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  1. I have a secondhand genuine ford focus dedicated 12n wiring kit but no fitting instructions. Most of it can easily be worked out as its well marked left, right, etc but im left with 3 Brown wires and 1 red wire with a plug on the end. Can anyone identify where they should be fitted? I'm guessing they are either Live or Earth wires.
  2. cruise control

    linky...h**p://www.haynes.co.uk/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?catalogId=10001&storeId=10001&productId=48453&langId=-1 (replace the ** with tt)

    Check out this site for more information http://www.whattowcar.com/ General rule is dont exceed 85% of the towing vehicles kerb weight and you should be okay...I would also recommend always using a stabiliser
  4. Scotland meet - Interest

    I'm also a member of a Volvo forum and we sometimes meet at Strathclyde Park which has easy access to M74, M8 & A80.. theres always plenty of room and plenty to do there. Theres even a motel and caravan park onsite if your travelling a long way...Worth a thought!
  5. Cheap Sat Navs at ASDA

    You can pick up a new Navigo V2 plus with bluetooth and FM on EBuyer for £57. This model can also be altered to run TomTom, iGO 8, Amigo, mio, etc...or you can pick up secondhand Navigo V1 on Fleabay quite cheap that can be altered too. Thereafter you do an internet search and d/l speedcams, voices, cursor cars, etc..
  6. Cheap Sat Navs at ASDA

    Just picked up a cheap Sat Nav at ASDA...MyGuide 4228WE it comes with full UK and Western Europe maps pre-installed...down side is the awful Turbodog 5.0 software...However up side is it uses WinCE 5.O which means it can be altered to run TomTom, iGo, etc... B)