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  1. I'm sure Kwik Fit did something similar years ago with brakes. I had the front discs and pads replaced and the rear shoes on one of my Mondeos and was told that if it needed new pads and shoes (not discs) whilst I owned the vehicle, they would be replaced FOC (subject to terms and conditions ie badly damaged parts due to bad maintenance). Kwik Fit would only replace the items on that car though so it didn't carry over onto any new vehicles. Also, I suspect that there will always be something they find to charge you for like a brake line or tyre.
  2. The Beluga flew over again today and this time I got pics of it. An awesome sight.
  3. I do like clear days where I can see the skies and watch/photograph the planes flying overhead. Got a few good ones today including 2 Emirates Airbus A380s flying over at under 10000 feet on their approach to Manchester.
  4. You were correct Tom. Luckily it was just a blown bulb and no damage to wiring etc had occurred. New bulb from MotorWorld for £13 (usually £17) and fitted too.
  5. Nick Y

    sad times

    I don't see how they could deny it. The heights of the scratches seem to match up and the silver car definitely has red paint embedded in the scratches.
  6. If it is Sync 1.1, there will be an SD card slot near the screen. These SD cards cannot be updated so you would have to buy the latest maps on an SD card from the dealer or you can get them on eBay (beware of fake cards though).
  7. Well, I don't like the fact that I had to move my bookcase with some model kits on so that the VM engineer can access the sockets. When I'd removed the bookcase, I caught the edge of my arm on the shelf above (wall mounted), which then fell down taking 12 model kits with it. Out of the 12, 10 are damaged and some are badly damaged (inc the Mustang fastback I showed on here). This means I will have to completely strip them down to rebuild them, putting back parts which have dropped off or broken free inside.
  8. I actually still have a ZX Spectrum+. I loved the old thing but it was a tedious process to get to a game.
  9. I hit the rabbit after I'd dropped hers off at the vets and taken her home. I was alone and on my way home (85 mile drive), it was 4:30 in the morning and on a 60 limit moorland road (main A road). I was 10 minutes into the drive home. So I saved a pet rabbits life but deprived another wild one of its life. The n/s front fog light still works but the o/s front is dead. I'm hoping it's that the connector has popped out. There's no visible damage to any trim part or the lens.
  10. Another rant on things I don't like. My landline has been unusable since at least Thursday. I get a dial tone but it's extremely noisy and sounds like static interference. I cannot make calls or receive calls. Virgin media are saying there is no fault on the line and it must be my equipment at fault. Ummm, no, it isn't my equipment at all. It has worked perfectly well for the last 3 years with no line noise. It must be your phone plug then. Umm no, the phone plug and socket are hidden behind a bookcase where they have been for the last 3 years. I've got a funny feeling that someone had been to the box recently to maybe connect a new customer and they've done something there. So now, they have to send an engineer out to my flat to verify that it isn't my equipment. The engineer isn't coming until tomorrow between 8 and 12. This is only 5 weeks since Virgin media said that my connection to their network was causing issues for other broadband customers and there was a lot of noise on my connection.
  11. I don't like driving home from a friends house this time yesterday morning and hitting a rabbit on the moorland road. It was a bit misty so put fog lights on. Watching the dashcam video back, you can hear the impact and also see that the o/s front fog light goes out at the moment it hits. Looks like I'm going to have to pop to my friendly local garage in the morning then to see what damage there has been to the lighting. I can't see any visible damage on the car except for some brown hairs on the front splitter. I had to travel to my friends house (170 mile round trip) at 1am to take her pet rabbit to the emergency vets 25 miles away as it was unwell, she doesn't drive and had no one to help her out. I don't normally leave the house after dark due to various issues but in this case, there was no other option because I couldn't see her so upset. Seems a bit ironic that I do all that to save a rabbit's life and then hit one on the way home.
  12. @zain611could be an aural Migraine. I get them frequently and it makes me feel like I'm hungry or going to be sick.
  13. I do like that I had a major service today at my local independent garage. All filters (inc cabin) changed, plugs done, oil changed with the correct EB spec oil, full brake, lights and vehicle check and 2 new Bosch front wipers. All in for £210 with great, friendly service from the owner. I take my car there because he doesn't rip you off, he tells you straight what needs doing (if anything) and it's always a quick turn around so you aren't wasting your day.
  14. I do like that I went for a road trip yesterday with my nephew and a friend. We had planned to visit the village where I grew up and go up the hill to see the Lancaster bomber fly over a former airfield there. Unfortunately the Lancaster went technical and couldn't fly so instead we went to a nearby airport. We did manage to see a couple of planes landing and a bit later taking off again but the best experience was seeing the big Coastguard Sikorsky S-92 powering up, taking off and conducting an exercise with a mountain rescue team on site. It was amazing standing there about 200ft away watching the thing just hover and then dropping the winch line to the ground crew and then later dropping a stretcher and lifting it back into the helicopter. I got some really good photos of the planes and the helicopter. 4 videos of the Coastguard helicopter exercise have been uploaded to my YouTube channel.