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  1. Managed to go have a play with the new camera. I've added some shots in my gallery
  2. Nick Y

    Nick's ST Line 140

    I thought I'd show off a few pics of my new baby. I will update the album when I start taking my car further afield.
  3. Speaking of my Fiesta. One year ago today (22nd May) I collected her from the dealership. I haven't done much mileage in her over the last year (2100 miles) but I still have so much fun when I do drive her. She's my lukewarm hatchback. She's not a hot hatch but she's not a slouch either. I took her back to the place where I took the first photos to commemorate the day. If the weather stays nice I might go out and take some arty shots using my new camera (yes, it finally got delivered to the store yesterday).
  4. Cheers Roger. Those are just the kits of Ford vehicles I've built. I have built 76 kits in 4 years but they've mostly been planes, some cars, a few helicopters and a boat (lifeboat). I wish I had modded my car, lol. Don't want to attract unwanted attention though, nor do I want the higher insurance premiums. Ahh, kitbashing as it is referred to in the modelling world. Airfix are bringing the prototype Concorde kit back out with BOAC livery. It was supposed to be arriving in September this year but they've now delayed it until March 2020 at the earliest now. I've never put bombs or missiles on a civilian aircraft but have done a couple of special what if builds (sci-fi themed) but only the paintwork.
  5. Cheers guys. I have to wear prescription sunglasses and prescription glasses for driving due to being a little short sighted. I miss the days when I didn't need glasses and had both long sight and short sight. The sunglasses do help but I don't wear them in dismal weather. My glasses also help a little as they have an anti-glare coating on them. It's just annoying to see the reflection on the screen. I suffer migraines too (aural migraines) and they are horrible. Sunlight does bring them on sometimes, as does heat but most of the time it's either caused by hunger or that the pressure has changed and a storm is brewing.
  6. Been there, done that Ian. I often feel like destroying them when something doesn't go right. I mainly do Airfix kits and tbh, their kits have got so much better over the years. Planes are my main area of interest but I have built several vehicles too. Oh yes, the enamel paints that stink and take weeks to dry properly. I prefer acrylic paints because they don't smell, can be wiped up easily and they are easy to spray with an airbrush (not that I use my airbrush much).
  7. Thanks Kevin. I'm not a patient man but having the model kits to build helps with my health issues. It takes my mind away from other things and gives me something to focus on. It can be frustrating at times, especially with the more complex models, but it's a great feeling when it's all done and it's on the shelf being displayed. The Mustang took a bit of effort because I had to mix paints to get that colour (a mix of green and metallic silver) and I hand painted it to give it the brushed metal effect. The hardest of the 3 kits was the Fiesta because of the decals having to go round curves. I bought the kit 4 years ago in a sale and 3 years later, I never thought I'd be driving a similar car in a similar colour. I need to find some more Ford related model kits to build now.
  8. Thank you sir. I have uploaded 3 sets to the gallery for people to check out
  9. Nick Y

    Nick's Ford related models

    Various plastic model kits featuring Ford vehicles
  10. I do like finishing off another model kit this morning (a classic Range Rover in BTP livery). That now makes a total of 76 plastic kits I have built in the last 4 years. There's 2 or 3 kits in my collection which fellow Ford enthusiasts might like. *Mods, am I allowed to upload these model kit images to an album in the members gallery area?
  11. My insurance is up for renewal. I don't like getting quotes for car insurance at over £700 now for a year with 3 years NCD, and that's before any extras like breakdown, hire car etc are added on. I don't get how they work out the prices. Some quotes have been £1000+ for a non-modified car.
  12. Quite a few of the ones who do that sort of thing are under the influence of drink/drugs though. They meet up in car parks then they drive like complete tools down the roads often well in excess of the speed limits doing handbrake turns etc which is a hazard and dangerous driving. A lot of them don't declare mods because they can't afford the insurance premiums, especially when they are under 25, it's their first vehicle and they have only recently passed their tests. I know my local RPU has a big issue with youths modifying their cars and invalidating insurance because they are undeclared and that they have really clamped down on it.
  13. Absolutely fuming with Currys. Ordered a new camera last Saturday in store to be delivered to store in a few days for collection. On Sunday I went back to the store and changed the order as the camera I originally wanted was showing as available. Once again the item was to be delivered to store. We are now on Friday and I hadn't heard anything from Currys. So I went down to find out what was going on and someone in an office somewhere had acknowledged the change in product and said it would be dispatched this week on their deliveries (Wednesday). Turns out that said person in office cancelled the dispatch so no camera was sent to store (the store has no paperwork on this product). They have my money but I have no camera and now have to wait until Wednesday at the earliest before I can collect it. If I go on the website and order it, I can have it delivered to store tomorrow. Staff in store can't use that system and have to order it for when they get their regular deliveries (Wednesdays and Saturdays). How messed up is their store ordering system? Store manager not helpful at all. No offer of any good will gesture because of the mess-up and inconvenience and would only give me an email address for customer services to explain the situation. I don't think I'll be shopping at Currys again, no matter how many discount codes they send me in emails.
  14. That's probably correct. I doubt there were any bluetooth enabled systems for in-car communications in 2006. The phone button will just mute the radio to enable you to take the call on your handset (which is illegal in the UK and some other countries now).
  15. seems a bit weird that you said you were able to start it without depressing the clutch on 2 occasions. Every modern car I have driven since 2012 has required this in the same way that automatics need to be in park and the brake pedal depressed to start. It is a safety feature as stated above by DG97. If you have been able to start it without using the clutch pedal then that would suggest there could be a fault with the system.