen which might sort the issue out. How is the car currently running? Is it running OK apart from the error code or is going into "limp mode"?
  2. I had A Ford CC. From what I remember there are 3 sets of sensors. If they arent happy then you will get issues. There are micro switches in the boot area. They might beed checking. Also any dirt, rubbish stuck in the linkages? Failing that then it needs a ford specific diagnostic reader.
  3. Had thought of this. Sadly I cant do that because I am parked on a main road. So impossible. I am not massively fussed to be honest. Ill just do a trip back down south which is a 300+ round trip. If still no good then il get it sorted.
  4. Any warnngs on dash? Has it ben plugged into a decent reader for codes etc?
  5. Ive got A citroen. Its A 19 plate. The stop start is also not currently working. The green thingy flashes on the dash. I think as said above it neeeds a very good run to get it working again. I have done some 30 min drives in it, but I am not certain that that is enough. To be honest I am not too worried about it. If I can get to do a very good run back down south once this all blows over and it is still not kicking Ill get it to the local dealership under warrenty.
  6. I had an A class (second hand) which lasted about 4 months before I got rid. One of the worst designed cars of all time. What type of idiot decides to put the MAF sensor on top of the cars EMS? So when that goes its a casual £1200 with out fitting for a part which needs coding in Germany. Yeah smart one!
  7. Apparently on some cars there is a 100amp fuse between the battery & alternator. I would check if that is the case on a focus. It might be seperate from the other fuses/box.
  8. I had the 2l diesel. economy wernt bad for such a heavy car. The diesel is the most punchy and recomended choice by most reviews from the time. However. Please be aware. This car has a dpf and now defunct eolys fluid system which can be a real pain. If this goes wrong (which they do) then the fix can be worth more than the car. Older versions used to leak but post 2010 will be sure fire ok . Seals can get dry and need lubrication otherwise you will have a squeeky roof. We loved our CC3 and was fun to drive. the diesel is a turbo and had bags of power. We had a good 2+ years of fun, but in the end it was the eolys system whih went down costing more than the car was worth to fix.
  9. Camshaft sensor? That often shows those sort of symptoms. But also with trouble starting the car too. Best bet is to get the car read for any codes.
  10. That made a very interesting read :-). Glad you got it sorted!
  11. HIya. You are correct they do drop slightly on opening and should rise when closing the doors. Im no expert at all but could look into if there are fuses for each side of the cars windows? Also I would say you are right. Because the windows are not sealing or moving correctly, that will stop the roof from working.
  12. I might be wrong. However. The engine malfunction warning I am 99% sure has nothing to do with tyre pressure. I had a slow puncture in my old focus and it never gave an engine malfunction on the dash. In fact I am sure these cars do not have tyre pressure sensors. I would wager that, that warning will come back on again. I had that warning come up twice in ownership of my last car. It was sporadic and some days it was there some it didnt. For me it was because the eolys dpf fluid was low/empty.
  13. Hi there will be either 10 years or 125k miles. Which ever is sooner. However alot of people would get it done before that.
  14. Can you clear all the codes and see if that helps? Its a possibility its related to the immobliser? I had similar and had to clear all showing codes and then was fine. That happened after disconecting the battery.
  15. any independant garage would charge you around £40-50. But they might not have ford specific diagnositc equipment. ALot of members on this forum recommend downloading the free software forscan onto a laptop or avaliable for iphone, ipad or android devices. Then you can buy for around £15 the cable/adaptor which plugs into your car. Im clueless as a mechanic but I used this a few times on my car and got the codes/diagnostics I needed to make decisions and get an idea what was wrong for free 🙂 Forscan is near dealership quality software and way better than what alot of indy garages use. What makes you think it could be DPF related Wayne?