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  1. hi guys i brought a 3 party stereo for my 2001 fiesta . can anyone tell what each individual wire on the connector circled does ? im going to just cut the wires and attach them my self
  2. The floors not getting wet but I find it strange that it only seems to be when I put the heat on. When it's on cold it's OK. But like I said I smell it when I'm stationary. And the engine has to of been on a while
  3. There's a bad smell coming through the vents in the cabin. Only when the temp is on hot and only if I'm stationary or moving slow. Any idea what it could be or how I can fix it.
  4. Anyone know where I can get a free download of a owners manual for a mk4 1.3 fiesta. I've looked online but can't find one and even on the Ford site there strangly no fiesta option. There's some on eBay but don't really want to have to pay for it
  5. whats this type of oil cap mate ? i cant open it . is it not meant to be opened ? is that stuff meant to be inside it ?
  6. are the bolts on the top re usable because i read somewhere that certain bolts are not ? also any other advice when changing it would be great ? ive found a haynes for 2 quid its the manual i cant find . ive been on the ford site and there no fiesta option for some reason
  7. thanks mate for the straight and simple answer. i really appreciate it . any idea where i could get a free owners manual download ?
  8. hi guys im new to this forum. ive recently brought me a 2001 mk4 endura e 1.3 fiesta for dirt cheap . i brought it as ago between and to practice/teach myself mechanics on . it looks to me like there is some oil seeping out of the head of the engine although there is no oil on the floor where it it parked for over night . should i change the head gasket or rocker ? what is the difference between the 2 ? thanks also were can i download a owners manual for it ?
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