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  1. so by the looks of it, it's using the 54pin apim connector as the harness provided is for sync2/3 not for sync1. it needs a 12pin connector as that's where the signals are for steering wheel controls. I can see it also wants HS-CAN which is located on the 54pin apim connector and it also wants mm-can which you can get from the 12pin connector. if you can return it, i would suggest returning it as i have bad experience with xtrons and they're overpriced/underpowered and out of date. the android stereo i recommend these days is the teyes cc3. if you insist on keeping that android stereo, i can make a harness but the issue is i don't have the 12pin connector in stock and i'm away all of june. the teyes cc3 provides both harnesses, so you don't need to worry about wiring
  2. i'm in sheffield, so not too far. i do supply and fit of the upgrade. give us a pm
  3. give us a message, you can have sync3 retrofitted
  4. give us a pm, i do supply and fit and i'm in yorkshire too. I create the conversion harness myself too
  5. give us a pm, i do supply and fit the upgrade. only thing you need to make sure that the apim is either nav or non nav. they can be programmed suitable for a focus
  6. you need the sync1 to sync3 guide, ST cars as far as i know don't come with BVC
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