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  1. Spotify works for me. Bluetooth module E1BT Sync v5.11
  2. You need to put 2 new wires in connectors. Radio head to lcd 4 to 6 lcd 5 to 12 lcd This is the connector of radio head
  3. Correct, is under the glove box and is plug & play. Remove the fuse, and make the exchange, and put the fuse again, and wait a few minutes
  4. My car dont have a bluetooth, so i find the loom in Ebay and install everything, module that come as AM5T, i never try, i upgrade to last model. I update to 5.9 first and then to 5.11. Everything work flawless.
  5. Yes, i see it now, you must have E1BT (Sync 1.1), and you have AM5T (Sync 1.0). DB1T is (Sync 1.1), it will work to. I can't help you with older version.
  6. I will leave a link to you download version from 5.9 to 5.11 I will erase the file later, 700mb on google drive is still a bit chunk 5.9 to 5.11
  7. If the wheel bearing is new also, the caliper is the same? Put new slider pins
  8. I find a loom of bluetooth, and work great. Need to remove the old loom, behind the dash, radio to usb direct. And put the new one, behind the dash. Activate all with Forscan. Also need to cut the headlight roof for the microphone housing.
  9. You need the adaptor for the lcd or you wont be able to fit the screen in place. Also need 2 more screws, need 4 in total but already have 2. And you need to activate with forscan.
  10. People talk good about this Hid set. https://autobeam.co.uk/products/h7-hid?variant=12765772841004 People talk bad about Led, especially at rain.
  11. You need the original adapter (you should brought with the radio, seller should not remove it, or wait for other deal), but ask Ford for that part. And this adaptor uses 4 screws, instead of 2, buy 2 more from Ford (is what i did) Pictures take from ebay, this is what you need.
  12. Wrong, don't matter The problem is facing is the loom probably
  13. Old card New card from ebay Work great, make sure is MFD
  14. This is the head unit (E1BT-18C815-TE) from the sony, that conector as you see is for the bluetooth (square big one) Existing conections below the head unit If you dont have other options in Forscan, probably the loom is different. The mysterious gray conector, you need to unwrap and see the length and see here it goes, probably the A pilar