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  1. Speaking of trains. A brand new Azuma train had an accident at the depot this morning in Leeds resulting in delays and cancellations.
  2. I don't really keep tools in my car. I have the usual stuff like spare wheel, compressor, jack and the necessary equipment to change a wheel if needed, jumper cables and a USB type C connector for my phone. I also keep a stocked first aid kit in the boot. If I'm doing local trips (ie visiting family or shopping) then nothing extra is carried except loo roll, disposable gloves and antibac/antiviral wipes. If I do a longer run to see my friend, I carry drinks (usually water), loo roll, antibac wipes and spray, hi vis tabard and contained in a rucksack I have my vehicle documents (proof of insurance, tax and V5), extra loo roll, handwash, more antibac/antiviral wipes, paracetamol (in case of migraine), headtorch and in winter, extra clothing layers, waterproofs, hat, gloves etc. I do sometimes carry a box containing spanners, screwdriver with adaptors, allen keys etc just in case I need to unscrew a panel to access something or if I'm going to help someone do some DIY (which is rare).
  3. It sounds normal for a car with electronic power steering (EPS). My Mk7.5 Fiesta does it, especially when on full lock. As Callum said above, the PAS system draws a lot of power so does cause drain. Do you only notice it at low speeds or when reversing when revs are low?
  4. Yes, he was a smoker and had smoked for 60 years. My tantrums weren't like normal childrens tantrums. I had severe behavioural issues as a child and these issues continued well into my teens. I ruined family holidays, family gatherings, friend meetings etc but he stuck by me. He watched me grow into the person I am today. Even though times have been difficult for me with mental health into adulthood, he didn't love me any less than he loved his own daughter, wife and grandkids.
  5. I don't like hearing late last night that a wonderful man who took me into his family 31 years ago had passed away. My lovely foster dad died last night after a battle with COPD and a short stay in hospital. He truly was a wonderful man. He took me in during a time of need, he helped me grow, he taught me things and most of all, he put up with all the hassle of raising me through all my temper tantrums and teenage attitudes.
  6. No, they don't. The V5 I was sent by DVLA when I bought my Mk 7.5 ST-Line lin May 2018 doesn't show the previous keeper details, nor did the little slip you get given when it has been sold.
  7. There isn't any difference. ST-Line is the new name for the Zetec S.
  8. As long as the vehicle is unlocked, you can use the button on the tailgate to open it and lift it up to access the rear luggage space and spare wheel. The keyfob unlock icon (open padlock) you pictured is only designed to unlock the passenger cabin doors. That is why there is a 3rd button to unlock and open the boot (1 click unlocks, 2 clicks unlocks and releases the latch so you can then lift the boot). The boot can be unlocked and opened without the need to unlock the other doors.
  9. I don't like hearing fireworks pooping off every few seconds. Don't get me wrong, I do like a good firework display (professional ones) but people shouldn't be allowed to let them off in tiny gardens on housing estates.
  10. whoops, my bad. I was half asleep when I posted it up.
  11. I don't like that my council have not emptied my household waste bin this morning and that they didn't empty my recycling bin last week either. This is despite me being on their assisted service (due to illness/disability) where they actually collect the bin from my property and return it once emptied Had to file a missed collection report for the 3rd or 4th time in 2 years. Either they aren't checking the driver notes or they have been taking my downstairs neighbours bins instead of mine.
  12. DRL or Daytime Running Lights are designed to dip once side lights, headlights or indicators are turned on to avoid dazzling other road users. There is no way to make them brighter as it is written in the vehicle coding for them to dip once the headlights are turned on. As David said above, it would most likely be illegal too and definitely an MOT failure.
  13. I'd be taking it back to where you bought it from and getting a refund. If you've had issues already with the car, you should be able to return it as unfit for purpose and get a refund under your consumer rights.
  14. I do like finding several old Australian kids TV shows I used to watch on Amazon Prime. Escape from Jupiter, Return to Jupiter, Spellbinder and of course, Round the Twist.
  15. I do like finding out that Flybe liked a photo of one of their aircraft I took and put on my photography account on Twitter.