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  1. calum_heseltine

    Fiesta 2013 Wishbone and Shock's Cost

    Thanks for the replies guys. The car has done 57,000 miles with one previous owner, however it is a CAT C car so wondering whether it has been improperly repaired?? As far as I know though the damage was only to the front end I cannot see the shocks leaking at all myself and he was not at all specific about the issue with the wishbone I may take it into a friend of a friend's garage and see if he will give me a second opinion
  2. calum_heseltine

    Fiesta 2013 Wishbone and Shock's Cost

    Had my 2013 Fiesta Titanium ecoboost for 9 months now and was due a service. Went to an independent garage recommended by a few friends and they did a great job. The guy did however tell me that I needed a new N/S/F Wishbone and 2x Rear Shock Absorbers. Obviously both of these would be an MOT fail when thats due in a few months so I want them both sorting. Was wondering if anyone can give me a rough estimate of how much an independent garage should charge for these jobs? Just so I have a ballpark figure before he quotes it for me. Thanks