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  1. My country dont have DAB
  2. The first photo is your head unit, with the usb directly connect to the head unit. Second photo is the head unit with connector for the BT loom. Even if you connect your usb loom directly to BT, will not work, you need the loom from module to head unit. What i did before get BT, i change my facia, lcd, and cover to Sony Sat-nav and leave the head unit because i need usb, much later i manage to find a complete loom of BT, come even with the microphone loom.
  3. If you have usb from factory like i did and no bluetooth, you need to change the head unit, "our" usb are connect direct to head unit, with bluetooth module, usb is connect direct to BT module. I upgrade to satnav Sony radio, and manage to find a bluetooth loom with module. The "old" usb/aux loom, need to be removed, so the loom of bluetooth can pass.
  4. You need the loom (is a pain to find one) and a bluetooth module. Also the head unit need to have the conector for the bluetooth. You have usb?
  5. Yes, you need to buy a sd card with the map, ebay is the best option, you can't move the files, dont work that way. Cards have copy protection is based on the unique CID number of the SD-card. The CID number of the SD-card is encrypted into the files on the SD-card.
  6. Perform a full reset on sync option, then remove the fuse.
  7. Bluetooth module is under the gloovebox.
  8. In Forscan, look for, Integrated Control Panel (ICP), put, Branded "something" can't remember exactly. I have Standard ICP from factory, when i upgrade to radio Sony, i only have acess to 6 numbers, 7,8,9 and 0 dont do nothing, maybe is changing something else also, dont know.
  9. Mine does too, i lubricate and work great Use this guide:
  10. That wiring is for the audio nav, if you dont want, you dont need to worry, everything work flawless. If you want the audio nav, need to strip 2 wires on each side, and add 2 new wires to that pins, the pin number you will see it when you have the connector on hand. I dont bother to add new wirings, so i dont have audio nav.
  11. If the key is out of range, your get a message on lcd of the radio.
  12. Two question. -The camera cable, is direct to the head unit or have any cuts, and where it pass. -Where i can find the fakra adaptor for the lcd. Its factory camera.