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  1. I'm not sure but in my 2017 Fiesta, the passenger airbag light under the radio console is illuminated when the switch is on. If I turn the switch in the door to off, it goes out to let me know the airbag is not activated. Try turning the key in the door switch to see if it goes off. If it does, you know that it's meant to be illuminated whilst the airbag system is active.
  2. I do like that my name is getting sent to Mars aboard the rover Perseverance. Launch window is today until August 15th so hopefully it will be launched soon. This will be the third time my name has been carried on a Mars rover.
  3. I don't like that it's been 10 months since I started trying to sort out my small 1 bed flat. Various things have cropped up since it was started (family loss, covid-19). It's quite hard to find units that match and fit in the space I have got. I need more storage space for a lot of junk I have accumulated over the years but trying to match a wardrobe with chests of drawers, bedside units etc is really hard. It's even harder when some family members are still shielding/isolating and can't go in shops like Ikea and other family members are unable to come help due to their jobs and the risk they pose to others.
  4. I got my $1m last week and I got the first month too. I think the update which is coming in the next few weeks won't be a big one. The big one will be December time with more heists. I'm comfortable with the amount of GTA$ I have at just over $200m (all legit).
  5. I'd definitely be concerned. You can clearly see that the windscreen VIN plate has the VW logo behind it on the back plate. It has definitely been tampered with. How a main Ford dealer did not pick up on that when doing checks shows that they obviously don't check that all VIN plates and documentation matches. As Clive said, contact the dealer who sold you the car but then notify DVLA and the police. This will probably mean you lose access to the vehicle until it has been examined and determined if any offences have been recorded against the vehicle. You could lose the vehicle entirely unfortunately if an insurance company or finance company recovers it.
  6. Only the police can enforce it. Shopkeepers are being told not to challenge those who do not obey the rules to protect the staff.
  7. Here's one for @Stoney871 burglar's 'vital organ' bitten by police dog%262020-07-17T15%3A27%3A20.135Z&ns_fee=0&pinned_post_locator=urn:asset:c15de6f4-405d-4753-99a1-397a6f1023ee&pinned_post_asset_id=5f1031983f5a810661fe2348&pinned_post_type=share
  8. Under normal driving conditions (no excess weight or towing), the manual headlight adjustment should be set at 0. No wonder your headlights didn't light up much of the road if the adjustment dial was set to 3. The lights would have been pointing down on the road and not forward.
  9. That's the engine coolant temperature. What you're seeing there is the system indicating that your temps are normal (normal is between the 2 half bracket icons in the middle of that gauge). You cannot clear it as it is part of the system. There is no analog representation for coolant temp on these cars.
  10. I don't like that I've not managed to see this comet yet (Neowise) despite the clear weather. I must be facing the wrong way so might have to venture outside before dawn to try and see it.
  11. I do like that the sky is clear tonight so I can see the stars. I also like that it's clear enough to see the space station pass over (which it just did) so I can try and get a few pics of it flying over later this morning (in about 1h 30m).
  12. The Ecoboost will pick up quicker with it being a turbo engine. It will probably have slightly more BHP depending on whether it's 100ps or 125ps (it doesn't state which one it is) They are basically the same car except the engine and the number of doors. The 1.25 is non-turbo and has 4 cylinders whereas the 1.0 ecoboost only has a 1L 3 cylinder engine. They both seem to have the same Sync system in (stereo) so will have bluetooth phone connectivity for calls and USB for music. They both have DAB so more choice for stations but sync 1.1 is basic in terms of what you can do with it. Also, both of the stereos seem to have the nav button so check if it has the built in sat nav (although it's pretty pants) and if they do, make sure the memory card is present (it's located in a slot above the display screen). I think the 1.25 Zetec has a higher tax rate due to higher emissions. If you go for the ecoboost, make sure you check for rust on the turbo pipes in the engine bay (plenty of threads on here about that) as it may be one of the earlier models which had rust issues. The 15 plate ecoboost actually seems to have quite low mileage for it's age at only 21k. If you're thinking about the ecoboost, make sure it has been serviced regularly before you buy (this applies to both actually but more so with the ecoboost). The only other things are personal preference on engines, colours and number of doors and what you'll be using the car for (commuting or just social, domestic and pleasure). Depending on your age, the insurance would probably be lower on the 1.25 Zetec.
  13. Happiness Happening is a fantastic track. It's one of my favourites from the late 90's and my mid teens.
  14. what a little POS. Hope the judge throws the book at him. Unlikely that'll happen though and you or your colleagues will see the same person again in a few weeks in another POS car with no insurance tax or licence.
  15. What a complete tool. Let's hope the twit doesn't just get a slap on the wrist. Hope Willow had a nice bite out of him before you slapped the cuffs on and read the litte ***** his rights.