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  1. I am a spark my thoughts are its a poor connection somewhere in the starter circuit But i am unsure would happen if say it faulty fuel pump or faulty ignation would i still just hear the loud click
  2. So you reckon just put in a new starter because although it seems fine when out the car it could be different when under load conditions? The starter relay should be fine i put in a fiesta and the fiesta started
  3. hi sorry to bring this back from the dead but its done it again a good few times recently so i took out the starter and checked it with a battery booster pack and seems to be fine the solenoid popped out and the wheel turned, i then checked the continuity of the positive cable and had continuity to the terminal that fits to the starter and it was ok ,i then checked continuity of the negative to engine block(cleaned up connections) and again fine, also checked the fuse and relay to bit that connect to starter and it was fine all continuity was done with a set of test lamps with a bell set anyon
  4. Got wee update so I got between a 1/4and half 1/2 on the earth on the starter and and felt I could have tightened all day to the earth from the battery on the chassis of the car the car got a slight in one of bolts holding the starter but not even a 1/4 also and the car started so to be honest am none the wiser thanks
  5. hi wee update disconnected the battery last night then reconnected it today and it started twice before it didnt start anymore, could the key be the problem because the has seen better days its currently held together with tape although it has had a new battery in the fob thanks again for any help
  6. Hey anything you have to offer is currently better in 0 I have to Isetta
  7. Thanks for reply how do I that
  8. 2013 1.6 tdci ford focus key start Hi looking for a bit of help and advice about a year ago parked up and then car wouldn't start changed the starter(single loud click) and of i went then, on fireworks nights parked up and same thing happened again green flag came jumps started me tells me to get a new a battery it was still original 1 from the manufacturer so done that..., then in december again parked to jump in the shop came out and car wouldnt noticed the brake was solid again phone green flag after about half an hour i try it again and boom away we go, same thing happneded again at
  9. Hi thanks for the reply initially it 11.7v so I charged the battery I just presumed it had lost some voltage from the many attempts to try and start
  10. Hi parked up last nite fine went out this morning and car will not start when i turn the ignation and press the cluth i just i loud click the battery has 12v in according the computer in the car any help would be greatly appreciated thanks
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