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  1. I might be wrong. However. The engine malfunction warning I am 99% sure has nothing to do with tyre pressure. I had a slow puncture in my old focus and it never gave an engine malfunction on the dash. In fact I am sure these cars do not have tyre pressure sensors. I would wager that, that warning will come back on again. I had that warning come up twice in ownership of my last car. It was sporadic and some days it was there some it didnt. For me it was because the eolys dpf fluid was low/empty.
  2. Hi there will be either 10 years or 125k miles. Which ever is sooner. However alot of people would get it done before that.
  3. Can you clear all the codes and see if that helps? Its a possibility its related to the immobliser? I had similar and had to clear all showing codes and then was fine. That happened after disconecting the battery.
  4. any independant garage would charge you around £40-50. But they might not have ford specific diagnositc equipment. ALot of members on this forum recommend downloading the free software forscan onto a laptop or avaliable for iphone, ipad or android devices. Then you can buy for around £15 the cable/adaptor which plugs into your car. Im clueless as a mechanic but I used this a few times on my car and got the codes/diagnostics I needed to make decisions and get an idea what was wrong for free 🙂 Forscan is near dealership quality software and way better than what alot of indy garages use. What makes you think it could be DPF related Wayne?
  5. It could be absolutely anything. No one on here can give you an answer as without reading the fault codes its impossible to guess. Even if it was a dpf issue it may or may not have a different light for the fault your car has. I know this answer is vague but well you get the picture 🙂 Car "should" be ok to drive for now. How much are they charging you for the diagnostic check?
  6. Thats a whole display out. has it always been like that?
  7. Of course you can take it to a normal garage. I would not go to a dealership as way more expensive than a decent regular garage. How car savvy are you? Im pretty poor but. Alot of people on hear recomend buying a particular cable which connects your car to a laptop. The software is free & the cable is usually around £14 ish, you can then connect to the car and get any fault codes etc. Ive done it for my car and was a massive help in sorting out issues & saves you the £50 some garages charge for diagnostics. If that sounds to much then the best bet is a local decent respected garage. Where abouts in Lancashire are you?
  8. YeAH do it mate. the price is pretty good for Kernow too!
  9. heya. you might be better off with a new post as this one is 4-5 years old 🙂
  10. I would be really cautious of DPF removal. It is a very tempting idea. However, dont forget that it is well on the MOT radar now and alot stricter since last year. Would need to weigh up the risk.
  11. if you add the promo you save £123. so £311.23
  12. according to eurocarparts £434 for the DPF. Now Im guessing that is a pattern part so cannot suggest if this is ok or not. Maybe another memeber will know more than me 🙂
  13. DPF? I know that can cause similar issues early on. Have you had a code reader on it?
  14. As of 2019 the Eolys tank is £500 new. Second hand/scrap yard around £350-£400, but risky as dont know if working. Add to that more eolys fluid & labour, in most cases a very expensive fix. Got to be pushing around £700 easy.