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  1. I don't like that tonight whilst on a road trip with a couple of friends we were followed by a strange car. We were on a country road (not narrow or anything) and a vehicle came up behind us and kept full beam lights on. Every now and again the beams would dip but then return to full. As I knew the area I decided to turn off down a smaller lane to see if the vehicle would follow us but I left braking and indicating until the last possible second. The vehicle continued to follow us and it scared us as it was dark, cold and the road was narrow (single track). It was also keeping pace with me driving as fast as I could down the single track road. The stranger thing and scary thing is that I pulled into a farm yard (was a guesthouse too) to try and get away from the car and it stopped at the top of the driveway, inched forward a few times whilst watching us then drove off very slowly. I got out of their as fast as I could/dared and headed back the way I'd driven to the bigger road. I knew that the car which followed us would have trouble turning round on the single track road they followed us up as it was an SUV type vehicle. I also don't like that my Viofo A129 duo rear camera is intermittent with its filming. It will record sometimes but most of the time I only end up with forward facing camera footage (as happened tonight).
  2. Nick Y

    Eco Button

    I don't think the mk7.5 Fiestas (upto June 2017) have an eco mode button whether diesel or petrol. I know that from July 2017 when the MK8 came out there was an eco button. My petrol 2017 ST-Line Mk7.5 doesn't have an eco button.
  3. I don't like that this plonker here puts the oven on, waits for it to heat up and then puts a pizza in to have to eat. Then I find (after the timer has beeped to tell me it's ready) that I'd forgotten to increase the temperature from the last thing I cooked so the pizza was not ready at all. Pizza is now in the bin, the oven has been put to the right temperature and another (different topping) has been put in to cook.
  4. Nick Y

    Armrests ?

    I can remember pretty much every car registration my family has had over the last 30 years (except the last few as rarely seen them) and all my own too (except 1). The first car my dad had from when I can remember (age 5) was a white mk2 Ford Granada BWX 582Y. Had many family caravan holidays to France in this vehicle. My first car was a black Mk1 phase 2 Renault clio 1.2 RL Oasis P128 PUA (later written off by the lad I sold it to).
  5. I do like seeing the 2020 release list this morning from Corgi which includes quite a few Ford models and a pack of 4 RS Escorts (MK1 - Mk4). The 4 pack will be limited to 1000 releases.
  6. I'm a model kit boy myself and love sci-fi toys too (Thunderbirds, Star Trek etc).
  7. I started the decade with a ford (Modeo) and ended the decade with a ford (Fiesta ST-Line)
  8. The Mk7.5 ST-Line does the same thing. It's limited in neutral to 4000rpm
  9. I don't think your vehicle has the option to stream music via bluetooth as it looks like an older system (pre Ford Sync). The bluetooth only allows a connection to a bluetooth telephone to make and receive calls.
  10. Yep, got it this morning. Not sure what weapon I want to put on it though.
  11. I do like that, despite all my mental health issues, my family are still considering me at this time of year. Christmas has been a rough time for me in recent years because of contamination fears and fear of getting ill (bug, food poisoning etc). The family have always supported me with this (even if they don't fully understand it). This year, my sister and her husband (and kids) have invited me to have Christmas with them and the rest of the family. Given all that has happened recently with the passing of our dad (my foster dad), I feel like I need to take this step and try and enjoy Christmas with them due to missing out on so many in previous years. I am sort of looking forward to it and a nice Christmas dinner but the worries will still be there, especially around food and crockery etc.
  12. There's now an Mk2 Escort in the game (Retinue MkII)
  13. I've got plenty of GTA$. Currently sitting at $97m and was at $107m before the casino heist update (all legit too).
  14. I did send the seller an email straight away. Amazon have said it could be 2 days before I hear anything. The seller is in Germany so they might not have time to send me another. That's why I don't buy from eBay. A friend has had 4 orders not turn up in the last month.
  15. I don't like that I've just got one of my Amazon orders and one part of an item appears to be broken. The item in question is a Christmas present for someone and I obviously don't want to be giving it to them with a broken part.