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  1. You'd be able to get a 2016/17 late model Mk7.5 ST-Line for 10.5k. You could possibly even pick up an early Mk8 for that price (might have higher mileage though). My 2017 late mk7.5 St-Line 140 is valued at around 10.5k. I'm not sure what price the titanium specs of that age go for but the ST-Line range varies in price from about 9k upwards depending on engine size and mileage.
  2. I've not had any issues with foods over lockdown at all or at any point during the year. It was just now. Unfortunately they were one of my safe foods so that's something else I have to cross off the list.
  3. I don't like having one of my favourite foods today only to start tasting what could only be described as a soil taste. Won't be having a Ginster's Cornish pasty again.
  4. Yes @zain611 it will be. It's also interesting that this heist can be done alone, unlike any other heist.
  5. Well, the PS5 runs great. Played GTA Online last night and it was so smooth and looked quite good on my 4k tv with HDR. There's a new heist coming on December 15th where you have to take over an island and it looks really interesting.
  6. it's about the same height as a PC tower. Most of the internal space is heat sink and cooling. It is quite large and won't fit in most TV unit shelves.
  7. It's finally here. Hello PS5
  8. I do like checking my email this afternoon to find a dispatch email from Argos for my PS5. DPD are the couriers and will deliver tomorrow. I also like getting a courtesy phone call from Curry's to say that I can go tomorrow and collect another 2 PS5's which were pre-ordered in store.
  9. Could be an early mk6 or a late mk5 (facelift). Only way we would know would be too see the car and front end.
  10. You are correct by saying you don't have auto lights. Not all models have auto lights.
  11. A 2010 Fiesta would be a mk7. As for edge, it's a trim level with a couple of extras not seen on the base model such as A/C.
  12. Nick Y

    lo66 vkm

    I bought my Fiesta in May 2018 and it doesn't have the previous keeper details on it.
  13. Wow, that's amazing if it really is the last one that's on the road. You definitely need to get it to some shows when the current situation is over.
  14. Glad you are enjoying driving it. I don't think there are that many old Granada's driving around these days.
  15. Welcome to the group. I remember the Granada well from my childhood. My dad had a 1983 Y reg petrol Granada back in the 80s and into the 90s.