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  1. so i'm using an after market android stereo, which is 720p. The camera quality is good. to be honest you don't need the highest resolution and is it worth the extra work and money for the dynamic trajectory? to me i think of it as a gimmick. I just tap onto the rear wiper wiring as it's close and easy to work with.
  2. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B08TTHBDZX/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Pretty easy to install It came with all the wiring needed, I am using an estate and the wiring that came with it was long enough. I tapped it on the rear wiper, so it comes on when the ignition is on.
  3. Hello I have noticed that the focus mk3.5 speedometer clusters for diesel goes up to 160mph while mine and other mk3 speedometers goes up to 150mph. Does this make a difference at all? I know about the compatibility issues such as manually changing dimming brightness and the parking sensors (i don't have either in my car anyway) so those compatibility issues do not matter to me. Thank you for your time.
  4. that is a good point, i forgot that it's always on. I'll just wire it to the ACC on the A pillar
  5. do you know which pin does what on the autodimming mirror? The one i have has 3 pins and i want to retrofit it, can i just connect it to the interior light 12v?
  6. Getting the windscreen installed tomorrow, getting a new one for £230 with rain sensor (for my future project of autowipers/autolights) and heating on it. Activated heated windscreen on forscan, quite happy to see that button lighting up Fairly certain these are the connectors for the heated windscreen, got one on each side. Quite excited i won't have to deal with the next winter without heated windscreens.
  7. cheers, well i've gone and got the fuses + relay. just waiting on the windscreen and install it. can't wait tbh
  8. thanks for that, that's really helpful. I am looking of that relay and it says on the top ++12296 2C which is the same as the one for R12 Does it make any difference if i get that one with 2C instead of 2D? thanks for the help, i appreciate your for the assistance
  9. yeah that's good to know that it comes with a buit-in off timer. tried looking up that relay and doesn't come up with anything, only similar models. closest i've found is this one https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-6-Pin-Grey-Relay-Asy-Heated-WindShield-WDO-REG-95BG-14512-AA-C8F6A-12V-/192554245993
  10. Hello i have a Mk3 Ford Focus 2014 - Tdci Edge I am wanting to retrofit a heated windscreen, I have installed the button on the center console. I know i need to install a 40amp fuse in F14/F16 But I also know i need to install a relay for the heated windscreen in R7 but i can't seem to find the part and partnumber for it. This is my engine fuse compartment ] This is my friends engine fuse compartment (focus mk3 ST3 - 2012) So it's the grey relay. I cannot find the part number
  11. hey sorry for bumping this thread I have a ford focus mk3 zetec 2014, as far as i can tell my car does not have DAB. i can't verify this as i don't have the original stereo that came with the car as when i purchased it the original owner replaced it. I have installed an aftermarket android stereo with a DAB+ usb connector. I have used a dual fakra to single fakra that would merge both the black and white fakra. I have also purchased a splitter that would split them to FM, DAB and power. i have connected the power to the ACC connector which sends 12v. I am unable to get DAB signal f
  12. Hello, sorry for bumping this thread. @JW1982 I am curious about the mk3.5 speedometer cluster, you talk about incompatibility issues. I have a ford focus mk3 edge without any added features, so no sync, reversing camera, parking sensors, etc. colour of the dash is different too You mention how those don't work if use a 3.5 cluster on a mk3 car. Is there any other problems other than stuff like that? I would like the digital speedo and since i don't have any of the added features, would it be that much of a problem for me?
  13. Thanks a lot for this. I actually found the panel nut, turns out it was dropped in the center console panel i found it earlier today. i was pulling out the center console side panel when i was installing sync3 stereo. so that saved me a bit. I'll order the screws though.
  14. Hello everyone, I am wondering what the model of these are in the red box are, they were missing when i bought the car. Thanks.
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