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  1. Nick Y

    Things I Don't Like

    Stupid British weather ruining yet another celestial event (the super blood wolf moon). It's clouded over so can't see the eclipse get to totality. Another one won't be seen in the UK until the late 2020s.
  2. Nick Y

    10 Year Challenge

    Obviously not, lol. I've actually seen a few advertised on Gumtree recently. When I was younger my parents had an old Y reg Mk2 Ford Granada and then later an F reg Mk3 Granada 2.0. He went for the Granada because we towed a caravan and toured Northern France with it on holidays.
  3. Nick Y

    10 Year Challenge

    10 years ago I had a 1996 R reg Ford Mondeo Mk1 18l Verona in green that had something like 85k miles on the clock (spare wheel was on due to puncture). Now I have a 2017 17 plate Mk7.5 Ford Fiesta ST-Line 140 in deep impact blue.
  4. Nick Y

    Things I Do Like

    I didn't mind the first episode of TGT season 3. I'm looking forward to watching the other 12 episodes. Personally I'd have the Mustang though. The other things I like are that I can watch the episodes in UHD 4K and also relive the episodes on the game (which is actually quite funny) each week (only £11.99 from PS store or XBox Marketplace). So far there's only 1 episode from each season but season 3 will be updated every week with the new episode and then the rest of the episodes from seasons 1 and 2 will be added. The game does have plenty of scenes from the show (which can be fast forwarded) and there's the dialogue from the 3 presenters whilst you are messing around in the cars. There's also a Mario Kart style multiplayer split-screen mode coming soon with some very funny power-ups. Season 3 of the grand tour is the last to have the tent and studio audience too. The next season will just be a series of road trip specials.
  5. Nick Y

    V5 Document and road tax

    It does seem very strange. I bought my used car from a Ford dealer and they'd had it for 5 weeks before I saw it and put the deposit on it. They did not send the V5 section off to DVLA when they took the vehicle as a trade in. They still had the original V5 from the 1st owner. They gave me the V5C/2 part from the original V5 and sent the change of ownership electronically to DVLA using the DVLA website. Does a motor dealer or trader count as an owner and need a new V5 issuing? Every used car I've bought from a trader has never had the V5 logbook in their names. They have always had the V5 in the previous keepers name and have given me the V5C/2 part.
  6. Nick Y

    V5 Document and road tax

    Just so you know, the dealer cannot tax a vehicle for a customer. Tax does not transfer and has to be obtained by the new owner when the vehicle is sold on. You are responsible for obtaining tax yourself, however, in your case, that would be a problem because you never got the V5C green slip to state that you were the new owner. You could potentially be fined for incorrect tax and that because there is no confirmation of ownership with the V5, you could also be fined as well as it invalidating your insurance.
  7. Nick Y

    2018 Fiesta Deep Impact Blue

    Ford change their "premium colours" every 6-12 months. Not many people actually paid the extra £700 or £800 to have it applied. It might come back in rotation at some point but who knows when that will be. I was lucky that the previous owner of my MK7.5 ST-Line 140 asked for it (they might not have paid for it though because they got the car on Ford Privilege).
  8. Nick Y

    Hello from Sunny Devon!

    Welcome to the forums. I see someone is a Hitchhikers Guide fan. Please don't make us listen to your poetry, lol.
  9. Nick Y

    Ford Fiesta 2014 - Heated Windscreen

    On most vehicles, there are several tiny elements going vertically in the windscreen and horizontally on the rear screen. It usually clears frost in a few minutes (you can usually see it start to work in a few seconds) and any inside moisture in about 30 seconds to 1 minute (it does in mine). Thicker layers will take a bit longer I'm not familiar with the climate control in your vehicle but it looks as though you have 2 front screen defrost buttons (second one just below the LCD screen). If I set mine and want it to clear quicker (max), I have to turn the fan speed to 4 and make sure it is facing the screen and side windows only (demist).
  10. Nick Y

    April 2019 VED Increases

    I think I can manage the whole £5 a year extra on my VED (£140 currently). My tax doesn't run out until the end of April so will just miss out on saving a whopping £5.
  11. Nick Y

    Should I go for 1.0 EB?

    I love my 1.0 EB 140 Fiesta (last of the Mk7.5). It's nippy, comfy and has a fair few features (sat-nav, DAB, bluetooth) and is quite an economical car when you haven't got a heavy right/left foot (depending on which country). The newer ones shouldn't have the brittle pipe issue as these were updated on the later models. The rusting pipes will be an issue later on but preventative work can be done on those to stop it from happening. If the car is looked after and well maintained, these issues shouldn't cause any problems because they can be caught before any damage is done. To be honest I would say that more than 80% of drivers never check coolant, oil levels etc so they would never know there was an issue until it was too late and damage had already been done. Most people just get in their cars and drive which is why you see so many driving around with lights out, worn/damaged tyres etc.
  12. Nick Y

    Things I Do Like

    That's what I forgot about. Mine has that on it too. Every now and then it does need a pin code to unlock though (for security reasons apparently). Zain, you can't go wrong with Xperia phones. I do recommend the screen protector route though as these new screens are magnets for fingerprints and are so easy to break.
  13. Nick Y

    Things I Do Like

    I do like my new Sony Xperia XZ Premium phone. A massive improvement from my 3 year old handset (Sony Xperia M5). Larger screen (5.5 inches), 4k ultra HD display, 64gb internal storage with a micro SD card slot, 4GB RAM, 19mp rear and 13mp front cameras, 4k video recording with slow motion options (960fps or 120fps), 5g wi-fi connectivity and wi-fi calling function and most importantly, great battery life. The quality of images really jumps out with really vivid colours and the slow motion video feature is great (although it is only in 5 second bursts). I've had Sony Xperia phones for at least the last 9 years (this being my 4th) and I've never had any issues with them. I prefer Sony phones over other Android models (Samsung etc) and I'd rather have the Xperia than an iPhone.
  14. Nick Y


    Happy New Year to all members here. May you have another happy year of Ford motoring.
  15. Nick Y

    Things I Don't Like

    totally get how you feel there. Similar situation to mine. This Christmas I was actually going to try making an effort to see family on Christmas day. Unfortunately a family member became ill just days before so I couldn't go near any of them and still can't until I know the contamination and risk is over (usually about a month). Living with contamination ocd as well as social anxiety and other issues is not easy and the way we have to deal with rituals etc certainly isn't a choice, nor is it any kind of life or lifestyle.