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  1. I don't like that my mum is in hospital again. She's been struggling to breathe for a few weeks (she has COPD and had Covid-19 around this time last year). The doctors found she has fluid on her heart. She had some blood tests done and early this morning, the doctors went to her flat as they were concerned by the results. She was taken to hospital by ambulance and had undergone 3 transfusions due to really low haemoglobin and iron. Hopefully she'll bounce back but it's very worrying.
  2. Heard the sad news that one of the greatest sports commentators has passed away today aged 97. Murray walker was a legend. His style of commenting on F1 races and other motorsports was second to none. Many of us grew up listening to his commentary on F1. He can never be replaced. His memory will live on for me as I still have 2 F1 games from the original PlayStation with his commentary on.
  3. Going by what Tom said above and personal experience, your mechanic is correct. Oil lights come on in cars after damage has already been done if oil is not topped up regularly and maintained properly. I had a Ford Escort 1.3 many years ago and when the oil light came on, after about 5 minutes, it was rattling. The bottom end damage was already done and the car was scrapped. As for insurance, £4k really is steep. Either you live in a really bad area, have had claims against you or points on your licence. Having said that, my insurance on my ST-L 140 is £400 a year which seems hig
  4. So will they spontaneously combust like the ones did on their Galaxy smartphones?
  5. I like that I managed to get off my snow/ice covered drive safely earlier and that I also managed to get back into my parking spot in reverse when returning home. My neighbour in front also gave me a push as he was there at the right time after returning from walking his elderly dog.
  6. I didn't like having to get my little fezzy of a snow and ice covered drive this afternoon. It took me 25 minutes to fully clear the car of snow (3 inches) and ice and then 10 minutes of concentration and extreme care to get the car off the drive and onto the road. All I could smell for miles was clutch because my drive is an awkward shape and uphill. I also don't like that everywhere has sold out of grit/salt and snow shovels. I managed to get a small snow shovel but it was useless and overpriced. Getting off the drive and on to the main road has been made harder by gas work
  7. I'm not a drinker either due to my mental health issues but I do enjoy some of the non-alcoholic drinks available. I've found with beers/lagers that Budweiser zero still tastes like actual Budweiser. Beck's leaves a nasty aftertaste, as does Heineken. Old Speckled Hen is a nice beer but I was a bitter drinker and haven't found a good non-alcoholic replacement yet. As for wines, some do taste just like grape juice but others do still have that wine zing to them. I'd love Jack Daniel's to do an alcohol free version as I did like a nice JD and coke.
  8. That sucks Tom. Unfortunately tech these days isn't built to last, it's built to be replaceable in a few years time. I will say one thing though, don't buy a Toshiba laptop. I bought one a few years ago and the HDD's kept failing. I had 3 replacement HDD's and they all failed. I had 2 replacement laptops and the HDD's went in them too. My current laptop (an Acer Nitro) has an AMD Ryzen 5 processer and tbh, I've found it better than my other HP laptops with Intel chips in them.
  9. Not snowing where I am. Had a flurry last week that settled but only lasted a few hours and that's been it.
  10. I have one similar to this Tom. It is cordless though but the battery lasts long enough to clean out the car or do several rooms. https://www.argos.co.uk/product/8067502?clickSR=slp:term:gtech:7:9:1 That one is actually better than mine. Mine doesn't have different cleaning modes. Mine is bagless so this one is different.
  11. Neither of the above. Have a look at G-Tech and their small uprights. I have a G-Tech and it's brilliant. It's lightweight, can be used as an upright for normal vacuuming or can be split down into a handheld for smaller jobs. Mine came with a small nozzle adaptor (for tight areas such as between seats in a car or for edges), a sofa/curtain attachment and one of those circular things with the brushes on. £200 I paid for it and their customer service was excellent when I contacted them about the damaged sofa attachment. They sent me a replacement free and let me keep the old one.
  12. Same here. No ABS, no power steering, no reversing aids (sensors or cameras), no auto park, no collision avoidance/radar guidance and no cruise control. Tbh I prefer the feel of being fully in control rather than a machine doing the work.
  13. I do like my new Sony 5.1 surround sound system. It's a sound bar (3 speakers), 2 rear speakers and a sub. I also like the fact that it connects to my TV via HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) so no matter what I'm watching/playing, the audio is always there without me having to change the input source. The sound quality is brilliant and the bass is good (until you put the volume on the sub to 30 when it starts to reduce the power of the bass). It actually rattles my walls, floor and windows when in use so gonna have to be careful of volume when my downstairs neighbour is home. I a
  14. One other thing that people forget about motability cars is that they are paid for out of a persons disability benefit (PIP or old style DLA) and you have to be on high rate mobility to even qualify for one of their vehicles and have a minimum award of 2 years. £3k deposit for a motability car doesn't seem right at all. Highest deposit/contribution I've seen has been about £600 and that was for SUV's.
  15. I watched it earlier. Whilst it is a shame his car didn't make it, he does have a habit of ruining cars.
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