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  1. Maybe this will help? Might get you going in the right sort of direction.
  2. UNless the previous owner did do alot of motorway miles? Or its not been regenerating? I think you can check when the last regen was with forscan.
  3. Yes that is correct. There is A pump & sensor. When that goes you need new tank. A quick look on ebay, around £300-£550 depending on used recon or new.
  4. Only thing is that the batteries are pretty expensive. I would want to go down all avenues first 🙂
  5. I did something simialr a few years back. I was using a crap elm cable. Ended up having the AA out to basicly reset all the codes adn get the car runing again. Is yours a decent one?
  6. Would 100 % be buggered? Is there any chance to salvage it? Could take the head off and have a look?
  7. I agree the price is reasonable. Part say £40-£50, 2 hours labour at say £40-50 per hour then VAT on top. I would just go with it to be honest.
  8. FIngers crossed for you mate.
  9. yeah sometimes you need an expert. My local garage has a fella who they get in for the really complicated jobs. Its not just the equipment they have (usually come in A loaded van full of gear). But also alot of experience and can pin point issues. At the end of the day its worth it.
  10. Will be intersting to hear what the garage says.
  11. Fair enough mate. Did you get the cluster back again?
  12. I believe that doing more than a couple of forced regens is also not good for the dpf? So would avoid trying that again. If you do have it stripped and cleaned, make sure you get A certificate of proof that the dpf was cut open for A clean. Otherwise at the next MOT they could fail it as will look like the dpf has been removed.
  13. Ah mate, that is really frustrating. That looks like some epic failings there. You could ring ECU testing and see what they say? Any repair is under warrenty so if they have messed it up then they will need to sort it.
  14. ah yeah think that is who i suggested. They are usually really good to be fair.
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