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  1. Well, it shows up on the DVLA checker as taxed until 1st February 2020 and MOT'd until 15th February 2020 so it must still be on the road.
  2. I don't like that Twitter has changed on my browser. The layout is the same as the desktop app for windows but for some reason it now won't let me upload pics to my photography page.
  3. Awww, gorgeous pup. I know how big Bernese Mountain dogs can get as my friend had one and he was huge (he weighed more than me).
  4. I do like the image quality on my new camera. It is fantastic. I've been taking pics of the moon since I got it a few months ago and the detail it brings out is amazing. I've shown the pics to some of my friends and they were shocked at how much detail was there. I have been learning how to use the functions on the camera and I mostly use manual mode so I can adjust light etc and also play around with some of the special features like HDR, black and white etc. Tonight I sort of managed to capture the partial eclipse but missed it at the point where it was mostly obscured (60% totality tonight).
  5. You will struggle to find cheaper quotes due to your age. You're classed as a very high risk for insurers being so young and an inexperienced driver (less than 3-5 years driving experience) and adding mods to increase power etc makes it even higher risk. I know a lot of insurance companies won't touch young drivers with modified cars and those that will allow it will charge extremely high prices and probably put a lot of restrictions on in case a claim arises. You could try Adrian Flux but I wouldn't hold your breath.
  6. If the insurance company write it off as cat S or N, you may be given the opportunity to purchase the vehicle from them to repair. This would mean that once the car has been repaired to meet the legal roadworthy requirements, it could be put back on the road. However, this may not be economical to do, hence why they write it off in the first place.
  7. You should have been able to see the SSD as a device under the file explorer system on Windows (similar to when you plug in a USB file stick, SD card or external device). Also, I know that some HDDs are called hybrids. They are a standard HDD but they also have a secondary device in the casing which is the SSD. Could you not check their website using your serial number to verify what it should have had installed?
  8. We all make those mistakes. Well it definitely wasn't me.
  9. 20 plate? That can't be right as they aren't released until March 2020.
  10. Tbh Zico, these aren't the kind of neighbours you can talk to. They objected to the flats being built where they are and so planted the trees to stop the 2 flats being able to see into their garden. The only time I have ever had contact with said neighbour is when I found him outside my door lifting the drain covers to find a blockage in the drain. Apparently it was causing issues in his house which is over 100ft away but shares the same disposal pipe to the main sewer. I think one of his kids had blocked it because when the drain guy came he found a small plant in there which still had the shape of the plastic container around it (no plastic though). He overstepped his mark I think because he had no right to be on my property or to be lifting manhole covers on my property.
  11. I don't like that the conifer trees in the garden of the house behind me now stand at 20ft or more. This blocks and restricts my view of the sky and I like taking photos of the night sky and moon. I can see the moon sometimes but it is often low so the tops of the trees block me from getting decent photos of it.
  12. Personally I'd say something without a turbo would be better for a newly qualified driver (unless they learned in a car with turbo). I've been driving 17 years and now drive a 140bhp fiesta and I still get caught out sometimes by the turbo kicking in and the response the car has. If it has to be something with an EB engine then the 100bhp should be fine. I would definitely recommend having a black box fitted for a new driver, purely for the reasons stated by DG97.
  13. That's because you probably only have Sync 1.0 which doesn't support track names via BT. Also, playing music via USB will always be better because it can play without interference and use the full bitrate of the audio track. BT is limited to the amount of data it can transmit.
  14. I don't like almost being ploughed into on a roundabout today by a Toyota. The approach to the roundabout has 2 lanes which are clearly marked as left turn and ahead or right. Said Toyota was in the left lane and as I moved onto the roundabout, it veered across the road markings into the single lane where I was. Luckily I managed to stop and blasted the horn at the driver who seemed completely oblivious to the fact that he was a) in the wrong lane b) had contravened the hatch markings signifying there was no lane there and c) forced another motorist to brake sharply and move across to avoid collision (I have it on dashcam). Then when coming home on a different stretch of road, I was in the right lane to turn off the main road and had a Royal Mail van behind. There was oncoming traffic so deemed it unsafe to cross the path yet the van driver decided to go for it from behind me (again caught on dashcam). There's some right planks on the road these days who seem to think the rules of the road and highway code don't apply to them.
  15. Thanks. This one was a tricky one to do because of the stripe decals. The wheel arches had 2 separate ones. Also, the cigarette brand wording was in 2 parts to get round the tobacco advertising laws. I'm glad it brings back memories for you. I've never been to a rally but do enjoy playing rally games on the Xbox or PlayStation.