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  1. Best Iphone Free App

    Angry birds is great but it isn't free on the iPhone is it? on android both Angry birds and Angry birds Rio are free. Still neither on blackberry though :( There are some very nice free education apps for the iPhone (I work in eLearning at a college), things like some of the quizzes are good but very subject specific (Bones lite I think its called is a anatomy one but good fun). otherwise free and good is a bit limited on the iPhone. Fun stuff/useful stuff wise, shazam has got to be at the top of the useful list. I love it! suddenly I don't have a song stuck in my head after only hearing it once and not catching the name of it! its fab :) Ali
  2. Current favourite game.

    Portal 2 on the Xbox. I love the puzzles, the bits between the puzzles and the little announcements that run throughout the game. so basically all of it! Co-op is great when you get an achievement for killing your friend too! hehe Im off to make some Lemonades ;) Ali
  3. Fiesta Vs Focus?

    I voted on the fiesta. Have always been a fiesta girl, my first was a mk 4 in a purply blue colour. bog standard bottom trim level. I loved her. Fiestas have this nak of being mary popping handbag on the inside. you can fit so much stuff in them without really realising it. But they are bundles of fun too. I currently have a mk 3 fiesta xr2i 1.8 and she is the bestest. similar principle to the old school minis really, small and powerful. I always feel like I'm actually driving smaller cars because they aren't much bigger than the people in them. Plus fiestas are so very park-able due to the compact size. plus if you like mountain biking you can definitely fit a couple of bikes with the back seats down if you fancy it (or at least you could on the mk4's and I don't think the newer ones are smaller...). Saying that, I did buy myself a 56 plate focus, 1.6tdci a month ago. something more economical for me and the thousands of miles i do every year... still quite fun mind, but I think that's the ford way :) Ali
  4. PS3 or Xbox?

    All about the Xbox, I may only like games like Portal and some driving games but I love the interface, even if it is microsoft. Plus paying for the Xbox live means if it goes down, there are a lot of people that are not receiving the goods they paid for... unlike if it's free you cant complain so easily ;) Ali
  5. Next Forum Meet - 19/09/10

    Im hoping to be able to make it to this one, MK is only down the road and i seem to remember having other hobbies meetings there in the past! So a maybe from me! Ali
  6. Ford Fair...

    i cant wait for sunday, my Fizzy was selected to be a part of the Public Display area! should be really good fun and my first ever show. Looks like the public display is also right next to a Fiesta display so that should be even better! Shame i didnt have the money to put her around the track... thats what she is designed to do afterall! Ali
  7. Word Association Game

  8. Oooo... i suddenly have a spare moment in my hectic life to possibly come along to this, obviously i wont be able to show but will be my first car show so will be good to have a look around and soak up the pretty cars :) Just need to convince the bf.... Hopefully ill see some people around and showing their Festas off :) Ali xx
  9. Foamy

    when i manage to get some pics... not much to show of course! :P Thanks for the welcome :) Ali
  10. Good looking Fords?

    i may be a bit of a newbie to this kinda 'scene' but im going to happily sit on the fence on this topic. i really love my mk3 fiesta and i also love the newer boxier ones as well as the latest model. But im very much mostly a fiesta lover. (apart from the mk2 strangely). The new ones fit the style of the moment, just like the mk1's fitted the style of that day. There may not be a (gorgeous) DB9 style to Fords but they have always happily had a mid-range style to go with their lower price. You get alot of looks for the money i think. Wouldnt stop me getting a DB9 if i could though obv ;) Ali
  11. FOC Age group Poll!

    im just plain 20 :) Ali
  12. Members Rides

    Hello! Im new to these here forums and you all have rather lovely festas. Shame i couldn't afford to buy a new one but i am actually in love with my little Fizzy. Standard exterior (plus some stickers of course) engine modded, suspension modded, brakes modded, no interior except 2 seats and harnesses. All funky electronics removed (they are heavy!) and only the basics left in place! Basically the guy i bought it off made her into a track car and i fell in love with her. I looooooovvvvveeee her! Ali xxx
  13. Foamy

    Hello! My name is Ali or Foamy on the forums. I recently bought myself a '93 mk3 XR2i (the 1.8 version :) ) thats been modified (not the exterior) and decided to get to know some other ford fanatics :) My first car was a mk4 fiesta LX, nothing fancy but she just kept going and going and was fabulous. I loved her to pieces until someone forgot to use their brakes and used the side of the festa to stop. She kept going though and were it not for the severe scrap down the nearside, i would have kept her going. I moved (ashamedly) onto a little '03 clio which i have now as my economical car whilst i have fun in Fizzy the Festa (they all have names!). Heres Fizzy - standard on the outside, not at all on the inside! A bit about me i spose. Im a bit of an IT geek and i love to play and marshall a sport called Airsoft - like paintball but with realistic looking BB guns instead. As you can see, a bit of a tomboy. But its great to get out of Fizzy in a nice pink dress or other suitably girly outfit, the looks i get are funny! Anyway thats me in a nutshell really Ali xxx